My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1217

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1217

After everyone had finished their meal, Carmen and Albert finally decided to reconcile with each other.

“Come here and shake hands with Al. From now on, both of you are good friends, so you can’t bully Al at the kindergarten anymore!” Sophia carried Carmen over and made her shake hands with Albert.

Carmen pouted while she shook Albert’s hand. “I am your leader now. In the future, you’ll have to listen to me and not be a naughty boy anymore! Otherwise, I will never befriend you.”

Albert nodded shyly.

He had always wanted to be friends with Carmen, but he was afraid of her little fists; he was excited that he was now Carmen’s friend.

When Derek saw that they had reconciled, he picked Albert up and was prepared to send him back home. But as soon as he carried Albert, the little boy suddenly started coughing violently.

“Al, what’s wrong with you?” Derek was startled.

Albert’s cute little face crumpled in pain as he couldn’t speak from all the coughing; it seemed as though his lungs were about to be coughed out.

Albert cried loudly as he opened his mouth and looked at Derek with a pained expression. He looked like he wanted to say something, but a gurgling sound came from his throat.

Derek was terrified. “What’s wrong with you, Al? Don’t freak me out!”

Albert’s mouth opened wide as his legs stiffened and his fingernails dug deeply onto Derek’s neck and drew blood. Tears kept streaming down from his face when all of a sudden, Albert spat a mouthful of blood all over Derek’s clothes.

Albert is vomiting blood!

Everyone was taken aback by the sudden scene as Michael urged Sophia to take the children away. Meanwhile, Carmen glanced back with concern.

“Get the doctor and Quinton!”

Michael yelled at Linus while carrying Albert. Linus rushed toward the doghouse to get Quinton, who was busy playing with his phone.

Cooper watched Michael carry Albert into the infirmary as he and Derek paced anxiously in front of the door.

When Sophia left the children inside the house and came out, she saw the private doctor rushing in and out of the infirmary.

On the other hand, Cooper was walking the Yard Family out.

Anna looked at Cooper worriedly and said, “It’s not a coincidence that something happened to this child in your house. You have to be careful.”

Cooper’s face was expressionless. “I know.”

That would explain why no one was there to pick up the president of Mitchell Technology’s son from kindergarten—they were waiting for him here.

If Alex’s only son died on Cooper’s turf, there was no way he would be able to get away with it.

“I will take care of it,” Cooper replied calmly.

He sent Anna to the entrance and hastily went back. With that, Anna left with her sons.

On the way, Callum spoke up. “If Alex really intended to drag Cooper down, this move is particularly dangerous.”

He actually risked his own son’s life!

Anna remained silent.

No matter what, Cooper is more than capable of solving this matter.

At Villa No. 8, Quinton came out of the infirmary that was filled with a lot of basic equipment and was able to run some tests.

Although Quinton had a doctorate in medicine, he was a physician. Obviously, Albert was experiencing an internal medical issue.

He took off his mask with hands covered in blood and said gruffly, “Multiple internal organs are bleeding profusely and multiple organs are going into failure. I conclude that he has only less than two hours to live.”

Everyone was shocked.

This child was just here for a meal; how did it become like this?

Albert was fine when he was eating earlier—he could even talk, dance and cry loudly. He also seemed fine when he was in the kindergarten for a whole day, so why would he suddenly vomit blood and die?

Everyone was in deep thought as Derek yelled out anxiously, “Send him to the hospital now!”

Quinton shook his head. “He was injected with a deadly kind of acute toxin which is causing his internal organs to corrode very quickly. Moreover, in order to cover up the symptoms, they even injected a stimulant so that Albert wouldn’t feel any different. Once he starts to vomit blood, the chances of saving him are very slim. Even if you send him to the hospital now, I’m afraid it’s too late.”

Everyone took in a sharp breath.

What a cruel way to inflict harm on such a young child!

What kind of person would do this?!

The veins on Cooper’s forehead twitched as he quivered with anger.

All of a sudden, Maria ran over anxiously. “This is bad—many of the Mitchell Family members are in front of the gate asking for the child.”

A cold shiver ran down their backs as realization dawned over them.

The Mitchell Family were not there to pick up the child earlier, but they had coincidentally picked such a time to take Albert home.

However, Albert’s situation was not optimistic and there was a possibility that Cooper would be carrying a dead child back to Alex…

Alex’s only son had come over to Cooper’s house to play and ended up dead—that would further complicate the hostile relationship between Alex and Cooper!

Derek looked blankly at Albert through the half-opened infirmary door and sat down helplessly on the ground. Although the boy had fallen into a coma, he was still coughing up blood.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault…”

He was too naive and thought that the battle between adults wouldn’t involve the children; he thought that Alex would just give him a call and reprimand him after finding out.

He didn’t expect that they would treat a child like this—Albert was only four years old!

Regardless if Cooper ended up with a murder charge or Albert dying in a tragic death, he could never forgive himself.

Derek was filled with sadness, regret and anger as he cried. Meanwhile, Sean patted his shoulder and tried to comfort him.

Albert’s life was withering away, and there was nothing the doctor could do. On the surveillance video, Alex and the Mitchell Family were banging against the gate, threatening to call the police.

The white-haired Alex was like a red-eyed beast as he bellowed, “Give me back my son, Cooper! Give me back my son!”

His voice was laced with grief; no one knew whether he was truly anxious or faking his anger.

On the contrary, Cooper laughed instead of being angry when he saw that scene.

No matter what happens to Albert today, his father is the most guilty of them all!

Sophia, on the other hand, started to tremble when she saw the bright red blood.

How can this happen…

Michael held her when a sudden thought came to his mind. He yelled at Quinton, “Quick—freeze Albert now!”

Everyone regained their senses as they hurriedly pushed Albert to the basement. There was a special machine which could freeze people, and it had just been shipped from Africa two days ago. Although they had only tested it a few times, it seemed as though Albert was not fated to die.

At least, the freezing process could buy him some time.

Albert was moved to the basement and kept frozen in the machine. Cooper took one look at the poor child and left the basement.

At the entrance, Alex and the Mitchell Family were still banging the gate and tried to force their way in. The police brought Alex over to the door and asked Cooper to hand over the child.

Cooper turned to Alex and the police. “Get out.”

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