My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1215

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1215

Meanwhile, Carmen was using Michael for ‘business’ while children were lining up for a photo with him; each photo op cost 50 bucks.

Michael was reluctant to show his face for ‘business’, but Carmen had become so good at it that her little bag was bulging with all the money she was collecting in secret.

Hope was recording accounts; Ashton was in charge of maintaining order; and Maisie was in charge of taking pictures since she had a good eye for it. This tenacious yet illegal team continued to grow stronger even though they had been banned a few times—they even managed to hire several new employees with very clear internal division of responsibilities.

The kindergarten had turned a blind eye toward their illegal activities since Carmen was the class representative and was very authoritative; ever since her popular dad went on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, her popularity grew tremendously. Now, everyone called him ‘Daddy Taylor’.

Hence, no one dared to cause trouble in front of Carmen; they were worried that once they were on her list of troublemakers, they would no longer be able to take pictures with ‘Daddy Taylor’.

The kindergarten teachers had repeatedly told Sophia that her daughter had the potential to be a leader—she was especially good at managing people, and her role as the class representative had the children behaving very obediently. Evidently, she had some strong genes.

Cooper realized that the children would come over to his side after they were done with Michael. He knew the flat fee for a picture was 50 bucks; he thought that he’d be worth 25 bucks at the very least, but he was actually a freebie.

Derek brought the nervous, skittish Albert to Michael as the young boy excitedly asked for a photo with ‘Daddy Taylor’.

He even dreamed of having a father like Taylor; his parents were always so busy with their work that they rarely talked to Albert.

When Carmen saw Albert, she pouted and said disapprovingly, “I don’t like him because he lifted my friends’ skirt! Daddy, don’t take pictures with naughty children!”

Albert scurried behind Derek and felt upset. Meanwhile, Sophia quickly chipped in and said, “It’s okay, let him take a picture just this once! Look, Al has already changed and doesn’t lift peoples’ skirts anymore. In the future, you can’t bully Al!”

Albert quickly nodded. He was a good boy and hadn’t caused any trouble lately.

Carmen pouted and said reluctantly, “Well… I won’t give you a discount, though!”

She took Albert’s 50 bucks into her pocket and glowered at him, looking as though Albert had defiled her father.

“Go on.”

Derek picked up Albert and placed him into Michael’s arms while Maisie took their photo.

As soon as the picture was taken, Carmen urged hastily and said, “Hurry down once you are done. There’s extra charges for extra time.”

Albert jumped up in excitement as Derek carried him to Cooper.

Cooper felt that the child seemed familiar when he saw Albert. He asked Derek, “Whose child is this?”

Derek replied straightforwardly, “This is Alex’s only son, Albert.”

He knew that Cooper would never take out his anger on Albert because of who his father was.

Sure enough, Cooper did not and even carried Albert into his arms for a photo.

After getting his photo taken with Cooper, he left happily together with Derek.

Meanwhile, Cooper stared at Albert and sighed.

“What are you sighing about?”

All of a sudden, Anna spoke up as she sat beside Cooper.

Cooper replied, “I’m just lamenting at how the once glorious Mitchell Family has fallen apart and I’m mostly responsible for it.”

If he hadn’t faked his death to escape, the Michell Family wouldn’t be in this current state.

That fateful year, he didn’t leave because the Michel Family was rich—it was just a way for him to escape reality.

Now, the decision he regretted twenty years ago had finally come back to haunt him; he suddenly realized that he had missed out on so many things.

Anna smiled and kept quiet. She was dressed in a low-profile manner with sunglasses and a scarf as she sat beside Cooper in silence.

She knew what Cooper was worried about; she had heard about the downfall of the Mitchell Family, but what did Cooper have to do with it? It was all fate!

However, she admired Cooper’s commitment and sense of responsibility.

The closer she got to Cooper, the more she realized that this man was a treasure. There were countless glittering lights around him, looking like fireflies that couldn’t be captured.

Callum and Cade were sitting behind them as they watched Cooper and Anna whispering to each other; it seemed like things were looking pretty good for them.

Callum seemed to be in a deep thought as his eyes took on a faraway look.

The three of them were dependent on each other. To the public, Anna seemed to be cold and distant; she looked like a mother who didn’t care for her own sons.

Truthfully, Anna cared about them more than anyone. She was actually a gentle and loving mother! Although they did not come from her body, they were her own flesh and blood.

Her cold, distant demeanor was just a camouflage to protect them and herself.

She was still young and had a life of her own, so the Yard brothers hoped that she would find her true love. Cooper seemed to be a great choice…

Soon, Carmen’s performance began. She was dressed up as a flower fairy as she sang and danced on stage. Her performance was very successful, and she even gave a speech as the most outstanding student of the kindergarten at the end.

After the performance ended, everyone wanted to take their families over to Michael’s house for a big meal. Stanley asked around and found out that Michael had prepared several big fishes—they were going to have a feast.

Carmen’s performance was successful and she even received flowers from the kindergarten. She jumped around in joy and said, “Miss Beautiful, come to our home for dinner tonight!”

Sophia was about to discourage her but Anna immediately agreed. “That sounds great. Let’s go to Carmen’s house for dinner tonight!”

Cooper didn’t say anything but smiled gently. Then, Sophia turned to look at Michael.

Michael also felt that it was dangerous to let Anna close to his house, but Carmen just liked her company.

What a sinful fate…

Anna was certainly not coming alone and would bring her sons. Stanley, Harry and their families all seemed like they were harped on eating Michael’s supply of food.

Michael frowned. He bred a few fishes that were only taken out during big events—these people were too shameless.

While the group of people drove away from the kindergarten, they saw Derek and Albert at the entrance of the kindergarten, looking as though they were waiting for someone.

Sophia stopped the car and rolled down the window. “Let’s go, Derek. Come over to my house and have some fish!”

Derek looked embarrassed. “I will wait for someone to pick Albert up before I head over.”

Sophia glanced over at Albert’s sad face as he carried his small school bag while waiting under the rain and getting soaked all over.

“Why don’t you come over and have a meal at our house, Al? Get Derek to leave a phone number for the kindergarten teacher. When your family arrives, they can come to our house to pick you up.”

Although tension between them and Alex were high, she could not be so cold-hearted to such a young child.

Albert was overjoyed as he nodded. “Alright!”

Derek carried him into Sophia’s car and left his phone number with the kindergarten teacher.

An expressionless man in black was in the car across the street. He dialed a number. “The Young Master has gone to the Mitchell Family’s house. The plan was successful.”

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