My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1212

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1212

Over the years, the killers under him had various aftereffects. Some of them became paralyzed; some of them had an epileptic fit like Sandra, and some of the others’ brains had slowly deteriorated to a primal state. Others even had red rashes erupting all over their bodies before they died without any warning. Since no one knew what their aftereffects were, things spiraled out of control.

Fear and panic spread like wildfire in Phantom Wolf. Ever since the disappearance of their boss, Quinton, Phantom Wolf had no choice but to disband; its remaining members were scattered everywhere. There was also a large number of unused stimulants that were divided among the members of Phantom Wolf.

The sports world loved these stimulants—not only was it undetectable during urine tests, but it also enhanced the body’s ability to its highest potential. Since their useless boss had run away, Phantom Wolf members sold off several million boxes of the stimulants at a discounted price for their retirement fund. No one knew what their next fate would be, so this group of heartless assassins finally got what they deserved.

When Quinton ran away to Cethos, he also secretly brought along a batch of medicine and hid it in his secret hideout. He wanted to show them to Linus to see if the medicine could relieve his symptoms. However, the sales of the stimulant were doing so well that all the sportsmen from different countries were demanding for it; there were even some buyers in Cethos. Quinton also wanted to buy a mink coat for himself—since he didn’t have much money on him and Michael wouldn’t buy it for him, he…

“How dare you sell the stimulants in Bayside City! Are you out of your mind?!” Michael was furious as he questioned and banged Quinton’s door, but there was no reply from the inside.

Michael never expected Quinton to commit crimes right under his nose. By the time he arrived at Quinton’s secret hideout, the stimulants had been completely sold out. Since he couldn’t find any traces of the fake drugs, he couldn’t figure out if Quinton had any other accomplices too. There must be another accomplice. Otherwise, he couldn’t have sold the medicine to Sandra!

However, Quinton wouldn’t confess the whereabouts of his accomplice, nor would he explain where the rest of the stolen money had gone to.

A box of stimulants cost several hundred thousand at the very least; since he had sold seven or eight boxes, he should have a few million by now. Did he spend all that on a mink coat? He doesn’t even have a bank card; where else can all that money go?

Celine huffed and said, “Don’t hit Quinton! Quinton said that he was cold and he wanted to wear a mink coat! You didn’t even buy him one!”

Michael was so angry that his face had turned red. Is it my fault for not buying him a mink coat?

Since he couldn’t hit Quinton anymore, Michael fell into deep thought as he tried to calm himself down. Suddenly, he lifted his head and saw Sophia giving him a pointed look as she stood on top of the stairs. Her big round eyes looked at him warily with a tinge of guilt.

Realization dawned upon Michael—there was a crooked middleman! He used several million from the stolen money in exchange for a mink coat—the rest was swallowed by the middleman!

Carmen used to bring Judge to her kindergarten and ‘sold its body’ for five bucks. In just a single day, she had earned more than a hundred and only shared a small amount with Judge, giving him a piece of ham sausage as payment. It’s in their genes!

Sophia was afraid to speak, so she quietly disappeared and left the depressed Michael alone in the living room.

Quinton was already bankrupt; the man who once had millions was now penniless. He also knew that he had come to the end of the road, so he returned to Cethos and joined Michael. Although Quinton had the goods in his hands, he had no way of selling them. Coincidentally, Sophia had learned of Sandra’s movements through her own connections and decided to team up with Quinton to sell the drugs. After deducting various middleman costs, the two people shared the profit from the goods.

In reality, Sophia had deducted at least 90 percent from Quinton’s share and only gave him money enough for a mink coat. Quinton hadn’t seen the actual amount of money as Sophia just sent him a mink coat that she had allegedly bought with the money. That was payback for him being a jerk back then! He was heading to Africa anyway, so the coat was to be reused.

Since Sophia had sold the medicine herself, she would know if something were to happen to Sandra. In the past, Quinton only took the stimulants once a month to slowly transform his body. That amount was more than sufficient, but Sandra used one every day; even without Sophia doing anything, Sandra was already doomed.

Though Michael was furious with Sophia, he still had to clean after her mess. Much to his surprise, he didn’t have to do so—her tracks were clean as she didn’t use any local channels to sell the drug. Instead, she issued it from Bayside City and sent it around Europe and Africa before arriving in Bayside City once again. After going through so many different hands, she finally exported it back to the country. Quinton, too, was incredibly tight-lipped even after a large amount of money had been swindled from him.

Truthfully, Michael knew that Quinton’s bodily functions were deteriorating; his superhuman strength and agility that came from the stimulants were slowing down. Soon, he would be worse than an ordinary person. Who knew what was going to happen to him? He could become mentally retarded or demented. Perhaps, he’d leave silently one day…

Quinton often complained he was cold lately, and he even had to wrap himself up in a coat with a heater at home; it was probably the aftereffects of the medicine. In the end, Michael decided to forgive him for the time being—he even bought him a new coat and phone so that he wouldn’t fight with Carmen for her tablet and phone all the time.

Ever since getting his new phone, Quinton spent most of his time watching movies and dramas every day. He had recently taken a liking to Harry and watched all of his movies, including the drama Harry was currently acting in; he finished the whole series without missing a single episode.

Quinton was still using Michael’s account to watch these movies, so Michael could see what he had been doing.

‘War Dragon: What a trashy film! I wouldn’t even rate this with half a star.’

‘Doctor Invincible: Trashy film. Give me back my wasted time.’

‘The Winter Breakthrough: Cheap special effects. I heard that they used dyed huskies to impersonate wolves. Trash.’

‘The National Treasury Action: The male lead is too ugly. I refuse to look at ugly things.’

After reading the reviews Quinton had left on his movies, Michael was furious as he picked up the fly swatter again and gave Quinton a good beating. There were slapping sounds accompanied by Michael’s roar. “How dare you rate all the movies I’ve starred in so poorly?!”

Celine jumped out to protect Quinton. “Don’t hit Quinton! Don’t hit him! He is still young, so you can’t hit him!”

Michael was so angry he almost had a stroke. Ever since Quinton came to the house, several fly swatters had been smashed. How could such an unbelievable existence like him exist?! Maybe the stimulants have messed with his brain too.

The fuming Michael went back to his study. When Celine saw him leave, she smiled and comforted Quinton. “Don’t be afraid, Quinton. I will protect you!”

Quinton seemed unfazed as he lay down on the sofa and tinkered with his phone, his legs crossed in the air.

Just then, Cooper came back with his children; he saw Quinton sprawled on the sofa while playing with his phone. Strange sounds were coming out from the device, though.

“Let’s learn how to sound like a cat and meow together…”

“I have crossed mountains and seas, I have also crossed mountains of people…”

“I want to take you to the romantic land of Turkey…”

Apart from Sophia, everyone else in the family treated Cooper with respect; Quinton was the only one who dared to sit crossed-legged in front of Cooper.

“You just can’t use mud to hold the wall,” Cooper said in disgust.

Linus smiled. “It’s better to be a puddle of mud than for him to go out and kill people.”

Sophia nodded. Quinton’s current situation was better now; he stayed at home to watch Tiktok videos and read blogs, which was better than him going out to harm society. Whenever Sophia came back home, the first thing she’d do was to plop on the sofa and turn the television on.

There was another live broadcast of Sandra’s competition today. Sandra had used that medicine to enhance her physique, but the adverse effects were also quite severe; any kind of emotional outburst would induce a variety of adverse effects.

She was foaming at the mouth previously; what will happen this time round?

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