My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1211

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1211

Sandra had been on the drugs for a while now. It was administered through injections, and 7 injections made up a single course of treatment. Progressively, the injections allowed one to feel more energetic and recharged; it helped Sandra to regain the stamina and strength that she had during her peak. The drug provided instant results, and Sandra had tested it a few times to make sure that she wouldn’t have any problems with it.

She checked to ensure that medical tests wouldn’t show any oddities and that the drugs wouldn’t cause any other side effects apart from the occasional epileptic seizure. Sandra was extremely pleased to find out about this miraculous drug, so she spent millions on purchasing 7 or 8 boxes of the drug all at once. As long as I have these drugs, I won’t have to worry anymore! I can be the champion for the rest of my life!

However, she hadn’t expected the side effects to kick in during the most crucial moment—her press interviews. Regardless, she was still the champion. From now on, I’m going to return to my days of glory as a swimmer; those newbies are nothing in comparison to me! After feigning her sobs, Sandra spoke in an innocent tone. “Daddy, you have to believe what I say. I really didn’t take any stimulants!”

Alex still didn’t seem to trust her. “Should we do a urine test, then?” He was trying to test his daughter to see if she had actually used any stimulants, but to his surprise, Sandra was quick to agree to this. “Yes, Daddy! Sure! You have to clear my name!” He immediately followed through with his promise and arranged for Sandra to get a urine test. There have been so many rumors about Sandra being on stimulants. I have to find out if she’s actually on stimulants, so that I can proceed with my plans. Soon enough, Alex received Sandra’s urine and blood test reports. Ah, Sandra’s amazing! She really didn’t use any stimulants; all her urine test reports are normal.

“Haha. We can now embarrass Cooper and his daughter with this report!” Alex brought the report to Sandra excitedly. Sandra secretly felt rather excited herself. These drugs are really reliable! I didn’t waste my money on it! Once Alex was certain of Sandra’s innocence, he immediately started on his cruel plan to sue Sophia for defamation. After the urine test results were out, Alex immediately sent a lawyer’s letter over to Sophia. He wanted to make a big deal out of this, so that Sophia would have to pay them a huge sum as compensation. My daughter’s the world champion after all; I can’t have her reputation being tainted just like that!

Soon enough, Sandra got discharged from the hospital. Reporters filled the entire area outside the hospital, and they buzzed around her like a swarm of bees once she walked out. “I relied on my own abilities to win myself that gold medal. I’ve even represented my country in the past. I simply can’t have anyone insulting me just like that, so I definitely won’t go easy in response to Miss Edwards’ unfounded accusations held toward me. I have already sent her a subpoena,” Sandra told the reporters confidently.

The reporters wanted to do an interview on Sophia as well, but they found it hard as Sophia was too sneaky, and no one really knew her whereabouts. However, she did post a tweet on her personal social media account. ‘Aww, you’re so amazing! If you’re that great, you should join a few more competitions.

Let’s see what happens when you run out of stimulants to use!’ She phrased her words in a rather childish and girly tone, which quickly went viral on the Internet. The netizens gave mixed responses—some thought that she was simply acting in an odd and weird manner, while others insisted that she was being genuine. They thought that she might actually have proof in her hands.

Being the overly-protective husband that he was, Taylor quickly made another post on Twitter minutes after Sophia’s post. ‘Aww, I think you’re the one that’s the most amazing @EddieFletcher.’

Harry: ‘Aww, both of you are equally amazing, alright?’

Little Kitten: ‘Aww, am I not amazing? @HarryWinston’

Stanley: ‘Aww, you guys are so disgusting!’

Sean: ‘Aww, why is everyone saying ‘aww’?’

Sandra felt a little uneasy after reading the short post that Sophia had made on her Twitter account. However, once Sandra thought about how she had purchased the drugs from an African terrorist organization that she had known through her international contacts, she felt much safer. Sophia can’t possibly know the terrorist organization as well, right? It’s Phantom Wolf! Phantom Wolf, who can easily kill a person without even batting an eyelid! How could Sophia possibly know them? She must just be trying to fool me. I bet she’s surprised to see how impressive I am. Under the influence of the stimulants, Sandra felt almost as if she was an omnipotent creature. Sophia is just a nobody to me, for I am the world champion!

In order to highlight the inaccuracy of Sophia’s accusations, Sandra made a few announcements after she sent the lawyer’s letter over to Sophia. Sandra announced that she would be participating in a few consecutive swimming tournaments soon, just to prove her true abilities. In Sandra’s opinion, the stimulants weren’t actually the reason for her skills. She believed that she was truly talented and that she would eventually achieve the same level of competency if she just put in a little more practice. The stimulants simply enhance the skills that I already have within me, so I don’t really need to depend on it that much.

Soon after Sandra released the news about her upcoming competitions, Sophia made another sarcastic post. ‘Aww, how impressive! I’m so afraid!’ Sandra barely paid any attention to the post. It just looks like Sophia is just running out of bullets to fight me with.

That day, Sandra was back in Mitchell’s Technology. After she managed to rebuild her reputation and retrieve her good name, she also managed to improve the public’s impression of Mitchell’s Technology. The company began to receive more and more orders; their factories had to rush for production, and product sales were seeing a large improvement. After supervising the situation at Mitchell’s Technology, Sandra then rushed over to the Ronney Group. Under Lucy’s guidance, the Ronney Group successfully received approval to proceed with their fashion week. They managed to rent a location for the event, and many of the staff were busy with their preparations for it. Great. Everything looks like it’s going smoothly, Sandra thought.

Meanwhile, in The Imperial, Sophia realized that Michael hadn’t made any posts after she posted her own tweet. In the past, he would always write a post to diss someone immediately after she dissed that person. When she walked out of her study, she went downstairs to find Michael chasing after Quinton with a flyswatter.

“You’re so great, huh! How dare you sell fake drugs! I’m going to beat the f*ck out of you! Tell me; how many more fake drugs do you have?!” Michael shouted as he smacked Quinton. Quinton quickly slipped into his room and shut the door behind him without replying to Michael’s question. He was initially supposed to be sent over to the laboratory in Africa, but the new year was coming, and they felt bad to have Quinton traveling all by himself, so they allowed him to sleep under the same roof as Cash for a while longer.

Michael only found out about Quinton’s acts of selling fake drugs and earning a fortune after he saw the latter walking around the house with a huge fur coat that he had never seen in the past. If it weren’t for that fur coat, Michael wouldn’t have found out about Quinton’s secret business. He’s really good at hiding! Michael managed to learn a little more about Quinton through his personal connections recently. He learned that Quinton’s team of killers was on the verge of shutting down by the time Quinton showed up, because many of the killers under him were using the stimulants to modify their bodies. They had been continuously improving and evolving after 30 years of using the stimulants, but it was hard for them to determine the risks that these stimulants might pose to their health. They had been fine for the past 30 years and they thought they were safe, but they couldn’t escape their fate in the end.

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