My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 121-130

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 121

The military parade of the military training in the university generally consisted of some fixed commands, for instance, half step forward march, forward march, attention, at ease, left turn, right turn, rest, squat and rise, salute, and dismissed.

Each company used a few minutes to present what they had learned over the past month. As there were more than one hundred companies in total, half a day had passed after reviewing all of them one by one, including their visual signal performances and military aerobics performances.

In the afternoon, the Best Individual, Best Company, Best Performance, Most Inspirational Company, Best Discipline, Best Instructor, and many more awards would finally be awarded to the deserving individuals and teams.

The students seem enthusiastic and excited while watching the performances, but Michael may find this incredibly boring. Why did he insist on coming? Is he here to watch my performance? When the thought popped into her mind, she immediately brushed it off.

He must be here to watch Stanley’s performance and just catch mine incidentally. Nevertheless, I was still bought by him with 10 million, and my name is now registered in the household registry together with his and Nathan’s name, so he will still cast me a few glances when I’m performing. Therefore, I need to make sure that I perform well.

Soon, Company 1 appeared while shouting their slogan in unison under the lead of their instructor. The host began to use her sweet voice to introduce Company 1 to everyone. “The first company that we have here is Company 1, which consists of 33 people in total. This company comprises 33 students who are majoring in dancing from the Dance Academy. Their slogan is…”

The appearance of Company 1 attracted the gaze of Joel and the two other dazzling idols. As most of the members of Company 1 were girls, the presence of the three men made them feel excited and made their hearts flutter.

Out of anxiousness, one of the girls accidentally made a wrong turn when they were supposed to turn to the left, causing their company to be instantly booed by the audience. There was also a girl who felt so excited that she passed out on the spot.

The instructor of Company 1 was rendered speechless upon seeing them making mistakes in front of their idols despite their well performance during their usual training. As he had no intention to strive for the Best Instructor award, he instructed the company in a cursory manner and ran off.

After the girls of Company 1 left the area where the military parade was held, they instantly cried their eyes out. The tragic failure of Company 1 caused the following companies to feel the pressure.

After all, they were stared at by their idols, so it would only be natural for them to feel nervous. Hence, the members of the following companies kept making mistakes due to the intense anxiousness.

Upon seeing that, Sophia was at a loss for words. Aren’t they just three men? Why are they so worked up over that?

They were seated on the main stage and were being stared at by thousands of people below the stage. Therefore, as the honored guest of the military parade, though Ethan felt extremely bored, he couldn’t play with his phone in front of the crowd; he could only play with Nathan.

Halfway through the military parade, everyone discovered that Nathan was the real winner in life! He dozed off in Taylor’s arms for a moment, and then he played with a frog plushie in Ethan’s arms. He then hopped into Joel’s arms to play with the pen that Joel used to give scores to the companies.

Nathan truly chose the right identity to reincarnate into. Everyone wished that they could replace him instead. However, Nathan seemed to be clueless about everyone’s envy and jealousy; he even pulled a long face. If it weren’t for Mommy, I wouldn’t have come!

Sophia knew that the military parade performance of the Superb Company was set to be the final performance. There was still some time before their turn, so they weren’t as nervous as the other companies. Besides, she was not anxious at all as her results were good enough, so she wasn’t worried that this military parade would affect her overall results.

The Best Individual award during the military training? Have a meal with the three gorgeous men—General, Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston? One of them is the General with a powerful aura, and the other is my psycho husband, while the last one is the buddy of my psycho husband. If the four of us were to have a meal together… I would rather die.

Though she was spacing out, she kept looking in Michael’s direction. She turned away after a few glances for fear that he would notice that she was peeking at him. However, her inner voice was yelling, I want to get first place! I want to have a meal with my idol!

Tay Tay can only have a meal with me! When the thought of her husband having a meal with other men or women crossed her mind, she felt displeased. No, I won’t even allow anyone to have a meal with him, men or women.

However, there was nothing more she could do as she only had an insignificant place among his harem. She was lost in her reverie until she heard the host making an announcement in a sweet voice—“Let’s have Company 49 next!”

Company 49! As she had been part of this company for more than half a month, she was rather concerned about them, so she immediately stuck out her head to check them out.

The host continued to introduce them. “As the star company of our military training this round, Company 49 has had excellent results. Their loud and clear slogan and sturdy strides reveal their enthusiasm and ambitious spirits! ‘Unity and cooperation’ is the magic weapon of Company 49. Do your best, Company 49!”

When Company 49 showed up, their vibes were totally different from other companies—their slogans were loud and clear, and their formation, which used to be their weakness, seemed particularly outstanding today.

Nobody made any mistake, and their military parade was performed flawlessly throughout their performance. When Company 49 completed their parade, everyone noticed a grin on Commander Ford’s face.

The performance of Company 49 was beyond outstanding today! Sophia was glad for them as well! After the performance of Company 49, no other company managed to grab Sophia’s attention.

Feeling a little bored, she sat upright, just like the other students, but from time to time, her eyes glanced toward Michael. She could hear a voice in her head shouting, Tay Tay, look at me! Look at me! Look at me now!

However, Michael seemed to have no idea where Sophia was sitting. Without even casting a glance at her, his gaze was focused on the site where the parade was held, while he occasionally discussed with Joel about something.

There was a professional team awarding marks to each performance. When each company left the site, their marks would be recorded into the military training credit system. After combining the whole team’s usual performance and individual performance, each team could immediately get the overall score for their team.

Without realizing, it was already noon. It was now November, and the weather wasn’t hot; it was in fact a little windy and cooling. However, everyone on the site was burning with so much passion that they couldn’t feel the cold.

Suddenly, Stanley gently kicked at Sophia, who was in a daze. “Sophia, why are you spacing out? It’s time to leave now to show off what we have!”

Superb Company emerged in full force. The military training this round apparently had 139 companies. After the 139 companies completed their performances, everyone thought that the military parade had ended and planned to come back after lunch for the cultural performance by all companies.

However, to their surprise, the host wore an enigmatic smile and announced, “It seems like everyone is prepared to leave. Please hold your horses. As always, we have saved the best for last. Next, let’s welcome our last company to perform their military parade. This is no ordinary company, so everyone, prepare to scream…”

The students seemed to have guessed which was the last company as they stared wide-eyed at the entrance of the site. The resounding voice of the host was then heard. “Next, let’s welcome our strongest company on earth—Superb Company!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 122

Once Superb Company emerged, high-pitched shrieks were heard from the crowd. Amidst the shrieks, a company which was as fierce as a tiger appeared before everyone while shouting their slogan in unison.

“One, two, one. One, two, one. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four!”

Superb Company appeared in military uniforms that were different from everyone else’s, making an imposing appearance while astonishing all the audience upon their emergence.

Superb Company was not arrogant nor rash. They carried themselves in a calm and collected manner, as if they were unfazed by the shrieks of the audiences. Even Stanley, who was normally frivolous, put on an unusually serious behavior.

After all, two of his uncles were sitting on the stage.

Sophia wore a stern expression as well, looking extremely serious.

Superb Company was indeed different from other companies—even their forward march looked extraordinary. After all, this was a company personally trained by Michael himself. From their formation to their postures, it was obvious that their skills greatly surpassed the other companies’, causing the crowd to intermittently scream for them in amazement.

Taylor even took some photos with his phone!

Everyone tried hard to look at the faces of the members of the Four Great Families so that they would know who to get along with in the university if they aimed to build connections with the members of higher social statuses. However, all the faces of the students from Superb Company were covered with thick layers of oil paint, as if their faces were pixelated, causing the audience to feel anxious as they were unable to recognize their faces.

Xyla was also eagerly observing Superb Company while subconsciously looking for Sophia’s figure among them. However, there wasn’t anyone who looked like her in Superb Company, so she thought that she was overthinking it.

Sophia beat Faye up to the point that she needed to be sent out of the barrack overnight for emergency treatment. Therefore, it should be difficult for her to even participate in the military training, let alone enter Superb Company!

Xyla was actually in the midst of frustration as she had lost the chance to become the host of the military training. On top of that, during their military parade earlier, they had an idiot in their company who failed to contain her excitement and marched toward the stage when they were marching. The woman was then pinned down and dragged away by the army of the special forces on the spot, which caused their company to be affected as well, making them a laughing stock. Therefore, their overall score for their group would surely be low.

Their company instructor’s expression had been gloomy since their performance ended, for judging from their current situation, it would be impossible to have a meal with the General now!

If the group score was too low, their individual score wouldn’t be high as well. Hence, everyone from their company could just forget about having a meal with their idols. After the military parade ended, everyone in the company cried.

The military parade of Superb Company continued on. They had an extra performance, which was the military combat skills demonstration. This was merely a performance without any practical combat value. However, they put on a stunning show. When a command was given, Superb Company spread out, and the first and third line turned backward.

Sophia turned backward and saw Stanley, who was extremely excited as he quietly exclaimed, “He’s looking in this direction! My uncles are looking in this direction! Ah! I’m so excited now. Sophia, you need to perform well later. Whether or not I’m able to have a meal with them depends on you!”

Unfortunately, Sophia’s back was facing the stage, so she couldn’t see Michael, and she had no idea whether he was looking at her.

Of course Michael was looking at his young wife! Otherwise, why would he be here?!

My little wife looks stunning! And the way she looks when she’s marching is just so adorable! Even if it’s the back of her head that is facing me now, that too looks incomparably cute! She’s really my most adorable cutie-pie in the whole universe!

At the sound of the whistle, the members of Superb Company got into pairs. Each pair took their position and made a loud, energetic roar. “Ha!”

Whenever the whistle was blown, they had to make a set of movements, and there were a total of eight sets of movements which consisted of ordinary combat skills. However, they had to throw their partners on the ground, and the latter would have to fall on the ground for real without any fake movements.

Sophia and Stanley threw each other on the ground four times. As they had been practicing these sets of movements every day, their movements were consistent, uniformed, and powerful.

They had been practicing the same movements for so many times that they were so sick of them. Therefore, the movements came to them naturally, and they performed them without the slightest anxiousness. However, the other students were awestruck by their movements. Every set of movements induced their wild screaming and cheering.

They are the members of the Four Great Families which consists of the Fletcher Family and the others! They are truly handsome and stunning!

After performing the eight sets of movements, the company members returned to their initial formation and left in uniform steps, ending the military parade today.

They had also perfectly marked the end for the military training ceremony that had been going on for the past few days.

Superb Company’s formation was not broken even after they had left the site and jogged away.

Due to the fact that the members of Superb Company had extraordinary identities, they would be surrounded by students if they stayed behind. Therefore, they left in advance.

After watching the military parade by Superb Company, Michael and Ethan left the place under the escorts of the special forces, while Joel stayed behind in the military training ground as he needed to wrap up the event.

After Superb Company and the idols had left, the training ground seemed empty, and the scene was filled with sobs.

Firstly, they were sobbing because their idols had left, and the second reason was that Superb Company was too impressive, which made all other companies on the scene feel ashamed of their own performances. The Best Company award this year would certainly belong to Superb Company, and the rest of us can just forget about it!

The host saved everyone’s dejected spirit with a brilliant line. “Are you guys staggered after watching the performance by Superb Company? I’m going to tell everyone some good news…”

Good news? What kind of good news could there be now? Everyone waited for the news attentively.

The host’s eyes darted around before she excitedly announced, “The General just said that he is sick of eating together with Superb Company as he has been eating with them too many times. Therefore, Superb Company is not joining the group scoring this time around!”

Hearing that, everyone rejoiced, and their confidence was suddenly boosted.

On the other hand, when Superb Company left, Stanley was like a happy little bird, chattering noisily along the way, “Arghhh! Sophia, I think that my performance earlier was just too handsome! It was just perfect! My uncles’ gazes were completely fixed on me. The Best Individual award must be mine! I’m going to have a meal together with my uncles!”

Sophia rolled her eyes at him and rebuked mercilessly, “Aren’t you always eating together with your uncles? Why are you so excited for this?”

“You are really clueless, aren’t you? Having a meal together with them on normal days is nothing special. But this time, the meal we are going to have with them won’t be just an ordinary meal; it is a special honor! Do you understand?” Stanley explained.

Sophia mumbled, “Aren’t those the same… I think that my performance just now was not bad as well. Maybe I can get the Best Individual award and incidentally have a meal together with your uncles.”

Stanley laid out her dark history, objecting her statement. “What? Haha, you? The person who dragged down your teammate’s progress during trail running and had a fight in the barrack, causing a person to have a severe nosebleed to the point that she had to be sent to the hospital overnight for emergency treatment? You should consider yourself lucky to be able to even pass! Stop dreaming!”

Sophia, who had taken a blow due to his words, felt mad and stopped talking. She thought to herself, Not only am I able to dine with your uncle, I can even kiss him and sleep with him; I’m going to make love to him in the future too! But can you? Can you? Can you? Well, you can’t! She was roaring inwardly.

After Michael had left the site, he immediately posted the high-definition photo of Sophia that he took when she was marching in the military parade on his IG with the caption—‘My cutie-pie.’

After a while, he received a bunch of heartless mockery.

Harry commented, ‘Pedophiles like you will be condemned by God!’

Daniel commented, ‘I have a dozen cutie-pies of this kind here. Boss, how many do you want? I can give you a 20% discount.’

Hale commented, ‘Nice photo.’

Gemma commented, ‘I agree with Hale.’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 123

Superb Company headed to the Third Canteen to have their lunch. They would be taking a rest after that as they had a cultural performance by all companies and a prize-giving ceremony later in the afternoon. The exciting moment was finally arriving.

When they entered the canteen, the meals of Superb Company had been set out. To their surprise, besides Joel, Harry and Michael were also at their table.

Superb Company didn’t need to compete with other companies because there wasn’t a need for that—having a meal with their idols was expected of them.

The members of the Winston Family stuck with Harry, while the members of the Fletcher Family, such as Stanley, would certainly be sitting around Michael.

At that moment, Sophia suddenly realized that Harry’s surname was Winston—the Winston Family of the Four Great Families.

They are all big shots! The members of the Four Great Family had an advantageous starting point when they entered the entertainment industry!

Stanley was so close to Michael that he had almost glued himself onto him. “Uncle Michael, did I perform well just now?”

Michael nodded, maintaining a stern yet amiable smile. “Yes.”

Hearing that, Stanley was overjoyed. He caught the hand of his other uncle—Joel. “Uncle Joel, can I get full marks? Can I have dinner with you guys? Can I? Uncle Joel, it must be me!”

Joel focused on his meals and didn’t say anything.

Nathan, on the other hand, held Sophia’s hand with one hand while his other hand dragged a stool and forcefully pushed it in between Stanley and Michael before placing it there. He squeezed Stanley out of there and pushed Sophia onto his chair. He then sat on her lap while glaring at Stanley with cold eyes.

His cold gaze sent shivers down Stanley’s spine, so the latter ran off with his hand on his chest.

His eyes are exactly the same as Celine’s!

Celine Fletcher was Michael’s twin sister. She was cold and elegant—she was the most beautiful woman in the army, and she had achieved excellent results when she was still young. Though she was Michael’s twin sister, they were completely different.

Back then, Celine’s aura, which was as cold as ice, would instantly kill anyone with just a glare!

As the King of Soldiers who had won the martial art tournament in the military, Celine’s husband had surprising combat power. It was only natural for the most outstanding King of Soldiers and the most beautiful lady in the army to get together, and they were so madly in love back then. After that, they had Nathan, a little guy who had inherited the strengths of both his parents—he had his father’s ability as the King of Soldier and his mother’s cold and elegant temperament. Therefore, he was a rather intimidating boy; in fact, he was more intimidating than his parents were.

He was so intimidating even though he was not even 6 years old yet, which made people wonder what would become of him after he grew up!

Stanley fled to the other side of Michael, lacking the courage to get close to Nathan. He kept having the feeling that he would be beaten by this 6-year-old boy at any moment.

While Sophia was eating, her eyes repetitively flicked across the few people. Joel seemed unhappy, and he seemed to have an indescribable relationship with Michael; Harry was looking at the two of them with a tentative smile on his face, as if he had seen through it all, but he remained silent; Michael was eating with his head lowered while intermittently talking with Stanley; Stanley was like a butterfly that flew around the place—he landed on Harry’s shoulder for a moment before he sat beside Michael the next moment, and then beside Joel, while constantly giggling and chuckling wherever he went. “Oh! My idol! Uncle Michael, I love you the most! Oh, Uncle Joel, you are my idol too! Don’t feel jealous!”

Even Nathan’s gaze was terrifyingly cold.

As an outsider, Sophia felt on edge. What exactly happened between these four people? This should be a pleasant meal, but why am I feeling tension in the air? Could it be that something happened between these four people in the past? Oh, no. My imagination is starting to run wild!

The atmosphere was extremely uncanny. She felt a coldness on her neck, as if there was a 40-meter-long sword pointing at her, and it would land on her neck and cut off her head at any time.

Not only her, but other students of Superb Company felt the atmosphere as well. One after another, they ate faster and faster before running off after they were done eating. Sophia finished her meal in a swift movement and ran off as well.

Right after Sophia had left, Michael stood up and held Nathan’s hand, preparing to leave. He even turned around and beckoned at Stanley with his pinky. “Come, Stan, I have something to talk to you about.”

Feeling surprised and elated, Stanley pointed at himself in disbelief. “Uncle Michael? Are you calling me? Oh, my! I’m living the dream! Uncle Michael is finally asking for my presence!”

Without even finishing his meal, he obediently tagged along behind him.

After Michael had left, Harry left as well, and Joel was the only one left at the table that was so lively just a moment ago.

Joel rose to his full height, and it seemed like he was about to leave.

“She’s fine,” he suddenly uttered, but nobody could tell who he was talking to.

However, Michael, who had already reached the door, suddenly paused in his tracks.

Upon hearing that his footsteps came to a sudden halt, the corner of Joel’s mouth curled up into a faint smile. “I take her for brain scans every month. The accident that happened five years ago has caused permanent damage to her brain, so she still can’t remember you.”

The dead silence seemed to stretch on for a while.

When Stanley realized that he seemed to have entered some forbidden ground, his eyes opened wide at once, and he instantly shut his mouth.

She’s Michael’s forbidden ground!

He felt that the atmosphere now was too depressing, as if there was a pair of large hands wrapped around his neck, and he could be easily strangled to death.

The silence was finally broken by Michael’s voice. “Five years has passed, and I’m married now, yet you guys haven’t taken any action. Deal with this issue as soon as possible; don’t let her wait for too long.”

With that, he left with calm and steady steps.

Joel snickered as he knew that Michael couldn’t let go of that woman. The calmness he had now was merely an act.

When Michael and the others left the canteen, Stanley was still in shock.

What did I just hear? Michael has gotten married! Married! My uncle is actually a married man! When did that happen? Why hadn’t I heard any news about this? Does he even think of me as his family? Why didn’t he inform us about such an important thing? Nathan’s the same as well. Sob… He cried bitterly inwardly.

Just when he was about to ask Michael about it, the latter suddenly pointed at a tiny corner mysteriously. “Stan, let’s have a talk over there.”

Hearing that, the dejected Stanley immediately brightened up and answered thankfully, “Uncle Michael, I’m coming over now!” He then meekly followed Michael and Nathan to the quiet little corner.

When they were at the corner where only three of them were present, Stanley asked him expectantly, “Uncle Michael, you have something important to tell me, haven’t you?”

Michael, who was only a little taller than Stanley, looked down at him from his height, and an evil smile appeared on his face while his gaze was cold. The atmosphere was clearly becoming more dangerous.

However, Stanley was still fearlessly admiring his looks. “Ah, Uncle Michael, your current expression is super duper breathtaking!”

At that moment, a cold voice was abruptly heard. “Daddy, hit him.”

Before Stanley could make sense of the situation, a large fist was thrown toward his face…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 124

10 minutes later, Harry finally saw Michael walking out from the tiny corner.

With a hand in his pocket in a carefree manner, Michael used his other hand to flick the dust on his shoulder. He strolled out from the corner with Nathan following behind. The latter seemed delighted as his expression wasn’t as tense as earlier.

The last one to appear was Stanley, who was weeping while he limped out of the corner. He had probably been beaten, but it wasn’t obvious due to the thick paint on his face.

Harry seemed to have sensed what had happened, but he still deliberately asked, “Hey, Stan, what’s wrong?”

Stanley wiped away his tears. “I fell, I fell.”

As he was wiping away his tears, the paint on his face was smeared, which caused his face to look ridiculous, like a cat that had just rolled in dirt.

He felt depressed for having gotten a beating from Michael without any reason. The hits landed on my body, but I felt the pain in my heart! I love him so much, but why was he so harsh toward me? There isn’t any grudge between us, so why did he do that? He was completely baffled by his action.

Michael had been planning to beat Stanley up for a few days because of his rough behavior and intention toward his young wife.

Michael’s initial schedule was to only attend the military parade in the morning and skip the cultural performance by the students in the afternoon. As he had seen plenty of grand shows, this performance would certainly be boring to him. However, he still stayed behind. Since I don’t have any shooting to be done on the film set today, it’s better for me to stay here to look at my little wife.

When Sophia returned to her dormitory, she took a nap without washing off the paint on her face. If I don’t wash off the paint, Michael probably wouldn’t want to kiss me.

As expected, he didn’t kiss her, but he fondled her body with his hands when she was pretending to be asleep. My butt is going to be twisted out of shape if he continues kneading it! He’s such a pervert! Her body trembled under his touch, but she continued to pretend to be asleep.

The cultural performance began on time at 3.00PM in the afternoon. Sophia woke up at 2.30PM. She didn’t even wash her face, since the paint on her face created a mosaic effect.

She arrived at the venue alone and saw that most of the students had arrived, and their gazes intermittently landed on Superb Company.

Stanley limped toward her with a swollen face, giving her a fright.

“Stan, what happened to you?”

Stanley sobbed. “I had a fall!”

But it is obvious that the injury wasn’t sustained from a fall!

Sophia’s imagination started running wild again. Could it be that something happened after I left in the afternoon that caused Stanley to be beaten up? Could it be that the romantic relationship between the four people has been exposed, and Michael’s harem is now fighting one another? Oh, my. This is exciting! The scene must have been magnificent! It’s a pity that I didn’t witness it! Michael is a psychopath! Poor Stanley; he’s still young, but he fell in love with a scumbag like Michael! Ah, he is such a perverted man! Not only his cousins, he even lay his hands on his nephew! His nephew and cousins…

Sophia couldn’t help but worry for Nathan. That kid is still so young. What if he’s influenced by Michael and takes the same path after he grows up? What should I do then? After all, Michael is a man that would even lay his hands on his nephew! He probably had some indescribable intention when he decided to adopt Nathan!

Soon, the cultural performance began. Michael appeared while holding Nathan’s hand, and they sat on the stage together. Nathan pulled a long face, and he seemed unhappy.

Looking at Nathan in Michael’s arms, whereby one of them had a warm expression while the other had a cold expression, Sophia involuntarily imagined a story titled ‘A Cold Man Raising a Young Boy’.

Arghhh! That is horrendous! Michael is a real psychopath! He wouldn’t even spare a little boy!

Only now did she understand why Michael liked to harass her in front of Nathan. It turned out that it was his intention to influence Nathan so that the latter would imitate his actions.

And it seemed like Nathan was indeed influenced by Michael because he was hostile toward her. Whenever he saw Michael sleeping together with her, he would come in between them. Sophia used to think that the smart Nathan was just protecting her. However, now that she thought about it again, she realized that Nathan was on guard against her, and at the same time, warning Michael to not fool around!

Arghhh! My whole world has been turned upside down! The world is falling apart! She trembled rigorously.

She felt a sudden cold air brush by her, and she was so scared that she could only hug herself tightly. Peeking at Stanley beside her, she exclaimed inwardly, The world of the upper class society is so messed up! It’s the smart choice to stay away from you guys!

Sophia’s slightly good impression of him due to his stunning looks was now instantly ruined.

As expected, nothing would come free in life. When I’m suddenly married to a wealthy, influential, and incredibly-handsome husband, how could I expect him to be normal?

In a split second, Sophia’s mind had gone beyond the universe, broke through the limits of time and space, and arrived at a place where no one could control her imagination from growing limitlessly.

The cultural performance which consisted of the performances by students began.

The students of Bayside University mostly came from wealthy backgrounds. With such backgrounds, it would only be natural for them to have cultivated a few talents or skills.

Those that had the opportunities to perform on stage were certainly carefully selected. Their performances were related to their military training, such as street dance modified from military aerobics, rap, stage play and short sketch. There were even some amazing students who composed songs and sent them out of the barracks to Bayside City; they searched day and night for orchestras, singers and studios to record the songs so that they were able to get the finished product the next day.

Due to the presence of their idols and the General, the students racked their brains and showcased everything they had got. Therefore, the performances were certainly extremely exciting and outstanding, receiving the cheers of the audiences.

Xyla was among the students watching the students performing on stage before the General and idols. The jealousy that burned inside her almost twisted her face. She was also good in singing, dancing and playing the piano, but all her performance proposals that were sent to the company commander were rejected with the reason that there were too many similar performances. She couldn’t think of any performances which were out of the ordinary, so she couldn’t grab the opportunity to perform on stage.

On top of that, without Richard around, she couldn’t get anyone to make an exception for her.

Just like that, she missed the opportunity to perform before the idols and the General!

Superb Company didn’t take part in the performance. Nevertheless, for the sake of their image, they still sat up straight although they were probably sleepy, radiating a completely different vibe than the other companies.

They had no chance for any awards, and the performances weren’t exactly interesting to them. Therefore, it was actually difficult for them to stay awake.

Stanley kept moaning in pain. Sophia was in a daze, and Nathan was living his best life as always as he took turns to leap into the arms of the few men; he was enviable by everyone at the scene.

After two performances, the announcement of the different award winners of the military training began, and the prizes were starting to be given out.

Hearing that, everyone was wide awake.

The awards that were first given out were the consolation prizes, Best Performance award, Best Discipline award, and so on. Everyone was not concerned about those awards as they were only concerned about the Best Company award and the Best Individual award.

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The third and second place for the Best Company award were announced one after another. The winners were Company 25 and 80. These two companies had outstanding results. Company 25 voluntarily took a hoe and built a path from the training ground to the canteen, while Company 80 rescued a snub-nosed monkey that was seriously injured and nearly died. The Forestry Department even specially sent them a thank-you gift.

It was finally the time for the announcement of the first place for the Best Company award. The host looked lively at everyone’s expectant gazes before speaking in a sweet voice, “The company that won the first place for the Best Company award is really a worthy winner of this award.

They are united, caring, and helpful to one another. They didn’t strive for individual excellence; they strived for zero failures. During the military training, they have done many remarkable deeds. They are the…”

Everyone held their breath, and even Sophia stared wide-eyed at the stage, waiting for the host to announce the winner of the Best Company award.

The host paused for a few seconds, which felt like a few centuries to everyone.

Finally, the host’s lips parted, and the name of the company that everyone was expecting was announced. “Company 49!”

The audience burst into an uproar. Everyone from Company 49 was shocked and delighted, and tears of joy streamed down their cheeks. They nearly hugged one another and cried.

The host started to introduce the remarkable deeds of Company 49. “Company 49 pioneered the united-style military training. When they were in field training exercise, they traveled in a team, and everyone arrived at the finishing line on time.

There were two students who unfortunately got hurt during the training, but not only did they not abandon their teammates, they even took turns to carry the two injured teammates on their back, and the whole team arrived at the finishing line together. Congratulations, Company 49!”

Commander Ford went up the stage in delight and received two awards—the Best Company and Best Instructor awards. He then added, “Company 49 is not the best company I have ever trained, but they are the most united company I have ever had under me!”

Joel nodded in agreement as well.

Military training could easily reveal one’s true colors. Most people were selfish, and they were only concerned about their own scores, ignoring the conditions of others.

Company 49 was a team that was totally different from the others. By being united, their team managed to attain a high score although the team mostly consisted of members who initially couldn’t get a high score.

In fact, none of them failed the military training, and the average score for each member was above 75.

During the field training exercise, there were plenty of teams that managed to obtain a high average score. However, other than Company 49, none of the companies were able to ensure that all their members arrived at the destination on time.

When they were in the mountains, the members of other companies were mostly scattered, and only Company 49 kept all their members together throughout the journey. They even saved a few injured and abandoned students from other companies.

Just like a rolling snowball, more and more students gathered together, and in the end, there were over 10 companies that traveled together. Everyone helped one another, and together, they looked mighty. The instructors were astonished as they had never seen such a scene.

Company 49 had truly demonstrated what it meant to be united and also the saying that went, ‘in unity, there is strength’!

Upon recalling what they had been through in the past month, the members from Company 49 had tears rolling down their cheeks. It used to be impossible for many of them to even pass military training.

If it weren’t for Sophia… Unfortunately, she probably had been expelled by Bayside University, and they might not have the opportunity to even meet her again.

Everyone felt sorry for Sophia when they thought about her.

There was a session whereby a representative from the Best Company went on stage for a speech, and Juliete was the representative for Company 49.

When she got on stage, she spoke, “Our company actually started off with extremely poor results, but now, we were able to achieve such wonderful results.

First of all, we would like to thank Commander Carter, all battalion commanders, and all commanding generals for your concerns and guidance. Secondly, we would like to thank Miss Sophia Edwards!”

At the mention of Sophia, everyone began whispering to one another as she was famous in the university!

It’s such a pity…

Upon hearing Sophia’s name, Stanley couldn’t resist the urge to nudge her with his elbow. “Sophia, she’s talking about you!”

Of course, Sophia heard her. Company 49 was able to get such great results, which showed that my effort in all those days has finally paid off!

Juliette looked at all the students present from the stage and emotionally uttered, “Company 49 is mostly made up of girls, so we don’t have any advantage in terms of physical stamina. We had practically zero chances of winning against other companies, let alone against students from Sports University. But luckily, we had Miss Sophia Edwards.

Though she was injured, she trained harder and more seriously than all of us. She was the most serious student in our company, and she was also the one who had the best performance.

She even voluntarily sacrificed her rest time to provide personal training to the weaker students from our company. It was her who told us that Company 49 is a team, and we cannot leave anyone behind.

No matter how tough things go, we cannot give up on any of the students. We didn’t hope for a high individual score; we only hoped for everyone to pass! Although she is no longer part of Company 49, but to us, she’ll always be the soul of Company 49!”

The audiences broke into a rapturous applause. Sophia, who was sitting among the members of Superb Company, blushed.

Erm… I was just showing off when I continued with my training even though I was injured. I dragged the whole team to train just because I was worried that the low results of those weaker students in the team would affect my overall company score and cost me my high score. All in all, I’m really not that noble; I merely knew about some hidden rules…

However, when she heard Juliette’s compliments, she still felt warm and sweet.

After the Best Company award was given out, everyone felt dispirited and depressed. Their final hope was the Best Individual award.

However, everyone had a vague feeling that they had no chance in getting that award.

The Best Individual award would certainly belong to a person who was all-rounded in terms of morality, intelligence, physical strength, and beauty.

The person must have outstanding results and made special contributions in order to win this award. The person must be from Sports University or Superb Company.

The top 3 winners of the Best Individual award were finally announced. The third- and second-place winners would get a custom-made medal.

The first-place winner would get the opportunity to have dinner together with the General, Taylor Murray, and Ethan Winston. The prize for the first-place winner certainly aroused the eagerness of many!

It would be a great honor to be able to have dinner with the three idols! After having the meal, the winner would certainly be well-known all over the world!

During the gaps between each cultural performance, the host would go on stage to introduce the next performance, and at the same time, she would announce one of the winners of the award.

The third-place winner was a boy from Sports University. His results were unbelievable, with almost perfect scores in all categories. However, in the peer rating session where the students were required to rate for one another, some of the students gave him bad reviews due to their jealousy of his usual excellent performance, causing him to be unable to get full marks.

The second-place winner was a boy from the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, who had led everyone to build a road during their rest time. He had also been given bad reviews by other students.

Human nature was always unpredictable. Although everyone usually seemed friendly and caring for one another, some of them would reveal their true colors during anonymous rating sessions.

As for the first-place winner…

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“Do you guys want to know who is the first-place winner?” The host intentionally winked at everyone.

Everyone answered in unison, “Yes!”

However, the host unexpectedly playfully stuck out her tongue. “Too bad. I’m going to disappoint everyone because even I don’t know who is the first-place winner!”

Everyone looked at one another in puzzlement. Could it be that the first-place winner hasn’t been selected?

The host uttered, “The champion of the military training this year is the only student with a perfect score!”

Perfect score! This person must be amazing!

The host continued on, “The winner of the Best Individual award this year attained full marks for all categories, and this person didn’t get any bad reviews from the peer rating session. The instructor gave this student full marks as well, and this student also has a high reputation among the students!”

The students were excited. Who has the capability to get a perfect score during the peer rating session?

All the students present were clear that it would be impossible to get full marks for this session. People who were jealous of others would always exist. Therefore, those who had excellence results or great performance would tend to get one or two bad reviews in the peer rating session.

Anonymous rating was the mirror that reflected the true nature of humans!

Therefore, who on earth managed to get a perfect score? Could it be that the person was a member from the Fletcher Family?

Sophia, from Superb Company, was also in a daze as she tried to guess this person’s identity.

Is it me? On second thought, it’s impossible. I fought and beat up another student in the barracks, and I was even confined. I’ve made all possible mistakes, so I would be lucky if Michael can get 60 marks for me.

Everyone was waiting for the host to announce the name, but she merely shook her head. “This student is also hated by many. The General said that the first-place winner of the Best Individual award this year will be kept a secret. We won’t publicly compliment this person, but the General will contact this person in private.”

The audience broke into an uproar as they burned in curiosity about that person’s identity.

Nevertheless, the host announced straight up that the cultural performance had ended.

Joel, Ethan, Taylor, and the others left under the escort of the special forces, followed by Superb Company. Lastly, everyone else left in order.

Sophia left with her company as well.

They were having a bonfire party at night, which would make a perfect yet romantic ending for their military training.

As the winner of the Best Company award this year, Company 49 got the opportunity to have dinner with the General.

This dinner was totally different from the usual dinners.

A dinner in general would usually involve a man and a woman in a high-end restaurant, accompanied by romantic candlelight and elegant piano music, with waiters in suits gracefully serving and placing their dishes gently on the table, while fragrance circulated in the air.

On the contrary, the dinner they meant here was that all members of Company 49 would have a chance to eat in the Third Canteen at the same table as Joel—it was just a hasty meal in the canteen.

Although it was just a hasty meal in the canteen together with Joel, it was still a great blessing!

Two of them even cried out of excitement while eating. In the end, Company 49 had a group photo together with Joel. The photo was printed, and a copy was distributed to everyone.

After the cultural performance had ended, Sophia dragged her exhausted body out for a meal before returning to her dormitory. It seemed that Superb Company was not involved in the bonfire party tonight, so she started to pack up her stuff to prepare to go home.

After packing, she stood at the balcony and pushed out the window of the balcony before she quietly looked at the green barrack. After all, this was a place she had stayed in for a month, and she might not have the opportunity to come back here.

I’m a little reluctant to leave…

At the neighboring balcony, Stanley was holding his phone, mumbling to himself while pacing back and forth, “It must be me, it must be me. Uncle, hurry up and contact me! I’m a well-behaved young man who saved other students from dangerous situations. Sophia can be my witness! God, Saint Mary and the angels, please bless me! Almighty Buddha, Amitabha, Amen!”

Sophia only desired to lie down on the bed like a corpse. Michael had taken Nathan away just now; he had probably sent him back to school.

She took out her phone and noticed that their class’ chat group was active. It might have been because everyone had gotten their phone back, so they started to post in the class chat group.

‘Arghhh! The General is so handsome! He’s such a warm guy!’

‘Hey, the person who texted before me, you looked hideous when you were crying just now!’

‘I love the General the most!’

‘It’s a pity that my phone was not with me just now. Otherwise, I would have definitely asked if I could take a photo together with the General!’

‘It’s such a pity!’

‘It’s really such a pity!’

The class group had never been so harmonious yet active before this; her classmates used to be cold to one another. The non-local and local students wouldn’t mingle together, while the students from normal backgrounds and the rich kids hated each other.

This might have been the purpose of the military training.

Suddenly, someone kicked off the topic about Sophia. ‘Where is Sophia? Does anybody know where she is right now?’

Everybody instantly changed their topic of discussion. ‘Yeah, where’s Sophia? Those who have wide connections can ask around. If she really has been expelled, let’s see if we can think of any ways to help her.’

‘Yeah. After all, she tried her best to help us. Without her, we wouldn’t have won the Best Company award, let alone have dinner together with the General.’

‘Molly, hurry up and ask your grandfather, General Lawson.’

Once their phones were back, they regained all their connections. When they didn’t have their phones, they could only spread unconfirmed rumors around. But now that they had gotten back their phones, they could find out anything with just a phone call.

Molly made a call and immediately returned to reply in the group, ‘Everyone, don’t worry. I found out from my grandfather’s connections that nothing happened to Sophia! She is still enrolled in our university! She wasn’t expelled, and she managed to pass the military training too!’

‘Ah! That’s great!’

‘That’s a relief. Oh, it’s getting late. Let’s hurry up and pack up and then go to the bonfire party tonight. Commander Ford once said that if our company managed to get the Best Company award, he would perform a hula dance!’

‘Hula dance!’

Sophia suddenly had dozens of friend requests, where most of them were from her classmates. She accepted all their requests.

All of a sudden, she saw a profile picture that shook her—it was Joel!

Joel: ‘Congratulations. You are the first-place winner of the Best Individual award this year. I’ll come and pick you up in front of your dormitory at 9.00PM tonight.’

Sophia was dumbfounded. What? First place? Me?! I fought during the military training, but I actually got first place? Is there something wrong with the scoring system?

Sophia tentatively asked, ‘General, have you been mistaken? I was locked in confinement, so how could I have gotten a high score?’

Joel directly forwarded her scores in the scoring system of the military training, which contained all the points that were added and deducted for each category.

Five points were deducted from fighting and being locked in confinement. However, her positive personal influence to others, which included persisting to train while sustaining injuries, caring for other students, helping one another, and promoting good culture had generated an incredibly positive effect on the other students, causing all the students from her company to give her a good rating. After combining all the items and some addition and subtraction of scores, she got full marks.

The most important point was that she got a perfect score for the peer rating session.

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She was most probably extremely helpful when others needed it; in fact, at the last critical moment, there were rumors going on that she had been ‘expelled’. Hence, when it was time for peer evaluation, everyone subconsciously spoke highly of her while leaving a favorable review.

I feel so guilty. Did I obtain my perfect score too easily?

However, Joel informed me about this, and so it shouldn’t have been a mistake. Did I really get first place?! I’m so excited!

Sophia was so elated that she leaped around in joy in her room. However, she noticed a huge problem soon enough. The person who won first place gets to have a meal with Joel!

Oh, damn it! I was just saying today that I have to keep a safe distance from their complicated and chaotic social network. How did I end up getting dragged into it again? The rich’s social network is so complicated. It’s better to stay far away from it for the sake of my life.

Sophia replied meekly, ‘I’m not feeling well tonight. Can I not show up?’

Joel replied to her, ‘No.’

Fine, it seems there’s no room for discussion!

I’m innocent, though! I never wanted to be associated with their social network at all! I’ll end up offending next door’s Stanley and provoking Michael if I were to have a meal with Joel. It will cause a terrible domino’s effect. Arghhh! I just want to be one of the audience observing this from the sidelines! Nevertheless, even if the prospect of my future is filled with cruelty and ruthlessness, I must charge forward!

Sophia put down her skating board while adjusting her clothing. She was prepared to wait for Joel to pick her up.

However, she had barely waited for a few minutes when she heard Stanley knocking against the door while wailing loudly, “Sophia, you heartless thing, come out right now! I was kind enough to help you, but you won the first place out of nowhere! You snatched away my uncle and my idol! You had better come out now! Let’s fight now! If you have the audacity to rob me of the first place, why don’t you come out right now? Open the door, Sophia!”

Sophia was shocked to her core. Stanley caught wind of the news in such a short time.

He sounds as if he is ready to strangle me to death! Their social network is so complicated. I haven’t even had the meal, and Stanley is already causing a ruckus. He will most probably murder me if I have that meal with Joel!

Sophia paced her room in a panic while trying to come up with a solution.

Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God. I’m in deep trouble. I’m now in too deep, and I’ll most probably drown sooner or later!

At 9.00PM, Joel came in person to pick Sophia up. When Stanley learned that Joel had arrived, he came zooming out to cling onto Joel’s leg. “Uncle, why is it not me? I did so well!!”

Joel smacked his face away. “Let go of me!”

Stanley was still howling when Joel snapped at him coldly, “Do you want to get beaten up the second time?”

Stanley immediately returned to his room with his tail between his legs while looking sorry for himself.

Joel finally knocked against her door. “Miss Edwards.”

Sophia opened the door tentatively while scanning the surroundings. She asked suspiciously after confirming that Stanley wasn’t around, “Has Stanley left?”

Joel nodded. “Yes, he’s left.”

He was quite helpless when dealing with Stanley because the latter had always acted clingy. He clung onto Joel since he was a baby, and it went on into adulthood.

He is so disgusting! Served him right to be beaten up!

Sophia followed Joel and left apprehensively after confirming that Stanley had left.

Along the way, she covered her face intermittently since she was afraid that people might recognize her. She asked worriedly, “General, where are we having our meal?”

“The small cafeteria,” Joel answered her.

She followed him and got into a military vehicle. After a half-an-hour drive within the campsite, they finally got out of the car to walk into a building. There was a restaurant inside that was unfamiliar to Sophia.

It looked more like a restaurant than a cafeteria.

The lighting and ambience were perfect. The gorgeous lighting was brilliant, and there was soft music playing slowly in the background.

Joel walked in and found a place to sit down. Sophia took her seat worriedly too.

She observed the surroundings. The restaurant wasn’t huge, and the decorations were splendid, but there weren’t many people around. Sophia only saw a server when she entered the place. In fact, they were the only customers there.

This must be a high-end restaurant for military officers.

Right now, we are the only two customers here.

The server was wearing a military uniform too. The server handed them their menus, but Joel didn’t even pay attention to it. He merely passed the menu to Sophia. “Order whatever you want; it’s my treat tonight.”

Sophia kept her head bowed while her eyes darted to observe her surroundings. Finally, she glanced at the menu. It’s similar to civilian restaurants. There are western snacks and oriental dishes too.

She ordered distractedly, “A macaroni and a grilled steak.”

Joel ordered as well. “A sirloin steak.”

The server took the menus away, leaving the two of them in the large and empty restaurant.

The atmosphere felt rather awkward.

Sophia kept her head down while staring unblinkingly at her fingernails.

Joel was in his usual military attire. He took off his military uniform outerwear, revealing a green shirt and dark green necktie underneath. After that, he took his cap off and tugged against his necktie while staring intently at Sophia, as if he was intrigued.

Why did Michael choose this young woman? However, she seems quite interesting now that I’m taking a closer look.

Silence hung between the two of them for some time. Joel finally took the initiative to break the silence. “How long have you been together with Michael?”

Sophia answered truthfully, “Over a year.”

Joel continued, “I see that he treats you differently!”

Sophia flashed him a silly grin. “That’s true!”

Simultaneously, alarm bells went off in her head.

What did Joel mean by that? Why do I sense jealousy from him?! In fact, his tone reminds me of a legal wife warning a mistress to scare her off! The rich and wealthy have such a complex social circle!

Don’t do this to me! I’m innocent! I have never thought of competing with Joel over a man!

Sophia added hastily, “Michael is always filming elsewhere. It’s normal for him to not return home for days in a stretch or even half a month at times. I barely see him. I don’t spend as much time with him as Harry does.”

What I mean is that I’m innocent! I’ve barely seen Michael more than a couple of times since we got married! If you want to vent your frustrations, you should do that to Harry! They are joined at the hip during filming! He is the one who took Michael away, not me!

A dull gleam flashed across Joel’s eyes when he heard that. Then, he fell into a silent pause, as if he was deep in thought.

Is she trying to say that Michael has neglected her, and that she is feeling empty and lonely? Is this her subtle way of hinting me?!

Sophia sighed in relief when she noticed Joel’s thoughtful expression. Beat Harry up if you need to vent! I am the innocent one here!

Joel continued with his questions. In fact, his second question was about Nathan. “You seem to have a good relationship with Nate.”

Sophia was feeling nervous, and all sorts of thoughts started flashing through her mind. Why is he asking about Nate? Could he be collecting information from me regarding Michael’s plan for his little boy? Is he doing that to get ready to go against his potential enemy in the future, Nate?

My poor Nate!

After weighing her options, Sophia answered him, “Nate is still young now. Besides, he is still a child, and so he needs a mother. Michael has most probably married me in the hopes of providing Nate a complete family. He wants him to have a happy childhood.”

What she meant was, Nate is still a child! Can you animals not drag him into this?! I am innocent too! I’m just a nanny Michael brought home to look after the child!

Joel paused while appearing deep in thought once again.

Does Michael merely treat Sophia as a nanny? However, he seems to care about her a lot. In fact, he would always creep into the campsite secretly to meet up with her. She doesn’t look like a nanny to me.

Could this be another hint too?

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After chatting for a while, the back of Sophia’s shirt was soaked with sweat.

I can’t go on hanging out with these important people. I’ll end up dying from shock sooner or later!

After a short pause, Joel continued, “Michael has left the Fletcher Family for many years. He has never attended any of the family gatherings. What has he been busy with lately?”

Ideas flashed through Sophia’s mind swiftly at this critical moment. She tried carefully analyzing what he was implying because she didn’t want to miss any detail.

Firstly, that was a query—‘What has that bastard Michael been busy with lately? Why hasn’t he returned to the Fletchers to visit me? I’ll destroy you if you don’t answer me in detail!’

Besides, it is a form of intimidation too—‘If you are able to answer me in detail, it means that you, the mistress, are showing off your relationship with Michael! I’ll destroy you anyway!’

In conclusion, Joel is trying to destroy me! I can’t help it since I’m the wife of the man he loves!

Sophia answered wittily, “I’m not quite sure, because I’m usually looking after the child at home. I honestly have no idea what Michael does when he’s not at home.”

I am truly a responsible and dutiful nanny! Michael married me just to make sure Nate has a complete family! He honestly does not love me at all. You should destroy Harry if you need to vent your frustrations! Out of Michael’s harem, Harry is the favored concubine. I am merely the legal wife for show without real power!

Joel kept quiet once again.

Michael’s actions so far is proof that this girl means the world to him. He is unexpectedly very caring toward her. However, why does it sound as if Sophia doesn’t think so? Am I mistaken? Could it be possible that Sophia isn’t in love with Michael, and he is merely flattering himself? I am always interested in whatever Michael is interested in, and that includes military ranking, status and women. What I care about is how to take over Michael’s possessions! He can’t possibly blame me for making a move to snatch this girl away from him if he truly cares about this young girl. Michael has himself to blame, since he is such an outstanding man. I’m always treated as second best within our generation in the Fletcher Family thanks to him. Being second best only means that I am the biggest loser!

More often than not, men had completely different perspectives and outlook than women. At that moment, Sophia was screaming in her heart, Saint Mary, save me; Jesus, protect me; May God have mercy on me; angels, guard over me; Almighty Buddha, Amitabha, Amen! I truly have no interests in participating with these bigshots’ love-hate relationship! Please set me free and let me go!

Michael only fancies men; he doesn’t fancy women! Please don’t take it out on me!

Nevertheless, Sophia was unaware that soldiers were currently heavily guarding the outside of the restaurant.

Michael was wearing a tuxedo, which made him look like a gentleman, paired with a stunning bowtie. He brought a bottle of red wine with him, and he looked especially like a gentleman showing up for a date. Harry and Nathan, who was wearing a dinner jacket, were flanking him.

The three of them were all dressed up brilliantly, as if they were going on a television show.

However, when they arrived in front of the building, where Sophia and Joel were enjoying their meal, the three of them were blocked outside.

“Only those within the building are allowed to leave; no one is allowed to enter. General’s orders.”

Suddenly, several black muzzles were pointed at the three of them.

However, they didn’t seem scared at all; in fact, even Nathan was unfazed.

Michael rip apart his bowtie casually while asking the soldier, “Hasn’t it been agreed that I’m having dinner tonight with the person from the military training who won the Best Individual award? Do you regret it now? You should know that I charge an exorbitant fee for showing up.”

The soldier rejected him firmly, “I’m sorry, but no one is allowed to enter right now.”

Nevertheless, they wouldn’t dare make a move on Michael because he was the direct descendent of the Fletchers. Furthermore, he was from a long line of fallen heroes, and so the soldiers wouldn’t possibly have the courage to attack him!

Nathan did not say anything; instead, he took out a slingshot from his pocket and pulled the elastic band taut. After that, a stone flew out and hit the restaurant’s glass window.

In the restaurant, Sophia had been sitting on pins and needles while anxiously hoping that something—such as a sudden foreign troop invasion, where Joel would be summoned off into battle within the first three minutes—might happen to ease the awkward atmosphere. Suddenly, she heard a loud sound, and the glass window smashed into pieces on the ground.

Sophia was so shocked that she placed her fork down and stood up abruptly. “Enemy spotted!”

Joel placed the fork down without rushing, and he stood up before walking to the window. His expression soured when he observed the situation downstairs through the window.

“What is it?” Sophia approached the window carefully. She was astounded when she saw the situation downstairs through the window.

Downstairs, an entire troop of fully-equipped special forces surrounded three figures—Michael, Harry, and Nathan.

“Nate!” Sophia cried in surprise.

Oh, my God! Men are truly typical. When women disagree with each other, we get into verbal squabbles, whereas men get into fights!

What earth-shattering conflict could have possibly happened between Michael and Joel?! Why would they hurt each other while dragging innocent bystanders along with them since they are in love?!

I know that something huge must have happened between Michael and Joel. The two of them love each other, but they are trying to hurt each other. It is clear that they are in love, but they keep hurting one another. It would have been fine if they were merely hurting themselves, but they are actually hurting those around them.

There are already countless heart-wrenching story endings going through my mind! But what on earth is going on right now?!

Joel is having a meal with me, and he has been asking about Michael by beating around the bush. Michael is here to stop us after catching wind about our dinner. However, Joel sent a large troop of soldiers to stop them from entering the building! What is happening? This is too much to process. If it were up to me, I’d choose death.

Upon seeing Sophia’s head peeking out from the broken window, Nathan immediately called for her pitifully, “Mommy!”

He even reached out his arms for a hug.

Sophia felt her heart thudding against her chest. Nate has only addressed me as ‘mommy’ a handful of times. The last time was when he was stunned to silence by the snake. He must be scared witless right now. Hence, she asked Joel hastily, “What is happening? Why are you keeping them outside?!”

Joel’s expression changed drastically. Finally, he chuckled before answering her, “No reason.”

Joel signaled the soldiers downstairs, and the troop retreated swiftly in a disciplined manner. Nathan immediately dashed up the restaurant’s second floor with loud, audible steps.

Michael adjusted his handsome black bowtie before slowly walking into the restaurant like a gentleman.

Harry followed him closely from behind too.

Suddenly, a figure came running toward them from afar. “Arghhh! Uncle Joel, wait for me! I want to have dinner with you guys.”

Stanley was wearing a snowy-white shirt, and he looked especially dashing with his crew cut. It was rare for him to dress up.

The server was sweeping glass pieces from the ground when a small figure pushed the door open and dashed in.

When Nathan saw Sophia after he rushed through the entrance, he threw himself into her arms excitedly. “Mommy!”

Sophia knew that Nathan must have been shaken after the commotion earlier, and so she held him tightly in an embrace. “Baby, I’m here!”

Those adults should keep their fighting and killing to themselves. Why on earth did they drag Nate into it? Nate is young! They are a bunch of beasts and psychos! They should go to hell!

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Sophia was criticizing them in her heart. On the other side, Nathan was clinging onto her, as if afraid that he might lose her. Earlier, Michael told him that if Joel seduced Sophia, Nathan wouldn’t have a mother anymore! She was holding onto Nathan tightly as well while exclaiming in her trembling heart, Nate, I will protect you! I won’t let the Devil lay a finger on you!

Suddenly, she heard the sound of leather shoes tapping against the ground in rapid succession. The door to the main entrance of the restaurant opened again before three men walked into the restaurant—one after another. As soon as they entered, the whole restaurant felt dazzling and brilliant as if they exuded an unusual aura.

Michael walked into the restaurant and saw the meticulously prepared but half-eaten candlelight dinner. However, he did not stop walking and made his way to the table like a gentleman instead. “It seems like I’m not that late. Server, I’d like to have the menu, please.”

Sophia was delighted to see her savior and walked toward Michael with excitement. Sob, sob, sob… Save me! Joel almost took advantage of me earlier! Now that the real master is here, you all should air your grievances and resolve it among yourselves.

Joel looked exceptionally upset and it seemed that his carefully disguised facade was on the verge of crumbling. In the end, he sucked it up while forcing the corners of his lips to curl upward into a stiff smile.

“I didn’t expect you guys to show up tonight.” What is going on? Didn’t I issue a command for them to be barred from the building?! How did they manage to enter the ground floor of the restaurant?

Harry was just behind Michael. Having grown up together with Michael, he had experienced firsthand the gratitude and grudges between Joel and Michael.

Once upon a time ago, when Michael hit rock bottom and was left with almost nothing, Joel had been cruel enough to snatch the last precious thing that the former had. Once an outstanding genius in all aspects was to show up in a family, the said person would become their peers’ worst nightmare—this was especially true for the second best.

Michael was the genius whereas Joel was the second best! It was no longer a nightmare, but rather an unshakeable hatred for them both. Hence, Joel wanted nothing more than to snatch everything that belonged to Michael.

He was discontented after Michael had been transferred to the army with literary pursuits before finally leaving the military and would never compete with him again.

Harry found his seat and sat down while casually tugging his necktie in front of his chest. “Didn’t we agree to have a meal with the student who received the first place for military training this year? Joel, why did you sneak here alone?”

Stanley approached them to join in the fun as well. “That’s right; Uncle Joel, you’re not being honest. You didn’t even inform me! Hmph, you too, Sophia! Please don’t be delusional to think that you are able to snatch my idol just because you received the first place this year!”

The atmosphere is intense and the battle is about to start! Oh, my, this is exciting! They have already started to diss each other! Sophia chuckled politely while taking Nathan to stay farther away from those group of people.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward—Michael took Sophia’s seat from earlier whereas Joel took the seat across him. As they exchanged glances at each other, it felt as if sparks flew with a murderous aura surrounding them. Even Sophia, who was at a distance, could still sense the bone-chilling aura from them and wanted nothing more than to immediately leave!

Nathan was leaning against her chest while grabbing onto the corners of her clothes, as if he was stopping her from leaving. Hence, she had no choice but to sit down and observe the eminent fight between the great gods.

Michael glanced at the barely-touched dinner before commenting, “Let’s switch to a larger table; at least one that will fit five people. The more, the merrier, after all. There are so many of us here and it will be embarrassing if there aren’t enough seats.”

Joel answered with a smirk, “You’re right. Let’s switch to a larger table.”

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. He is so overbearing. That’s the unmistakable aggressiveness of a mogul! Is Michael reminding Joel not to be engulfed with jealousy over a couple of men and women? Is he comparing having dinner together to his harem where it is better to have a larger crowd? Does it mean that Joel is not the only one at the ‘table’, considering that Harry and Stanley are also present? Is Michael warning Joel to accept his ways as a husband while demanding that the latter accept his promiscuous nature and harem?

She could almost imagine what had happened between them in the past. First, they were childhood friends who grew up together and geniuses tend to cherish each other. Hence, it was inevitable for them to have other feelings apart from family affection and friendship. However, Michael is a playboy, so he has been sleeping around. In fact, he has more than one man on the side. After learning the truth, Joel broke up with him. However, he just couldn’t forget Michael because the more deeply in love you are with a person, the deeper your hate would be for them. Therefore, the two of them have embarked on a journey of love and destruction for more than a decade, which is why Joel does not have a girlfriend until now whereas Michael has a harem of numerous men and women. Yup, that must be it! Michael, the pervert, has gone overboard and he must have deeply hurt Joel. How can he say something as casual as ‘the more, the merrier’? It’s already tricky to maneuver a relationship when there’s two people in it and here he is, demanding to have more people involved? Sophia’s heart suddenly went out for Joel.

Just when the two of them were giving tit for tat, Harry added, “That’s right. We, the people of Cethos, prefer an environment of the more, the merrier. What’s the fun of two people having a meal?”

She interpreted his comment as such, Who says that there can only be two people in a relationship? Our traditional Cethos culture states that a man can have multiple spouses. Didn’t they live a fulfilling life as well? Joel, you’re the only one making a scene here! All those years ago, Michael must have been seduced by Harry, which is why he betrayed Joel. Michael tried to have the best of both worlds, but Joel refused to compromise and that is why he went to the dark side!

Stanley seemed discontented to stay silent, so he added, “Alright, fine. It’s just a meal and we are here to have fun. Come, I’ll help out!” He found a larger table in enthusiasm while helping to shift Sophia and Joel’s cutleries to the larger table before calling for her. “Sophia, come, it’s dinnertime!”

Sophia looked shaken, but she held onto Nathan tightly while making her way to the table. Oh, damn it! It seems like Stanley has accepted the default of ‘the more, the merrier’. He has been happily included as a member of Michael’s harem and he seems delighted about it!

She regarded Stanley’s silly expression before a bold thought suddenly struck her. Stanley is infatuated with Michael. Could Michael have groomed him since he was a child?

Upon considering this possibility, she started to break into cold sweat in horror. Ten years ago, Stanley was a 10-year-old boy whereas Michael would have been in his twenties. He must have started his habit of having his boytoys then. I can’t believe he made a move on a younger relative in his own family—one who was only 10 years old at that time! That pervert! If he’s arrested, he would be jailed for three years at least and might even receive the death sentence in the worst-case scenario! Michael no longer fancied Stanley once he grew up, so he adopted Nathan, whose parents have passed away, to maintain his perverted methods of grooming little boys. Pervert! He’s a disgusting pervert! The richer they are, the more perverted they are! He should receive the death penalty to confiscate the tool used in the crime!

After mulling things over, Sophia was so scared that she started to tremble uncontrollably. Cold sweat trickled down her back, and she held onto Nathan tightly reflexively. Nate is still a child and he is as pure as a piece of white paper. I can’t allow a beast, such as Michael, to ruin him! I’ll sacrifice myself if need be!

The new table was a round table and the six of them sat around it. Nathan sat on her left whereas Michael sat on her right hand side, followed by Stanley and Harry. Everyone at the table was a big shot, so Sophia only had the courage to keep her head bowed while she had her dinner.

While she had buried her face in her plate as she gobbled down her meal, countless thoughts flashed through her mind. Her dangerously busybody nature was eager for some action. I know that it has nothing to do with me, but I just can’t help but wonder. Between Michael and Joel, who is the one on top and the one at the bottom?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 130

Judging by their powers, Joel should be the one on top because Michael always plays the more feminine character in movies. His image is an effeminate one and it’s almost unshakable. He looks like the one at the bottom, no matter how you look at it. Besides, there is always fanfiction going around the Internet, describing Michael to be the one at the bottom.

However, based on their aura, it’s undeniable that Michael has a stronger aura. In fact, he is able to willingly radiate his aura. When he does so at full force, even Joel has no choice but to surrender. Maybe Michael is the one on top after all!

After my analysis, it seems that the both of them might be on top. It might be a result of them not wanting to bow down to others. Could it be possible that they fell out over this reason and turned against each other? Ah, the rich and powerful folks have such a complex social circle!

Sophia let her imaginations run amok; the more she thought about it, the more she felt afraid.

Their food was served, so everyone started to eat.

Who would be in the mood to eat under this kind of atmosphere? I’m truly afraid that they will end up fighting with each other in the middle of the meal. It’s fine if they are really fighting with their fists, but what if they start to brandish their wands in front of me?

However, it was odd because everyone seemed to have their heads bowed while eating. In fact, it seemed as if that was the end of the discussion.

Stanley was the only one dumb enough to ask, “Uncle Joel, why did you give the first place to Sophia, and not to me? I’ll become jealous, you know.”

“Sophia, why are you sitting beside Uncle Joel? It makes me jealous! Here, Harry, have a drumstick.”

“Whoa, Nate! What’s up with your stare? Are you jealous of me?”

Sophia’s imagination started to run wild again.

Within Michael’s harem, I am the Queen, so it’s only natural that I’ll get all the heat. Michael doesn’t fancy me, but he needs a Queen to hold the fort; otherwise, the civil and military ministers might rebel against him. Harry is the gentle and gracious consort. After the ranking of consort, there are cuter and adorable rankings, such as Beauty, Virtuous Lady and Lady. Stanley is no doubt the cheerful and lively one.

On the other hand, there is the presence of a general-like figure, who is in love with the Emperor, but holds a grudge against him due to his betrayal. He has a love-hate relationship with the Emperor—and that person is Joel!

Aaaah—the Queen chooses death!

Harry was not interested in the drumstick that Stanley offered. His eyes darted between Joel and Michael with an unreadable expression instead.

In the end, he looked at Sophia.

Since they were children, Joel has always loved to snatch everything that belongs to Michael. He even seems to have his eyes set on Sophia. This time, I have to guard her on Michael’s behalf, no matter what it takes. Nevertheless, what’s going to happen if Sophia wants to follow with Joel’s wishes on her own accord?

She is merely 20 years old—the age where she’d easily be seduced. What will happen if Joel succeeds in seducing her? Every year, Joel manages to somehow entice new students in the military training. It feels like seducing her is merely a walk in the park for him.

Michael would most probably go on a killing spree if he can’t keep Sophia to himself this time.

I’m still slightly worried about Sophia. After all, she is a wild young lady. She actually blew a flying kiss to another man in front of her husband.

Michael most probably wants nothing more than to murder Joel now!

However, unbeknownst to anyone, Sophia was earnestly praying, Please don’t brandish your wands in front of me! Please, don’t. I am still a child—an innocent and simple child at that!

The dinner ended amidst Sophia’s trembling body and the big shots shooting visual daggers at each other. Nevertheless, neither did they end up in a fight nor smack the table in anger or brandish their wands. On the contrary, everyone returned home after the meal.

It was almost 11PM when they all made a move to leave—Sophia saw Gemma and Hale waiting outside once she exited the restaurant. Both of them were carrying Sophia and Nathan’s suitcases.

Michael left with Sophia and they held each of Nathan’s tiny hands, making them look like a

Michael led them into the vehicle that would be leaving the camp before turning to speak to Joel. “Joel, thank you for looking after Nate and Sophia during this period. The military training has ended, so it’s time for them to return home.”

Joel flashed an insincere smile. “Don’t mention it.”

Michael brought his missus, son, gay friends and two bodyguards to leave the barracks. On the other side, Stanley was also eager to leave with them, but he departed with his tail between his legs upon noticing Joel’s glare on him.

Sophia, who was inside the car and on her way to leave camp, was still shaken, feeling as if she was on the verge of being murdered several times earlier.

Ah, I feel as if I’ve been reborn.

Although Harry is in the car, the ‘kind and benevolent’ ‘Consort Winston’ is much better than Joel, the animalistic General.

She stared at the direction in which the car was being driven to and it seemed as if they were on their way to Audistin. It’s always slower to drive at night. I suppose it would take at least half an hour.

Nathan slept once he entered the car. He leaned against her and was soon fast asleep.

After enduring such an eventful and stressful day, she felt utterly exhausted and found a random spot to rest her head before quickly falling asleep.

She was able to grab any chance that she had to catch forty winks whenever she wanted after training for a few days in the Superb Company.

However, the moment she closed her eyes, a hand gently supported her head as it guided her toward a shoulder. She opened her eyes while looking alert and saw Michael gazing at her tenderly.

Sophia looked utterly shocked, so she did not dare to say a word. He caressed her hair softly while wrapping an arm around her shoulder. “Don’t worry. Go ahead and sleep. I’ll wake you up when we arrive. No one will leave you behind.”

She somehow felt relieved after hearing him say that and closed her eyes again soon after.

When she was in Superb Company for a cross-country race, Sophia had fallen asleep while having a rest in the middle of a mountain hike, but her teammates did not wake her up when they left. Therefore, she was left all alone in the wilderness when she later woke up. From then on, she’d immediately wake up upon hearing noises, becoming tense and alert.

Michael gazed at Sophia’s sweet expression when she was sound asleep and his eyes were filled with tenderness. He lowered his head to kiss her petite face that was slightly tanned from the sun.

The military training had lasted for a month, so it meant that she suffered for the entire duration. She appeared to be thinner and malnourished; even her tiny face seemed tanned and sunburned with her skin looking dehydrated as well.

On the other hand, Harry felt as if his body was glowing again. He was able to tell that Michael was truly in love with the young lady. I have truly arrived late this time. Since she is Michael’s wife, I will help to protect her.

Joel seems to have his eyes set on Sophia. He has plenty of opportunities if he wants to make a move in the future. Hence, I’ll have to keep a close eye on Sophia. However, I can’t stop them at all if she wants to be with him.

Michael is finally putting himself out there again. I can’t possibly allow someone else to destroy that!

The car arrived at Audistin, but it seemed that either Sophia pretended to continue being asleep or that she was extremely comfortable leaning against Michael. Nevertheless, she did not wake up from her sleep and he carried her into the room instead.

Once she got into bed, she turned to her side and fell asleep straight away.

He knew that she was bushed and did not disturb her. He started to work, but tried to do so quietly, as if afraid that the sound of flipping the script might wake her up.

She woke up at the crack of dawn the next day and removed her military outfit once she was out of bed. I don’t think I’ll have the chance to wear this in the future. Despite that, I’d like to treasure it and keep it safely.

Sophia had her breakfast in Audistin that morning and started to get ready to return to Bayside City. Michael, on the other hand, woke up earlier in the morning to apply his makeup before heading off to work. He was so busy the whole day that he didn’t have the time to send her off to the airport. Coincidentally, it was the weekend when she returned home, so she slept at home for most of the day in comfort and didn’t wake up until it was time for dinner. After having her dinner, she prepared to log into the game to check things out.

Nathan started to panic beside her.

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