My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1209

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1209

Sandra was glowing with confidence that day although she hadn’t been swimming for ages. She didn’t have much time to train before the competition, but she appeared to be in tip-top condition regardless. The commentator often mentioned Sandra during the event. “The women’s 200-meter freestyle match is about to begin, everyone!

You guys can now see contestant number 8, Sandra, securing her lead at the very start of the match! She’s in first place once again! She’s the world champion indeed! Miss Sandra’s current score for today is the same as her previous record from a few years ago. I wonder if she will be able to break the world record that she has maintained for all these years! We’ll have to wait and see!”

Sandra outshone the rest of the swimmers in the crystal-clear pool; she extended her limbs like a beautiful mermaid in the water. Her figure was lean and proportionate, her muscles clear and defined after years of exercise. Everyone was excited and in awe to catch a glimpse of her every time her head surfaced above the water. Right then, the crowd felt like they had been brought back in time to the Universal Games that was aired globally all those years ago. That girl was as beautiful as a water lily whenever she emerged from the water. Her pretty features and strong skills took the world by surprise. Back then, she was still known as Sandra Oak.

But now, it was Sandra Mitchell’s eye-catching performance that was broadcasted across the country, and it received huge feedback from the entire nation. She’s the world champion indeed! She’s as perfect as a mermaid princess! At the peak of Sandra’s career, she had left the field of sports and used her role as the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family to enter the business world. Everyone was shocked to see how skillful she was now that she reappeared after years of being away from the pool.

Alex, who was watching it live in the stadium, was more surprised than everyone else. My daughter’s really full of surprises! Mitchell’s Technology is never going to collapse with her around! The crowd was extremely excited as they all chanted Sandra’s name. She was clearly in the lead with her scores; the rest of the new swimmers couldn’t put up a fight against her as they were merely background objects that made her stand out even more. Sandra was the greatest winner of the day!

In the end, she managed to break her own world record that she had held for the past few years, just by a few milliseconds. The entire nation rejoiced at that very moment. Our world champion, Sandra, is back! She’s definitely going to bring back some medals in the swimming category for the next Universal Games! Once the competition was over, the live audience was heated up as they all stood up to cheer for Sandra. Right then, it felt like the entire nation of Cethos was cheering for her. All the news articles about her were filled with nothing but positive comments. Sophia was the only one who remained calm and collected; she merely clapped her hands a few times after the results were announced. Apart from that, she simply watched Sandra’s performance emotionlessly.

When the medals were handed out, Sandra no longer sobbed and thanked her family like she did a few years ago. With the trophy in her hands, she now gave off an elegant and classy aura. “I’m thankful that I haven’t given up after all these years. I would also like to thank my family members, my supporters, and all the people who have hurt me. I will continue to fulfill my mission on this battlefield!”

Upon her mention of people who have hurt her, everyone naturally turned toward Sophia. Both of the girls were known as the young ladies from the Mitchell Family, and they were known to have conflicts with one another. There were rumors about Sophia playing Judas and backstabbing Sandra just to secure her own spot in the Mitchell Family. Sophia’s even dressed in a fur coat for this competition! That disgusting, wicked and heartless nouveau-riche!

Meanwhile, Sandra—the largest winner of the day—felt like she was back on the peak of the mountain once again. She was certain that she would be able to lead the Mitchell Family back to their days of glory. Sophia? She’s no match for me! After receiving her trophies, Sandra found herself surrounded by reporters. She gracefully did her interviews with a towel draped over her body.

Since the competition had ended, Sophia stood up and got ready to leave. All of a sudden, she heard Sandra calling for her. “Hey, Big Sis, are you leaving already? Come here! It’s my big day; don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Sophia had already put her big sunglasses on, and Justin had already snatched her fur coat away from Quinton before handing it over for her to put on. Upon hearing Sandra’s words, Sophia simply pushed her sunglasses up on the bridge of her nose before she walked away without even looking at Sandra. Sandra’s clearly older than me; how can she shamelessly call me her big sister… Sophia then glanced at her watch. “It’s about time,” she mumbled.

Sandra felt extremely good to see Sophia ‘gloomily’ leaving the stadium. From today onward, the Mitchell Family is going to grow and flourish once again! Sandra continued to respond to the reporters, and she even faked a comment about Sophia. “That woman’s always like that—” But before she could finish her sentence, her expression quickly faltered as the muscles around her face began to twitch in an odd manner. She then collapsed onto the ground as her entire body jerked. Foaming at her mouth, she flailed her arms around weakly, looking as if she just had an epileptic seizure.

This sudden episode left the audience dumbfounded, but the media outlets and reporters were quick. Snap! Snap! They took shots of Sandra’s every move and expression. By the time the Mitchells’ bodyguards arrived to carry Sandra away, there were already countless images of her foaming at the mouth on the Internet.

The edge of Sophia’s lips curled into a mysterious smile when she heard the huge commotion happening behind her. You have to pay for your own sins, Sandra. You should’ve been more careful with your use of stimulants. The reporters outside were shoving one another to get into the stadium once they heard that Sandra had a seizure. They were all rushing to get pictures for their ‘breaking news’ article, while Sophia was the only one who went against the flow of the crowd as she stepped out of the stadium.

The reporters who had initially blocked the front door to wait for Sophia’s exit had now rushed into the stadium, but there were a few media outlets who stayed outside for Sophia as they knew that they wouldn’t be able to get an interview on the situation inside the stadium. Sandra clearly hadn’t expected that the media outlets she had paid to attend would end up being the ones that revealed the ugliest side of her.

Sophia found herself stopped by reporters when she walked out. They wanted to interview her, and the environmental and animal activists still got in her way. The skinny guy with glasses from earlier appeared once again as he shouted, “You’re an evil woman, Sophia. You’re going to be responsible for the extinction of our animals. One day, you’re going to have to pay for your actions. All of mankind is going to have to pay for their actions. Stop using fur! Get everyone to use artificial fur instead! Animals won’t be killed if no one wants to buy them!”

Since Sophia was in a good mood, she finally decided to respond to the man. “Sir, you’re wearing clothes made of fiber and shoes made of faux leather; the manufacturing of these products causes great pollution to our water. Residents have to live miles away from these factories because of the pollution! Before you talk about the environment, why don’t you take off all your clothes since they cause such heavy pollution?”

The man in glasses glared at Sophia as he went speechless for a second. He unconsciously took a glance at his shoes and clothes. “Have you ever calculated the amount of pollution caused by the manufacturing of artificial fur that you people always advocate for? My natural fur is biodegradable; its materials are all from the minks that we breed; the factory is a legal business that obtained its license through proper procedures.

Everyone is welcome to visit the factory if you have any questions. Also, my husband, Taylor, is a huge contributor to the protection work of giant pandas, Tibetan antelopes, and other animals that are about to go extinct. You’re not allowed to say anything bad about my husband.” Her last sentence was a statement that an obsessed fan would say about their idol.

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