My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1207

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1207

Sophia could understand the situation that Harry was in. For the past two years, both Harry and Michael had begun to shift their focus toward their own personal businesses. Michael was slowly starting to disappear from the spotlight, and he was extremely picky about the movies that he agreed to film. He’d never say yes to some weird films just for the sake of earning some quick money. Harry, in comparison, was losing himself and agreeing to every single job!

However, it was also true that those rubbish films didn’t require much effort. Harry didn’t even have to work on his expressions throughout the films; any extra effort would go to waste. He didn’t have to read or memorize his scripts, and he could just show up at the filming set every now and then when he was needed. He could finish filming a whole series just with a single expression on his face, and he’d still get his pay in the millions. It was really as if money were falling out of the sky, so it made sense that he’d take it.

But what is it with all the series that he has been filming recently?! It’s fine if he lets go of himself and loses his integrity, but he has to think about our feelings too! Every time Harry appeared in some weird film, Sarah would invite me to the movies not once, not twice, but thrice! She’d even invite everyone over to watch it at home after it was no longer screened in the cinemas. And she would never take ‘no’ for an answer! Those are clearly terrible films, but she would think of any one of them as the most amazing film simply because her husband’s in it. The distorted lenses through which a fan sees her idol is truly thicker than a concrete wall!

Sophia had considered giving her a reminder for a while now; she wanted to remind Sarah that this wasn’t what an Academy Award-winning actor should be doing. Normally, the popular artists who gained fame after acting in those idiotic web series would clamber and claw their way up into the making appearances in proper movies. Harry, on the other hand, was doing the complete opposite! As his wife, Sarah didn’t stop him from doing this; she even supported him instead! Sophia wanted to say something about it, but she was afraid that her cherished friendship with Sarah would turn sour over a man, so she didn’t do anything.

Harry mainly focused on appearing in the film adaptations of the most popular novels, and his handsome looks made him well-suited to be the main character of these films. A good number of fans of the novels had also turned into fans of his. Although the quality of the film adaptations was so low that they hurt his heart and chased his older fans away, he still had a lot of new, crazy fans that were willing to spend on him. The films that only had a total investment of 80 million still managed to get a profit, and some films even broke the records to become the most-viewed web series. There was therefore an increase in the number of invites for him.

His fans were extremely aggressive. Anyone who dared to post a negative comment about Harry would soon find themselves being hunted down as Harry’s fans would find their IDs and crush their reputation. His fans were known to be the most powerful cult among the four evil cults in the entertainment industry, and no other fans dared to mess with them. It was also one of the reasons that Sophia had kept quiet for so long. She was therefore overjoyed to watch Michael slapping Harry on the face! He can’t blame others for smacking him on the face if he’s embarrassing himself out there anyway!

Eventually, Harry managed to escape, leaving nothing but his footprints and a few rose petals in the snow. “I’m going to let the dogs out to attack you if you come here again!” Michael growled while Sophia nodded in agreement. As they watched Harry running off frantically, Michael couldn’t help but let out a sigh. It must be hard to pretend to be young and go against all the fresh-faced 20-year-olds in the industry when he’s already so old! Michael turned back and glanced at his own dear wife before realizing how lovable she seemed then. At least Sophia doesn’t force me to film some weird movies. I’d end up in the same position as Harry otherwise.

After the effortful encounter with Michael, Harry managed to steal 3 roses home. He wrapped the flowers up nicely, sprayed some perfume, and sprinkled gold powder on the petals before he hid the large diamond ring in the flowers. The diamond was the size of a pigeon’s egg. It was Harry and Sarah’s wedding anniversary that day. After he got the roses, Harry ordered the babysitter to dress 3 of his children up as he decorated the living room. He was prepared to give Sarah the surprise of her lifetime when she came back.

Sarah had been occupied with her own work recently. While Sophia was busy with her own business in the field of luxury items, Sarah insisted on doing something herself as well, so she started the ‘Little Kitten’s Cultural Channel’. Harry had no idea what her company did, and he wasn’t interested in finding out as it probably had to do with things that he didn’t want to know. It was the weekend, but Sarah had some business to deal with, so she rushed out in the morning. Harry cuddled with his babies as they watched the TV and waited for Sarah to return.

They had 3 babies now; 2 big-built sons and Poppy, the adorable daughter that they had adopted from Sophia. As Harry flicked through the channels, he accidentally turned on one of the terrible ‘blockbuster films’ that he had appeared in. The expressions on all four of them quickly changed as they all gasped in horror. Harry immediately switched the channel as he felt all his hair stand on end. Oh, my God. This feels like me sticking my head into the toilet bowl to stare at my shit after I’m done doing my business. I’m disgusted, shocked and utterly speechless… Harry thought.

Back in Villa No. 8, Sophia was anxiously waiting for Cooper’s return. She felt conflicted—she wanted Cooper and Anna’s relationship to go somewhere, but she was also afraid that Anna would hurt him. However, she was also afraid that he would end up getting married to The Countess, or that he would end up all by himself. Her mind was a mess from all her conflicting thoughts. Sophia stood by the side of the road as she waited for her father. Right then, Sarah’s car passed by and slowed down once she saw Sophia.

Sarah wound down her glass window before she excitedly greeted Sophia. “Sofie, I have huge news to tell you!” Sophia edged closer to the car curiously. “That novel, ‘The Memoir of a Tomb Raider’ that we went crazy over during high school, is finally going to be made into a movie! Ah! I’d been waiting for years, and the day has finally come!” Sarah cried excitedly.

Sophia had a bad feeling when Sarah continued the rest of her sentence. “Well, guess who’s going to be the lead male actor for the role of Hanson Raider in the movie? You’d never be able to guess who it is!”

Sophia could imagine what her soul would do right then. It would take a few steps back before waving its hands frantically while shouting, “No, no, no! I don’t want to know! Don’t tell me! Don’t invite me to watch it either!” Before Sophia could actually respond, Sarah replied to her own question. “That’s right! It’s our very own Lord Winston!”

Of course it is… Sophia thought.

“I don’t think anyone else on earth would be more suited for the role of Hanson Raider! Harry is the most perfect person to take this role. He’s just like Hanson in the story; Harry looks exactly like how I would imagine Hanson to look like! This film is going to be so famous. Look, I just signed an agreement with the production team. I went out today just to get this done!” Sarah looked as if she was drunk on love as she continued to ramble.

Sophia kept silent.

“The production crew got a special effects team all the way from Hollywood! The total budget for this grand production is 1 billion, and I managed to ask for 90 million as Harry’s pay!” Sarah continued. Sophia didn’t know what to say. Eventually, Sarah headed home with the contract to tell her husband about this amazing surprise that she had for him.

Michael, who had been listening to their conversation from afar, simply took a long, deep breath. She really shouldn’t do this to an Academy Award-winning actor! I feel nervous for my good old partner.

Soon enough, Cooper returned to the house with his usual emotionless expression on; no one could ever tell if he was happy or sad. “Daddy! How was it?” Sophia asked as she ran over to greet him excitedly. Cooper glanced at Sophia’s face. Her petite face was turning red from the cold, and her features resembled that of someone he used to know. The realization of it made his heart ache, and he felt like his entire being was falling into an endless hole of despair. “It was fine. Let’s go inside.” His voice didn’t reveal the slightest hint of any emotions. He then simply stepped into the house and went up to his room after he replied to his daughter.

Carmen was just behind the old man, and she pranced around excitedly as she got home. “What did Grandpa do earlier?” Sophia quickly asked.

“Miss Beautiful fell sick, so Grandpa brought some flowers over to visit her. They’re getting along well!” Carmen replied.

Getting along well… But what does that mean? Sophia wondered.

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