My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1205

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1205

A loud sigh came from behind Sophia as Linus patted her shoulder before resting his arm on it. “Dad still can’t forget about her,” he stated. He saw the video himself, and he knew how cruel fate had been toward their mother. Her memories had been stolen from her.

Sophia glanced toward the direction where Cooper had walked off and zoned out for a while before she turned back to Linus. “That fiancée of Dad’s that they were talking about on the call earlier… What was that all about?” Linus maintained his neutral expression upon the mention of Cooper’s fiancée. “You know how it is. Dad’s handsome, rich, and tall; the women who are interested in him could probably form a whole line all the way from here to the Eiffel Tower. It’s pretty common for there to be a few women who are a little more aggressive.”

The siblings later walked out of Villa No. 2 and headed toward Villa No. 8 for lunch while Linus continued to talk about Cooper’s fiancée. Apparently, 20 years ago, the family head of the Michel Group found out that he was ill and realized that he didn’t have long to live. The old man then thought of his daughter, Beyoncé, who had gotten married to an Easterner and hadn’t kept in contact with him since. He ordered for someone to hunt her down, only to find out that his daughter had been dead for years. He also found out that he had a grandson, Cooper, who was practically a carbon copy of him—they shared the same skills and boldness. Back then, the Michel Group still appeared to be grand and impressive, but the old family head found out that they were deep in debt after he fell ill. The family members were all scheming against one another, and the Michel Family, which had existed for thousands of years, was at risk of falling apart. There were several other financial groups back then that were equally powerful; they could have taken over the Michel Group anytime. The old family head didn’t manage to find a suitable successor back then, as he simply couldn’t see anyone in the family having enough power to turn the tides to get them out of their predicament. His grandson, Cooper, was therefore the perfect heir. Furthermore, as a dying man himself, the old family head longed to take a look at his Easterner grandson. He therefore invited Cooper over to the Michel Group for a secret meetup.

Coincidentally, Cooper was planning to leave the Mitchell Family right then, so he agreed to abandon his identity as a part of the Mitchell Family after he found out about his mother’s family and his grandfather’s identity. Cooper then took over the role as the family head of the Michel Group and began to work there. The company was saved from its near demise after Cooper took over, and it began to reclaim its position at the peak of its field. Cooper managed to deal with all the internal affairs of the family while also saving the entire business. He ran around playing two roles back then—he had just begun to take over the Michel Group while he was also planning his great disappearance from the Mitchell Family. That was also when he found out about Linus and adopted him as a son.

Back then, the old family head was concerned as Cooper didn’t seem to have established stable foundations in both the Michel Group and Michel Family. The old man was afraid that Cooper wouldn’t be able to go against all the greedy, ferocious enemies that were fighting for his spot once the old man passed away. The old man decided that Cooper needed a stronger support system, so he found him a fiancée with great talent and an impressive background to help support him.

Cooper didn’t actually need anyone’s support, but the old man’s judgements were a little off since he was on his deathbed. He claimed that he wouldn’t be able to die in peace if he didn’t get to see Cooper getting married, so Cooper made an agreement with the fiancée that the old man had chosen. They agreed to put on a show in front of the old man, just so that he could die in peace. The woman agreed to it, so they ended up faking their engagement in front of the old man’s sickbed. The old man died with a smile on his face after they exchanged their wedding rings.

After that, Cooper thought everything was over as he had clearly stated that he wasn’t interested in getting married to his ‘fiancée’. Unfortunately, the woman fell in love with him and continued to pester him after their fake marriage. This went on for the past 20 years—the woman waited for Cooper from her early adulthood all the way until she was past 40.

“How loyal of her.” Sophia hesitated and let out a sigh after listening to the story. Quinton, who had been playing his handphone on the couch, perked up his ears when he heard Linus talking about Cooper’s fiancée. Sophia thought about it for a while more. Well, I guess Anna and Cooper no longer have a chance with one another. That fiancée of his has already waited for 20 years; I guess it’d be worth a try if she is truly a decent woman.

When Sophia expressed her views, Linus simply sniggered in response. “That woman is a crazy person who doesn’t care about anything else. She doesn’t truly love Daddy; she’s just fixated on him because she can’t get him. If she weren’t afraid of our father’s status and position in society, she might just kidnap him and force him to get married to her.” Linus then threw Quinton a glance. “That woman’s the same type of person as the man who’s playing with his phone on the couch now,” he muttered.

Quinton stared at him speechlessly. Sophia couldn’t properly picture how crazy the woman was at first, but when Linus made the comparison with Quinton, Sophia felt her skin crawling with goosebumps simply at the thought of it. “Eeeek!” That’s how abnormal and crazy she is?! “What’s her name? Where’s she from?” Sophia asked.

“She got married once in the past, but her husband then passed away. Her ex-husband was a count, so she’s commonly known as ‘The Countess’. She’s a bigshot in the field of insurance and has some relations to the Western armies,” Linus replied.

Thunk! Quinton was so shocked that he dropped his phone on his face. He didn’t even cry out in pain; he was too surprised to do anything else. The Countess! Sophia had been learning more about the circles of Western aristocrats, and she had heard of this woman as well. That woman is Cooper’s fiancée?!

Meanwhile, Carmen was drinking some milk during her break; she had just completed the first half of her singing performance. She sucked on her milk while having a chat with Anna on the bed. “Grandpa said that being a performer isn’t a proper job for me. Daddy promised Grandpa that I’ll have to take over the family business if I don’t show any career success in this field.” Carmen was sharing her own life plans and struggles with Anna.

Anna felt a lot better after listening to Carmen’s voice. The young girl had a beautiful voice that sounded like larks chirping by her ears. It was magical—all of Anna’s pain and worries evaporated into thin air after listening to Carmen’s voice.

“Well, what do you want to do, Carmen?” Anna asked cheerily. The older woman was genuinely envious of the young girl. Carmen is loved, and she isn’t pressured to do anything that she doesn’t want to do. She could sing if she wanted to, and she could run a business if she wanted to. Although most people might think that taking over the family business is a better option, you can also earn huge sums of money as a performer!

Carmen gave Anna’s question some serious thought. “I want to sing, act, and earn money, all at the same time!”

Anna stroked the young girl’s hair lovingly upon that. “You should do whatever you enjoy the most, darling. Your future depends on the hard work you put in now. I’ll support you no matter what you pick!” she uttered gently. Carmen nodded firmly in response to this.

She’s really a flawless little angel! Anna thought as she glanced at the young girl. Right then, the maid placed the fresh roses that Carmen had brought into the vase, and the petals fluttered in front of Anna’s eyes. “Grandpa picked these up specially for you, Miss Beautiful! I saw him picking them out with my own eyes! We have more roses that are blooming in the greenhouse. You can tell me if you like them, then I’ll get my Grandpa to send some over every day!” Carmen said sweetly. Anna was aware that the roses weren’t from Cooper, but she felt happier whenever she imagined that he was actually the one gifting them to her.

Someone knocked on the door right then. Cade was the closest to the door, and he glanced at the surveillance cameras to see Cooper standing outside. What?

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