My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1199

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1199

Alex felt a boost in his energy once he saw an increasing amount of his supporters swarming in. Now that he had leverage over Cooper, he felt an unlimited amount of confidence within him and called the latter out the moment he saw Cooper walking toward them. “You’re finally here, Cooper!”

However, Cooper barely noticed Alex’s presence as he walked straight toward Sophia. “Daddy!” Sophia was both surprised and glad to see Cooper. “Why did you come back?”

Cooper’s gaze was fixed upon Sophia’s clothes as he walked toward her and tugged lightly at her leopard-print jacket. “Are you cold? Do you need another jacket?” he asked. Someone from the Mitchell Family had uploaded a livestream of the incident, and those who weren’t able to be physically there could watch it online. Cooper saw his little sweetheart getting out of a helicopter in the cold weather, and he was worried that she would freeze to death in her clothes.

His words gave Sophia a warm, fuzzy feeling. “I’m fine. My clothes are thick,” she replied. Once Cooper was certain that his precious baby wasn’t too cold, he patted her on the shoulder. “Go and wait in the car. I’ll come join you in a bit,” he said. With a swift gesture, Cooper then turned and headed toward Woody’s grave. Both him and Linus began paying their respects to Woody.

However, Sophia didn’t leave just yet. She wanted to watch Cooper reclaim his role as the family head of the Mitchell Family. On the other hand, Michael led Sophia aside. Cooper was supposed to be the one handling this issue today, and Michael was freezing—all he wanted to do was go home.

Meanwhile, Alex wore a pleased expression on his face as he watched Cooper and Linus paying their respects. “You’re finally here, Cooper! You’ve been hiding in your shell for 20 years now! Now that you’re here, I believe you owe the rest of the Mitchell Family members an explanation for what you’ve done! You should explain where you’ve been for the past 20 years in front of our ancestors! Where were you when your father developed Alzheimer’s disease because of your disappearance? Where were you when your father was bedridden with his illness?” Alex sent a stream of questions directly into Cooper’s face, but the latter maintained his solemn expression; Cooper and Linus continued to bow and showed their respects to Woody and Beyoncé’s gravestones.

Woody’s wife, Beyoncé, had her gravestone placed right next to Woody’s. She was the youngest daughter of the Michel Group’s family head, but she had changed her surname after getting married to Woody. There was no picture of her on the tombstone; only her married name was carved on it.

“Cooper, you must be keeping quiet because you have something to hide, huh? Haha! How can a cowardly scoundrel like you ever become the family head of the Mitchell Family?” Alex’s men continued to chant, stirring up a ruckus. Their voices were louder amidst the silence of the mountains, and everyone could hear their cries. “Cooper is a traitor!”

However, Cooper continued to keep his mouth shut. He kneeled down in front of Woody’s grave quietly, only standing up after the last piece of joss paper was completely burned. He then gave Woody’s tombstone a long, deep stare before he turned around and walked down the hill from the ancestral grave. Shortly after, he came to a halt in front of all the members of the Mitchell Family. There was a huge crowd that day; about 8,000 to 10,000 pairs of eyes stared at Cooper and Linus as they waited for him to provide an explanation. Alex, on the other hand, was beaming with joy as he felt like he had already achieved victory. After today, Cooper will definitely be known as the most unfaithful and ungrateful child after today! I’ll force him to kneel in front of the ancestral grave later—that way, he can ask for forgiveness from our ancestors! I’ll make him utterly embarrassed by forcing him to confess all of his sins!

“Hahaha! I bet you’re speechless now, Cooper! You’re just a coward and a traitor,” Alex shouted. To his surprise, Cooper took the microphone from Michael before he began to address the crowd. “Dear members of the Mitchell Family, I, Cooper Mitchell, have a few things to say today.”

Alex quickly interrupted him. “Stop trying to find excuses for yourself, Cooper. Just admit it…”

“I am indeed at fault,” Cooper uttered. The crowd exclaimed in shock as they hadn’t expected him to be so straightforward. He was very forthcoming about it, which was a rare sight in well-known individuals like him—even Alex found himself dumbstruck by Cooper’s words. This is an insufferably arrogant man who has always placed himself above everyone throughout his entire life. Why is he admitting his faults so easily?

“I once felt a great deal of resentment toward the family that nurtured and brought me up. I hate that this family snatched my lover away from me; I hate that it forced me apart from my own beloved children; I hate that it tortured my lover and caused my children to suffer from a young age,” Cooper said as he glanced at his own children, his gaze filled with nothing but warmth. However, his voice was stern and firm as he continued speaking. “I never attempted to deny my faults. I made a mistake because I was too young and immature back then. I feel extremely apologetic toward my father and my family. I, Cooper Mitchell, would like to ask my ancestors for forgiveness. I hope that my wise ancestors can give me—their disgraceful grandchild—an opportunity to right my wrongs.”

The crowd fell silent after his speech. Both supporters of Alex and Cooper were equally dumbfounded. This influential man was just chit-chatting with the foreign presidents and politicians yesterday; how can he just openly admit his faults in public now? Doesn’t he feel burdened by his role as a famous man? Everyone didn’t know what to say at that point. Cooper had admitted his mistakes in such a quick and simple way; Alex didn’t even have the time to construct a sentence to attack Cooper in return.

“Now, I’ve returned to compensate for all the mistakes that I made when I was younger. I’d also like to make it up…” Cooper turned and took a long glance at Woody’s grave. “I’d like to make it up to my father and my children.” The weather was brutally cold; although Cooper didn’t mind catching a cold himself, he surely couldn’t have his little sweetheart falling ill in this weather. Sophia’s face is turning red because of the cold! My heart hurts just seeing it. Therefore, he made his speech short. “I hereby announce my official acceptance of the role as the Mitchell Family’s family head. Those who are willing to walk by my side as we lead the Mitchell Group toward glory and success once again can now leave with me!”

With that said, Cooper hastily left the crowd with Sophia and Linus following behind him. Once he left, Sean, Justin, Derek, Vincent, Dimon, Drake and the rest of the men quickly tagged along behind him. A large crowd followed them unhesitatingly. Right then, everyone could clearly tell who the winner was between Alex and Cooper. There were a few members who hesitated for a while, but they finally went along with Cooper.

A large group of people strode off behind Cooper, and some of the supporters who were initially on Alex’s side even sneaked off quietly once they saw that the bigger party had left; they quickly tore off the emblem identifying themselves as Alex’s supporters. Once again, Alex was left dumbfounded as he watched his supporters leaving his side. He couldn’t help but cry out loud when he saw that his number of men were decreasing. “You guys need to come back now! All of you are traitors! Traitors!”

Similarly, Sandra was losing her mind. If Cooper is now the official family head of the Mitchell Family and Alex is no longer in power, what does that make me now? She had just been officially removed from the Mitchell Family! How is this even possible? I was the one who saved this entire family when Natasha ruined the Mitchell Family’s reputation. I was the one who worked so hard to rebuild a healthy image for the Mitchells just so that they could uphold their reputation. My very existence is the reason why the Mitchell Group’s shares went up in price. I am the actual hero of the Mitchell Family. I should be the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family! She simply couldn’t allow Cooper to leave just like that.

Right then, Sandra was struck by a sudden flash of inspiration as she recalled something. She immediately charged forward to snatch the microphone into her own hands and broadcasted her voice to all of the Mitchell Family members present that day. “Cooper, your only son is a disgusting, gay man. How can you be the head of the family when you’re going to die without any descendants?!”

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