My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1198

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1198

Alex was the one who caused Cooper’s accident all those years ago? The crowd’s reaction was huge when they heard this shocking news, and they all turned toward Alex immediately. Cooper was known to have passed away due to a car accident back then, but they never found his dead body. After his death, Woody was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and the role of the family head fell upon Alex. Alex had allegedly confiscated all of Cooper and Woody’s personal funds and properties back then, but no one could truly tell if he had actually taken it for his own personal use. In hindsight, it made total sense for Alex to be the culprit in Cooper’s accident! After all, he got the most benefit out of it! Although Cooper hadn’t actually died back then, Alex had to be punished for attempting to harm him.

However, Alex appeared to be calm and composed in the face of Sophia’s accusations. “Slander! You’re just giving me a bad name here! Do you have any proof of it? Any witnesses or physical evidence? Even your father wouldn’t dare to accuse me of harming him. This is considered defamation if you don’t have any proof. I want to sue you for this!”

Sophia let out a long sigh through her nostrils before she smiled faintly. She hadn’t planned on looking any further into this issue; she simply wanted to inform the Mitchells of what had happened in the past. It had been 20 years since the accident, and it was a little too late to do anything about it. The court probably wouldn’t hear the case, and Cooper was still alive. However, Alex was practically asking for it right then.

“Since you’ve brought this topic up, I’d like to ask Cooper a question now that I’m standing right in front of Old Master Mitchell’s grave…” Alex pointed a finger toward Woody’s grave before he questioned Sophia in a formal tone. “Where was your father, Cooper, when Old Master Mitchell was drowning in his sorrows after his son’s death? Where was his only son, Cooper, when Old Master Mitchell suffered from Alzheimer’s disease throughout those 10 years? Where was Cooper?”

Sophia didn’t respond to this. It was true that Cooper was heartless in the past; he certainly knew about Woody’s Alzheimer’s disease, but he still managed to stay away from home for a whopping 20 years. 20 long years… The amount of love Cooper had for Annabel was equivalent to the amount of hatred he had for the Mitchell family.

Once Alex saw that Sophia had no response to his words, he was certain that she felt guilty; he had once again reclaimed his higher moral ground. “That year, Cooper intentionally staged an accident to escape from the Mitchell Family. He betrayed his biological parents and the family that nurtured him. Instead, he chose to start anew in a different place—that’s an extremely irresponsible act to perform as the family head. He just left as he wished! He’s the largest traitor in the Mitchell Family! I’d like to ask Cooper if he has the guts to visit our ancestral grave and tell our ancestors about how he developed his plan to leave the Mitchells in the past! He’d never dare to do that! Never! That’s because he knows that he’s a traitor himself! He’s probably hiding in a corner somewhere now; the most he’d dare to do is to send his illegitimate daughter over to confuse us with her words! You should step forward if you think you’re that great, Cooper! If you really think you’re guilty, you should stand in front of our ancestors and explain yourself clearly!”

Sophia couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes in response to Alex’s words. The man was brave enough to cause a ruckus that day only because he knew both Cooper and Linus were in a meeting overseas. Would he have dared to come over and dig Woody’s grave if Cooper was in Bayside City today? Sophia no longer wished to waste her time talking to Alex. She was certain that the other members of the Mitchell Family could see what Alex had really done for them in the past 20 years. “Drag him out. I’ll be taking over my father’s role as the family head for today, and I will remove all of your names from the Mitchell Family. You will not live to see your name in our genealogy record book, and you will not find your dead body in our ancestral grave!” Sophia sent her orders out immediately.

However, Alex wasn’t about to give up just yet. He thrashed around as he shouted at the top of his lungs and bellowed, “Get out here, Cooper! You should fight me directly if you have the guts! You should step forward and admit your sins in front of our ancestors if you’re really that great! You don’t have the b*lls to do that because you’re a coward! You traitor! You coward! It’s a shame that you’re the family head of the Mitchell Family!”

Although most of the people agreed that Cooper was much more capable than Alex and felt sorry for his entire family, it was still a fact that he had faked his death for 20 years without showing up even when his father had Alzheimer’s disease. He should’ve visited or sent a message at the very least. However, Cooper didn’t appear at all. That guy is really a heartless man… Alex still shouted and flailed his arms around with all his might. “Get out here, Cooper! Come out! Are you too afraid to explain yourself to your ancestors?! Cooper! You traitor! You coward!”

It had been a while since everyone found out about Alex’s plan to move the ancestral grave that day, and many of the Mitchell Family members had rushed over. Most of those in Bayside City were present, and some members from the nearby towns had just arrived as well. Planes and cars continued to enter the area, and all the aircraft ramps and parking lots were fully packed. This was the first time Sophia had seen so many of the Mitchell Family members. They were an extremely diversified group of people; black, white, yellow, brown and mixed individuals were all present. Arriving in planes, luxurious cars, and bikes, these people were celebrities, politicians, businessmen, regular workers, and farmers… There were people of all social classes in the crowd. The entire piece of land across the mountains was filled with people, and more of Alex’s supporters came over to protest. They insisted for Cooper to appear and explain himself, claiming that he would have to be present if they were to host a public vote to choose their family head. Many of the audience arrived to watch the scene of Alex and his supporters shouting and screaming; those who missed the first half of the incident were therefore more inclined toward Alex’s views.

“Hahaha, Cooper! You’re too afraid to come out! You’re the largest traitor of the Mitchell Family!” Alex burst into laughter as he was increasingly certain that Cooper was not going to show up. He didn’t pay any attention to most of the younger generations of the family, and he thought the illegitimate daughter, Sophia, was the most worthless one among them all; he wanted to crush her like an ant between his fingertips. “Come out and admit your sins, Cooper! Come out and explain yourself, Cooper!” Alex gestured for his supporters to chant along with him.

Meanwhile, Sophia wasn’t the slightest bit bothered by Alex’s acts as she knew that he didn’t stand a chance with his pathetic acts. He’d need to create more sparks if he wished to publicly punish Cooper. To everyone’s surprise, their ‘wish’ for Cooper’s appearance came true right then. A shining, gold helicopter landed on the helipad. Soon enough, the crowd parted aside to form a single passageway for a group of people that were walking toward them. Naturally, at the front of the group was Cooper. Linus followed behind him with a stern look on his face.

Cooper was dressed in a formal suit, and he looked as if he had just gotten out of his business meeting. He had the aura of a high-achieving intellectual, and his cold, mature demeanor shushed the crowd immediately. Everyone felt as if they had to hold their breaths when they saw him. Perhaps this is what it feels like to be visited by the king, they thought to themselves.

“Cooper’s here!” someone shouted.

“Is that his son, Linus, beside him?” another one asked.

“I saw him 20 years ago. He still looks so young after 20 years; it’s almost as if he hadn’t aged at all!” Most of the people in the crowd last saw Cooper 20 years ago, and they finally got to catch a glimpse of the legendary, powerful man himself that day. They all shoved one another to get a better view of the man, and their breaths slowed down as they watched him walk past them.

The aggressive group of people—Alex included—who had been calling for Cooper to show up were now dumbstruck. Wasn’t he supposed to be attending the Global Energy Summit in another country? He was supposed to be there with other presidents; how did he just leave and come back here? Alex only got the idea to make a move on the ancestral grave because he knew that Cooper had left the country. He hadn’t expected Cooper to return! All of Alex’s supporters fell silent under the influence of Cooper’s powerful aura.

Although Alex lost his courage for a moment, he then recalled how he had successfully defeated Cooper 20 years ago. He felt his insides inflating with confidence. I can successfully kick Cooper out right now too! The Mitchell Family is no longer the same group of people that was present during Cooper’s generation. I’ve put in so much effort into it for the past 20 years, and I have a firm base now. Cooper has only been back for such a short while! He won’t be able to rattle my sturdy foundation!

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