My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1197

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1197

Everyone in the crowd fell silent as they shifted their focus onto Sophia after Sandra finally finished rambling. Although Sophia’s old scars and wounds had just been dug out, she didn’t feel any sadness or anger in her. She simply lamented the fact that she used to have such a tough and bitter life, having been criticized so badly in the past. After Sandra finished speaking, Sophia gently lifted her microphone up and glanced at the crowd before her. “Well? Does it sound like I had a really tough and hard life as a child?” she asked in a light-hearted tone.

The crowd fell silent. The story of her being molested was a huge issue in the past, but the Harpers later admitted that the story of her getting an abortion in high school was a rumor they had created. They compensated her for it, but still, there was no denying that the girl who stood in front of the crowd right then had gone through a lot of struggles. Sophia glanced at the silent crowd before she continued her speech slowly. “The Mitchell Family gave me all of this…” Her voice was filled with grief and a hint of distaste. “That’s right. My mother was a waitress. She was born into a poor family and didn’t have any academic qualifications.

She was a nobody in comparison to my father, but the love they had for each other was abstract and inexplicable; she was the one that my father chose to fall for in the end. Although they got together at a young age, their love had always burned with passion. My father has loved my mother for his entire life, and it hasn’t changed in the past 30 years. He’s still deeply in love with her now! For the sake of my mother, my father has chosen to remain a widower throughout all these years.

How many of you here can do that?” Sophia sighed gently before she said, “Because of the differences in their status, the Mitchell Family was against my father and mother’s relationship. Some of you here might have witnessed this with your own eyes. I’m not here to blame anyone for anything, but I would just like to ask for those witnesses to step forward. I’d like you guys to tell the rest of the family what the Mitchells did to my parents in the past!”

The crowd fell silent. Some of the people seemed at an utter loss; some began to turn left and right to whisper to others, while some lowered their heads in shame. The Mitchell Family agreed to keep the past events a secret, but those who had witnessed it would certainly know of it. Sophia knew that there were a few of them in the crowd who had even experienced it first-handedly. Meanwhile, Alex and his men were confused. They didn’t know anything that happened in the past; if they did, they would’ve used these stories to drag Cooper down.

“Don’t change the topic, Sophia!” Sandra reminded her. However, Sophia simply turned back to the crowd, her voice now chilly as she spoke. “Would you like me to say it myself, or would someone like to step forward and do it instead? My father clearly remembers everything you guys did to him in the past—he recalls each and every one of your faces and names. Just because he refuses to take revenge doesn’t mean that he’s forgotten about it! Well? You guys had the guts to do it in the past, but no guts to step forward and admit your faults now?”

Sophia’s powerful voice sent the question out to all of the Mitchells in the crowd, and it rang loud even in the ancestors’ graves. Everyone looked left and right, hoping for someone to step forward and explain what the Mitchells did to Cooper. After a while of silence, a frail, trembling hand went up as an elderly man spoke from within the crowd. “Let me talk about it…” The crowd stepped aside to reveal an old man who was supported by both his cane and his grandchildren. He slowly walked toward Sophia.

“Andrew!” Someone recognized the old man. He was one of the elders of the Mitchell Family, and he was probably more than a hundred years old then; naturally, it was shocking to see him present. Andrew lowered his face guiltily as he took the microphone over and glanced at the crowd. Several other members of the Mitchell Family were even watching this livestream from other countries. With that, he began to talk about the forbidden past of the Mitchell Family that had been concealed for 30 years.

“In the past… Cooper fell in love with a waitress. We advised them to break up, but he refused to listen to us. The council of elders took a vote and decided that we had to get rid of the woman in order to make him give up on his dreams of being with her.” The old man was honest and open about the past. After all, the woman survived and returned, so they’d only be fooling themselves if they continued to hide this secret. “Therefore… we burned Cooper’s lover into ashes right in front of his eyes,” he uttered.

The crowd exclaimed in shock. I can’t believe something like that happened in the past! How torturous it must’ve been for Cooper to witness the death of his own lover; how hateful he must have felt after not being able to see her dead body! The Mitchells are too much!

Even Alex and his men were shocked to hear this. “Hey, that’s great! Cooper, the son of a family head, was fooling around with a cheap and lowly woman. What an embarrassment to the family! It’s embarrassing to call him a member of the Mitchell Family!” Alex was furious that they had concealed this story for so long! Sophia only managed to grow up peacefully because of how well they hid this story.

Andrew lowered his head to Sophia guiltily. “It’s true that the Mitchells owe an apology to Cooper after what happened in the past. Here, I sincerely apologize to Cooper on behalf of the Mitchells… The Mitchells need him, and I hope he doesn’t leave after he returns.”

“Don’t worry, Andrew. Dad won’t leave this time,” Sophia answered the old man politely. This comforted Andrew a little, and he hobbled away with his cane. The crowd began to chatter and discuss what they just heard.

Sophia continued to speak then. “That waitress was my mother, but she didn’t die that year. Instead, Old Master Mitchell had switched someone to take my mother’s spot in the fire. He let my mother go, and that is the only reason why my brother and I exist today. During that time, my mother was already pregnant with Linus and me; she went through a lot just to give birth to us, but my brother was carried away during birth, and my mother passed away after giving birth to us. My father, Cooper, didn’t even know about our existence. Our family had been separated for more than 20 years before we finally reunited. It wasn’t an easy journey,” she said with a sigh. “The Mitchell Family owes my father too much! The Mitchells owe my brother and I an apology, but they should feel especially apologetic toward my father and mother! Yet, my father has repeatedly extended his grace to the Mitchells!”

The crowd went quiet once again as they all stared at Sophia. She was supposed to be the most precious princess of the Mitchell Family, but she ended up suffering on the streets all because of the Mitchell Family’s immoral scheme. Ultimately, she was Cooper’s daughter; she still shined as bright as a pearl even though a layer of dirt had masked her spark for a while. Her hard work paid off eventually, and she gained the opportunity to impact the world with her overflowing charms—just like what she was doing right now! Who could’ve imagined that the Mitchell Family was the one who tore Cooper’s family apart and caused so much suffering to his wife and children? Yet, he had always been thoughtful and caring toward the Mitchells. He came back to them even after leaving for 20 years.

“20 years ago, my father staged a car accident as an excuse to leave the Mitchell Family after he had everything all planned out for the family. He chose to abandon his identity as Cooper, but he eventually returned 20 years later. He wanted to bring Linus and I back to meet our ancestors, for he was still proud to be a child of the Mitchell Family. My brother and I are proud that we share that same blood as Cooper. Our whole family has a clear conscience!” As Sophia declared, the audience broke into applause.

Of course she was Cooper’s child! They were all glad to recognize Sophia as the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family only because of the amazing woman she was! No one ever brought up the story of Cooper leaving home for the past 20 years, but they hadn’t expected to hear such a heart-wrenching story behind his departure. It turned out that the powerful, godlike man had once struggled with a great deal of despair and pain. The audience’s claps drowned out all of Sandra’s curses.

Sandra was dumbstruck right then; she couldn’t believe what she saw. Why are all of them treating Sophia like a precious treasure? What gives her the right to become the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family?!

At that moment, Sophia pivoted the direction of her speech as she gave Alex a cold glare. “Well, Alex. Let’s talk about how you staged that car accident for my father now…”

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