My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1196

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1196

Alex, who had just cursed and scolded Michael’s wife moments ago, was now reluctant to say much since Michael had arrived. He quickly changed the topic and said, “Michael, the Fletchers and the Mitchells are family friends. I hope you don’t ruin the relationship between our families just for the sake of a traitor. You won’t be able to bear the consequences if you were to alter the dynamics of our families’ relationship!”

“Hah. The friendship between our families was built during Old Master Mitchell and my grandfather’s generation. Since you’re trying to dig up Old Master Mitchell’s grave now… you’re the one that’s ruining the relationship between our families!” Michael replied in an easygoing tone. Alex fell speechless.

“Alright, the weather’s pretty cold. Guards, chase these uninvited people out—we should go pay our respects now!” Michael continued to speak. Upon his orders, a bunch of men in black who worked under the Mitchell Family quickly rushed over to drag Alex and his men away. Everyone else applauded as this happened.

While Alex cursed and thrashed about as he was dragged by his shirt and thrown out, Michael turned to look at Sophia; she was all he saw at that moment. “Come on, let’s go pay our respects.” Since they were already there, they decided to pay their respects and clean up Woody’s gravestone before leaving. Sophia happily slid her hand into Michael’s before they walked over to the gravestones.

The rather unusual family meeting of the day came to an end, and Sophia finally fulfilled her long-desired wish from years ago. While she was feeling content, another determined voice sounded from the crowd right then. “No! I refuse to let this happen. Cooper is a traitor of the Mitchell Family. He has no right to be the family head of the Mitchell Family! He has no right to be in the genealogy record book and no right to be buried in the ancestral grave!”

Sophia’s footsteps came to a halt as she suddenly realized something. That’s right. Cooper has been known as a traitor for so long… Although he did betray the Mitchells, it was because they wronged him first. This isn’t over just yet!

“Hold on.” Sophia spoke in a stern voice as she asked for Alex and the rest to be brought back to her. Her impression of Alex had always been a strict and domineering elderly, but after revealing his true colors, he looked like nothing but a hideous old man filled with ill-intentions. Sophia glanced at Alex and the other elderlies behind him first; then, she turned to look at the rest of the Mitchells who were present.

This could be considered as the family’s first-ever special meeting. Although there were some members who weren’t present, all the Mitchells in Bayside City who could make it stood among the crowd. The hill around the grave was tightly packed with people—women, men, girls and boys—who all had their eyes on Cooper’s daughter. Coincidentally, she was also the female family head and the first Young Lady of the Mitchell Family.

Right then, Sophia looked over at Michael. His head was lowered, but he gave her a supportive glance before he whispered to her and said, “Let’s reveal everything that should be revealed now.” She nodded before turning back to the crowd and the bunch of people who were strongly against Cooper.

Alex thought that he had successfully brought up some old wounds between Sophia and Cooper, and he assumed this meant victory for him. “Cooper’s a traitor of the Mitchell Family; everyone knows that! We’ve seen it with our own eyes. He has no right to be the family head of the Mitchells! He’s our largest traitor! Traitor!” he shouted toward the crowd.

His words got Sandra all hyped up to speak. “You should tell us about your background, Sophia. Tell everyone who you—the mighty and elegant lady of the Mitchell Family—actually are!” She’s an illegitimate daughter; her very identity is a sob story! Sandra felt better about herself just then. After all, regardless of how great Sophia was, she was still an illegitimate daughter and nothing more than that! Cooper had never once changed her name because she was a filthy, illegitimate daughter!

The crowd turned their gaze over to Sophia as they waited for her response. They were all curious. What happened in the past? Why did Cooper come back alive after years of his ‘death’? Where did he go all these years? Is he really a traitor of the Mitchell Family?

Sophia never intended on concealing this part of their history; she never felt the need to hide her own past. Before she began to speak, Michael brought her a glass of warm water and a microphone. “Here, here. Use this—don’t hurt your throat,” he said. There were too many people in the crowd, and it’d be hard for her to get everyone to hear her clearly; her throat was already burning from the few sentences she had said earlier. After sipping on some water, she picked the microphone up and readied herself to explain everything to the Mitchells. Cooper never thought of concealing the truth either, and people were going to find out sooner or later; hence, Sophia thought it’d be better for her to tell the story herself.

Cooper wasn’t a petty man, and he wouldn’t allow himself to be bothered about such things as he wasn’t one to cling onto the past. However, Sophia felt like she had to reveal this entire story for the sake of both of them; it would also provide closure to herself, Linus and Annabel. She wanted everyone to know that the Mitchells were the ones who were indebted to Cooper and his family! Even though Cooper despised the Mitchells, he still gave them an opportunity to redeem themselves after he left! If he was a traitor, it was only because the Mitchells forced him to be one!

“That’s right. I’m my father’s illegitimate daughter, but I’ve never attempted to hide this fact,” Sophia answered without any hesitation. Sandra was pleased to see this, and she hopped forward like a clown before she pointed at Sophia. “Hahaha, you guys were surprised, right?! The elegant and classy Young Lady of the Mitchell Family had been molested by her own uncle from a young age; her nudes were spread to everyone; she dated men and had abortions during high school… She has really been an elegant, graceful woman ever since she was conceived! Hahaha…”

The crowd’s gazes were all fixed upon Sophia after they found out about her role as Cooper’s daughter and her history. Some of their gazes were filled with shock, while others with pity, confusion and embarrassment… Sophia felt a gust of cold air from her side just then. She turned to see Michael with his head lowered, but his entire body was tense—it was as if sharp icicles were growing out of his skin. She could feel her goosebumps forming as she felt the chilly sensation that he was giving off. Meanwhile, Sandra continued to blabber about Sophia’s terrible past.

Right then, Michael’s feet jerked as he was about to charge forward. He looked like he was ready to kill Sandra, but he then felt a warm little hand on his skin the moment he made a move. Sophia looked at him and shook her head. There was no hurt or embarrassment in her eyes; her clear gaze was confident and genuine, as if what Sandra was blabbering about wasn’t what Sophia had been through. Sophia had forgotten all about it, after all…

In the past, Quinton’s main reason for erasing Sophia’s memories was because he wanted her for himself. The second reason was because she was extremely depressed back then. It was like she had fallen into a deep, dark hole and couldn’t get herself out of it; she was barely clinging on to her own life. Although she had a child, a new life that gave her hope, she was still unable to escape the traumatic past that was already deeply rooted within her… Forgetting about it was the best cure for her. Right then, Michael’s eyes shined with tears as he glanced at Sophia. He hated himself for failing to protect her and only meeting her so much later.

Meanwhile, Sandra was still talking about Sophia’s past. She made sure to exaggerate and dramatize all the stories before announcing them. “She was born in Riverdale’s Johnson Family Village. There, her whole family were just a bunch of filthy, low-level villagers who sold groceries in the market! Her mother was a restaurant waitress who clung onto every rich man she met, and her uncle was a perverted teacher who looked at all his female students. In fact, she committed incest by hooking up with her uncle at a young age! In high school, she was expelled after she got an abortion, and the baby was a child of incestuous matings! She’s disgusting! She’s filthy! It’s an utter disrespect to our ancestors to have a person like her in the Mitchell Family!”

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