My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1194

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1194

Upon learning that Sophia was just a worthless illegitimate daughter, the group of elders chipped in and started to verbally attack Sophia’s status, acting as though she was some kind of unseemly existence.

“She’s just Cooper’s illegitimate daughter! How arrogant!”

“It looks like Cooper is really at his wits’ end by sending his illegitimate daughter out to cause trouble! Throw this woman out! What a disgrace to our ancestors!”

“His illegitimate daughter, haha… How dare the traitor’s illegitimate daughter act so cocky!”

They could only throw cheap, harsh words at Sophia because she had brought more people than them. The crowd silently watched as these elders criticised and used obscene words to insult Sophia’s status as an illegitimate daughter; it was as if being an illegitimate daughter gave everyone the right to legally trample all over her.

Everyone watched the scene in silence as the entire graveyard was filled with their nasty remarks.

In the end, even Alex’s lineage ran out of words to curse Sophia, and they could only repeat the same words over and over again.

Sophia had come all the way here via helicopter; even though it was very cool to drop down from the sky, it almost froze her into a popsicle. She sat down calmly on a portable chair that Sean had brought over while she listened to Alex and the others’ insults. She drank some hot coffee to warm herself up, building enough strength to deliver her big comeback.

Their ugly, obscene words even enraged Sean so much that he was about to command his men to tear their mouths, but Sophia quickly stopped him. “It’s fine, just let them continue. Film this properly; I’ll soon invest and build a Mitchell Family museum, and today’s historic occasion must be recorded as part of the family’s history. We will place it in the museum for future descendants to watch.”

Alex and his men were too busy cursing Sophia, not noticing that someone had been recording them the entire time. At that moment, they finally realized their ugly nature had been exposed as Sandra quickly yelled, “Stop filming right now! No filming!”

Unfortunately, she couldn’t even get close to Sophia, let alone stop the people around her from filming.

All family meetings had to be filmed for their archives, so today’s occasion was not an exception.

Sophia stood high above as she elegantly held a cup of hot coffee and sipped on it slowly. Dressed exquisitely, Sophia had perfectly inherited her strong and stern features from Cooper; it even seemed like a second Cooper had appeared.

An illegitimate daughter? She is actually Cooper’s beloved illegitimate daughter!

Nevertheless, there was no law stating that an illegitimate daughter was inferior to a legitimate daughter. Moreover, Sophia was already on the newly revised Mitchell Family genealogy which clearly stated that she was Cooper’s daughter and Woody’s grandchild.

A real leader would not be affected by a few vicious words.

Alex and Sandra could only helplessly grasp the fact that she was an illegitimate daughter and repeatedly insulted her with their foul obscenities; there was a clear difference in power between both sides.

Sophia had almost lost her senses when she saw them digging Woody’s grave earlier, but her thoughts began to calm down as the warmth from the hot coffee spread throughout her body.

Meanwhile, Sandra was determined to dig up Woody’s grave that day; she had to prove her authority to the Mitchell Family!

Sandra proclaimed righteously and said, “Sophia, today’s matter concerns only the Mitchell Family members. Right now, you’re stepping on a mountain hosting the Mitchell Family’s ancestral graves. Whether the ancestral graves are to be dug or not is entirely up to the members of the Mitchell Family! Although you claim to be the rightful members of the Mitchell Family, our family is still the only one recognized by the aristocrats of Bayside City. This is still the Mitchell Family’s ancestral graves mountain, so we have the right to handle things as we see fit!”

Suddenly, Alex saw the opportunity to recover his dignity as the Head of Mitchell Family. He was the only Head of the Mitchell Family and the chairman of the National Mitchell Clan Cultural Research Association, so he had absolute authority over the Mitchells. He even controlled the council of elders, so he had the final say in the decision to dig up their ancestral graves.

“The ancestral graves belong to the Mitchell Family. Only the words of the head of the Mitchell Family counts—not yours! Whoever disobeys my orders will be considered as traitors of the family!”

Everyone stared at Alex’s lineage, disgusted by their actions. Who cares about his position? Everyone is here today, and there is no way we’re letting them dig up the graves!

“Huh, do you think you can dig it up as you wish?”

Putting down her coffee slowly, Sophia let out a warm breath of air as she folded her arms. She looked at the disgruntled Alex and his lineage in an arrogant manner.

“Even if I didn’t come here on behalf of my father today, allow me to remind you of this.”

She turned toward the Mitchell Family’s ancestral graves, her eyes filled with respect. “Many heroes and martyrs have come from our Mitchell Family, and it just so happened that the ‘Heroes And Martyrs Protection Law’ was introduced by our country this year. According to this new law, digging up the graves of martyrs will be subjected to imprisonment—you’d have to ask the authorities for approval first!”

Upon hearing that, Sandra and Alex didn’t dare to speak.

“As for the rightful heir of the Mitchell Family, do I really need to remind you again? Mitchell Family’s glory today only exists because of my grandfather’s generation, and it was carried forward by my father’s generation. All of you are just leeching off of my grandfather and father’s inheritance.”

Sophia had a lot of things to say, and she was going to take that opportunity today. She spoke every word with a clear and firm voice.

“How many of the properties you own today were earned through your own hard work? The inventions and research results from Mitchell’s Technology that all of you take pride in were left behind by my father! Even the ancestral house and office building that all of you are living in right now were snatched away from my father! My father left the Mitchell Family 20 years ago, but you guys haven’t grown since then! The Mitchell Family used to be one of the most prestigious families in Bayside City, but after my father left, did you protect this glory? No, you didn’t! All of you have done nothing but leech off the inheritance and fight against each other to eliminate those with real talents! Ever since my father returned, he created a new Mitchell Family within two years; he’s now leading the Mitchell Family out to the world. Along with Mitchell Energy and Technology, my father is holding an energy conference abroad; he’s already on equal footing with the world’s energy bigwigs. He is solidifying the Mitchell Family’s status in Cethos and the world, yet you’re here using the ancestral graves to prove your pathetic authority. Tell me, who do you think is the rightful owner now?”

Her words had shamed the whole Mitchell Family. Indeed, Mitchell’s Technology hadn’t been doing well ever since Cooper’s death and when Alex became the head of the family and the chairman of the company. Both the family and company were deteriorating, but no one wanted to admit the cruel truth.

On the other hand, once Cooper came back, he led the Mitchell Family to numerous achievements in major fields with a growing number of its family members; that was the truth everyone could see.

In these two years, the Mitchell Family had made more achievements than the past twenty years.

Who was the rightful heir?

It was silent as everyone fell into deep thought and lowered their heads in shame.

Then, Sophia turned toward the ancestral graves on the mountain and said, “The ancestors have seen the faces of these ungrateful scums of the Mitchell Family, so I’m sure that you will also agree with my decision. Now, on behalf of my father, I will announce the names of members who will be banished from the Mitchell Family…”

She grabbed a list that had been compiled on the scene and registered every one of Alex’s lineage as accomplices who dug the ancestral graves into the book. She was going to erase them from the family genealogy completely!

Nonetheless, Sandra didn’t give up as she jumped out and yelled ferociously, “You’re just a woman—what right do you have to control the Mitchell Family?! Since when did the Mitchell Family allow shameful women to dictate its members?!”

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