My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1193

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1193

Meanwhile, a few more people came down the rope from the helicopter and surrounded the mountain with the convoy members of the Mitchell Family. Their huge numbers had instantly suppressed the people from Alex’s lineage.

When they heard that someone dared to move their family’s ancestral graves today, the Mitchells from Bayside City and all over the country were mobilized as they rushed to the mountain.

The sea of people instantly surrounded the mountain. Some of the Mitchell Family members protected their ancestors’ buried place while some ran over to the excavator and drove the driver away.

Sandra and Alex were frightened by the crowd as they retreated. Upon that, the people from Cooper’s lineage charged in and drove them out of the graveyard site.

Sophia looked cold and stern. When she saw that the danger on Woody’s grave had passed, she sheathed her gun and pulled her mink coat tighter around her body as she covered her hands that had gone pale from the cold weather.

She glanced over at Cooper’s wreaked grave. The whole grave was completely dug up, and the tombstone, together with its epitaph and effigy, had been shattered into several pieces.

Although it was just a fake grave that even Cooper had planned to dig up, when it was destroyed, it was still an outright insult regardless of whether the owner of the grave was alive or dead.

“Grab those unworthy descendants now!”

Sophia was so enraged that she had almost lost her senses while she recklessly ordered her men to surround all of Alex and Sandra’s people.

In terms of numbers, Sophia had the advantage, and she also had firepower; the people from Alex’s lineage were no match for her as Cooper’s members surrounded them.

“How dare you! I’m the Head of the Mitchell Family! You all will be known as traitors if you dare to touch me!”

As Cooper’s members were getting closer to them, Alex still tried his best to hold onto the last trace of his dignity.

Sophia pointed at Alex and Sandra while ordering sternly, “Bring Alex and Sandra over to me!”

Dimon, who was the present-day security chief of the Mitchell Family, had been waiting for this day for a long time. Back then, he couldn’t disobey the orders from Sandra and Alex, so he had followed their orders and killed Faye on the beach. But after the incident, Alex had left two dozen of his brothers on that island, which was about to be sunk by a bomb.

I always remember that incident.

And this year, I finally have the opportunity to avenge them!

Dimon led his men and charged past Alex’s bodyguards as he grabbed Alex, while the others grabbed Sandra and the so-called elders before bringing them before Sophia.

The group of people were cursing and yelling, especially the elders, who used to boss people around all the time and manipulated the future and status of the Mitchell Family. They were used to being the people in charge and had never thought that anyone would dare to treat them with such disrespect.

The Mitchell Family elders used to be highly respected people and were voted into their positions by the whole family according to their merit and seniority rank. The elders even possessed a greater power than the Head of the Mitchell Family, which allowed them the power to judge the authority and to even sack the Head of the Mitchell Family. Unfortunately, the elders had been controlled by Alex as they were elected by favoritism.

With the suppression from the elders, it was deemed to be traitorous and impossible for the lower rank of the Mitchell Family members to advance. There was always an order for the younger generation to respect the elders, so a subtle rule was formed to comply with their interests, and the former family rules were replaced.

For lower ranked family members like Dimon, who had been suppressed and not promoted all these years, they had long been dissatisfied with the elders; they were merciless as they caught and beat up every other elders that disobeyed.

The scene was lively with cries and curses everywhere. Sandra, Alex, and a dozen elders were dragged out and pressed down to kneel in front of the ancestral graves.

“You are disrespectful to your elders and your ancestors! You will be struck by lightning for this!”

“I am the elder of the Mitchell Family; don’t you kids dare to touch me!”

“Aren’t you ashamed of your actions in front of your ancestors? You will all go to hell for this! You will be known as the eternal sinners of the Mitchell Family! Don’t ever think that you will ever be able to have a place at our ancestral graves or the family genealogy! You are all traitors! Traitors!”

“Cooper is the biggest traitor of the Mitchell Family!”

Sophia wasn’t bothered by their angry screams while she had the group of people pressed down to kneel on the ground. Then, she turned toward the ancestral graves and said, “Kneel.”

Even though the cold icy snow hurt her knees, Sophia was the first to kneel down and kowtow three times at the ancestral graves.

The Mitchell Family members then proceeded to follow Sophia’s lead as they kneeled in front of the ancestral graves and kowtowed three times.

After that, she faced the ancestral graves and said aloud, “Dear ancestors, today, I, Sophia, the unworthy granddaughter of the Mitchell Family, am sorry for disturbing your peace. Nevertheless, the current situation is too urgent and hopeless, so I hope you all may forgive me.”

She looked in the direction of the ancestral graves with an earnest expression as her voice had a strong layer of respect and awe. “Over the years, the Mitchell Family has developed many outstanding descendants, but also some rats and scums. So, as the unworthy granddaughter of the Mitchell Family, I would like all of you to be my witness today. On behalf of my father, Cooper Mitchell, as the Head of the Mitchell family, I will officially remove the names of the group of scums from the family genealogy in order to retrieve our family’s good name.”

Sophia’s words immediately caused an uproar.

Sandra was the first to voice out her displease.

During this solemn moment, Sandra suddenly pushed the people away, rushed forward to Sophia, and yelled out righteously, “Haha! Sophia Edwards, who do you think you are? Who gave you the authority to do this? Sophia Edwards, you don’t even carry the Mitchell Family name! You’re just an illegitimate daughter that is not even qualified to be in the family genealogy and ancestral grave. How dare you possess the authority and power to interfere with the internal affairs of the Mitchell Family!”

Sophia remained silent as she slowly stood up and stared at Sandra blankly.

It was true that she didn’t carry the Mitchell Family name, and legally speaking, she was not a legitimate child because she was born out of wedlock as the illegitimate daughter of Cooper and Annabel.

She never planned to change her name to Scarlett Mitchell, or even Lucile Michel—those were just aliases for her convenience. She was born as Sophia Edwards and would always be called by that name for the rest of her life!

Because that was the name that Annabel had given her, and it was the only thing that was left by her mother…

Sandra finally had an excuse when she realized Sophia hadn’t replied to her, as if she stood on a moral high ground and had easily suppressed Sophia and her people.

“How dare an outsider named Edwards meddle in the Mitchell Family’s affairs! Sophia, you are just an illegitimate daughter who is not even qualified to enter the Mitchell Family, let alone have the right to speak out here! When did the Mitchell Family reduce to letting an illegitimate daughter tell us what to do? You’re an illegitimate daughter, and you should just go back to her gutter and stay there! Don’t come out and make a fool out of yourself!”

Sandra said those words with such righteous indignation, as though an illegitimate child was such an unbearable existence that shouldn’t even exist in this world and was born to be trampled on by society.

Upon this, even the people from Alex’s lineage were filled with confidence as they straightened their backs.

Alex pointed at Sophia and ordered, “Someone chase this treacherous illegitimate daughter out of here!”

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