My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1191

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1191

Sandra desperately wanted to destroy that girl who was imitating her.

She’s a copycat! She’s just trying to copy my own success and my status!

It is déjà vu all over again!

Sandra had seen this before. Back then, Sophia had used such a method to take down Natasha; she spent a fortune to cultivate the perfect Miss Sandra Mitchell and caused Natasha to fall from grace, which led to her abandonment by the Mitchell Family and eventually, Natasha dying shamefully.

And now, she was doing the same thing again.

Don’t even think about it!

While the Mitchell Family’s stock market was dropping rapidly, the products were unsalable as investors withdrew their capitals, and the shareholders and directors were extremely dissatisfied with the current situation. The Mitchell group was in a state of chaos as resignation letters were raining down like snowflakes, but Sandra felt that none of these were as important as getting rid of Haley.

The Mitchell Family can only have me as their Young Lady. I can’t get rid of Sophia, but I can definitely get rid of Haley!

She had sent people to keep an eye on Haley for a few days, but Haley lived in a big property that Cooper had bought for the Mitchell Family. It was almost as big as a town, but it was so heavily guarded that there was just no chance for her to strike.

Haley had kept a low profile after she won the championship; she usually stayed in the training center and didn’t even attend commercial activities, unless she had to go for some necessary activities. Hence, it was hard to target her.

Sandra waited a few days before finally finding out that Haley had received an endorsement and had to rush over to sign the contract.

This was the best time to strike.

I can’t wait to go to the scene and see how Haley gets destroyed.

Ha! I only got 8 million when I won the championship, so why should this b*tch get an endorsement that’s worth more than 10 million?

She wanted to see with her own eyes how Haley would howl in pain when her legs were broken; she wanted Haley to know that this was the consequences of having dreams!

A btch will always be a btch. You shouldn’t dream of becoming what you’re not!

It was already quite late when Haley came over to sign the endorsement contract after she finished her training.

Haley didn’t really want the endorsement, but she felt that she shouldn’t keep asking the family for money. She felt that it was time for her to earn some money in return, so she decided to accept the endorsement agreement.

It was already dark and snowing by the time Haley had signed the contract. She was dressed in a very low-profile manner with winter clothing and a mask over her face as she waited for the car alone by the roadside.

In a car by the roadside, Sandra barked out an order to the men around her. “Go.”

Two muscular men got out of the car with bats hidden in their coats as they charged toward Haley, who was standing alone on the street.

There were not many people outside, and Sandra was not afraid to be seen, so she followed behind the two men.

No one in the Mitchell Family is allowed to be more famous than I am!

Sandra would never have dared to attack the real famous people in the Mitchell Family. Nevertheless, she would be merciless for someone like Haley, who was a descendant of a lowly servant.

The two men blocked Haley’s way by surrounding her from the front and back before they swiftly took out the bats to break her legs.

Let’s see how she’s going to skate after I break her legs!

“Who are you people? What are you doing?”

Haley sensed that something was wrong as she retreated back in fear.

One of the men grabbed Haley, while the other one raised his bat high in the air.

A malicious glint flashed through Sandra’s eyes when she saw the men grab Haley. She even ignored the people that were drawn over by the latter’s desperate screams.

“Beat her to death!”

In the midst of Haley’s screams, the bat was aimed at her legs. It would have ended her career immediately, but the bat didn’t land on her legs as a big palm suddenly appeared and grabbed the bat tightly.

All of a sudden, Dimon had appeared from nowhere and subdued the two men in a flash.

Shortly after, several men in black surrounded the area while a nanny van was parked by the curb. Then, the car’s door opened, and Sophia, who was dressed in a mink coat, walked out, accompanied by three bodyguards.

When Haley saw her, she felt relieved and glad as she ran toward Sophia.


Haley was just a young eighteen-year-old girl that had never seen the ugly side of the world, so she was scared to tears.

Sophia patted her shoulders and said gently, “You should get in the car first.”

As soon as Haley got into the car, the tender look in Sophia’s eyes vanished without a trace.

“How amazing! The Young Lady of the Mitchell Family actually uses these kinds of tactics to deal with an eighteen-year-old. It’s truly impressive!” she sneered sarcastically with a stoic face.

I really didn’t expect Sandra to be this crazy that she can’t have anyone surpass her!

Sophia was the one who had introduced Haley to the endorsement contract. She had bought over a company that sold mink products and also an artificial breeding mink factory, covering the whole production line. Therefore, Haley’s first endorsement had to be from their own company.

But she never expected something like this to happen as soon as she left.

Sandra stepped back as most of her men were taken down while Sophia’s men were still in large numbers.

“What do you want? I am a world champion! Stop coming near me, or I’ll call the police!”

As the number of onlookers grew, Sandra took off her mask and revealed her face. At that moment, she knew that with her reputation, Sophia wouldn’t dare to make a move on her. But it had also allowed the passersby to notice her face as they took out their phones to film and criticize her.

“Isn’t that Sandra, who blackmailed Cooper Mitchell? How did she find the courage to come outside?”

“So embarrassing!”

“I saw her order someone to beat Haley with a bat just now! She’s so cruel!”

“Wow, Haley? Where is Haley? I want to take a picture with her. My whole family loves her!”

Sandra hastily covered her face as she stepped back and tried to escape, but Sophia’s men quickly blocked her way.

Sandra was busy evading and dodging while Sophia looked elegant and noble with a mink coat around her. The light makeup she had on showed off her exquisite looks, and her outstanding aura dazzled everyone around her.

“What’s wrong? Are you ashamed?”

She slowly approached Sandra as the latter covered her face and stepped back with a look of fear and embarrassment, yet she revealed no trace of guilt from being caught.

Sophia stopped her advances a few meters away from her when she was sure that Sandra could hear her words clearly.

She said loudly, “Sandra, let me tell you this—I have sponsored a lot of people other than Haley, and now, not only do I want to groom Haley, I want to groom a millions more of Haleys to replace you! Even if I don’t groom them, there will be countless more Haleys that will appear and surpass you. How many of them can you beat?”

Sandra was silent as she glared at Sophia with a deep hatred in her eyes, as if Sophia had taken away everything from her. Sophia didn’t plan to do anything to her because she thought that beating Sandra to death in a random alley seemed too easy for the latter. I will take back everything that I have given her!

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