My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1190

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1190

The live coverage of Alex and his family’s extortion attempt flew in the face of their noble image, causing the Sports Federation to be very displeased with Sandra. After all, she was originally a sports figure, and it could be said now that she had ruined her own image. This incident, coupled with the previous dog abuse incident and other issues, had completely ruined her public persona.

Knowing that she had been tricked, Sandra went into hiding for a while. The Mitchells kept a low profile after this, but they wouldn’t do that for too long, for the founding of Dragon Technology Corporation was a devastating blow to them.

Dragon Technology Corporation outclassed the Mitchell Group both in terms of resources and technical talents. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the Mitchell Group was outdone.

The fact that Alex had become hysterical along with Sandra this time filled the Mitchells’ inner circle and the Mitchell Group’s shareholders with intense displeasure.

It seemed that Alex had really become old and senile, so it was time for him to step down.

Meanwhile, Sandra was busy doing charity work everywhere. She held a press conference and apologized publicly, saying that she and her father had been out of their minds because they were devastated by her younger brother’s ‘passing’. She had a psychiatrist write up medical case reports to gloss over the incident this time as much as possible to reduce the impact to a minimum.

The public wasn’t blind, but they had a short memory. In the era of information explosion, new trending issues would constantly emerge and replace the old ones, and everyone would soon forget what they had done. For instance, the Winter Universal Games was coming soon, so everyone’s attention was shifted to this.

The Summer Universal Games and Winter Universal Games were held separately, but both events would draw worldwide attention. Sandra had enjoyed a meteoric rise by becoming the world champion in the Summer Universal Games’ swimming event years ago.

Several athletes with the surname Mitchell also took part in the Winter Universal Games this time. An 18-year-old lady even made it to the women’s singles final of the figure skating event.

On the day of the finals, Sophia called her whole family over to watch the live broadcast together at home.

The Mitchell Family was very gifted in sports since it had produced many sports figures in the past.

In addition to sports figures and domineering company presidents, the Mitchells also nurtured many well-known diplomats, artists, scientists, and others. One could find a figure from the Mitchell Family in almost every field. Cooper attached great importance to the nurturing of talents. Talents didn’t fall from the sky; instead, they took a long time to be cultivated.

When it came to nurturing talents, Cooper’s principle was to spare no effort in cultivating talents regardless of their background and social status, so the Mitchells spent a lot of money and effort on this. For instance, the parents of the lady who took part in the women’s singles of the figure skating event were ordinary workers who were collateral descendants of the Mitchell Family. Still, she displayed a talent for sports since childhood. While she had a gift for ice skating, her brother had a gift for playing soccer, and both of them had won many prizes.

However, it cost a huge amount of money to nurture their talents. Their parents had a hard time since they were ready to spend all the money they had to pay for their training. They had applied to the family for help, but their requests were rejected with no exception.

The justification for the rejection of their application was that it was enough for the Mitchells to have a world champion like Sandra, so another world champion wasn’t needed.

In other words, collateral descendants could never dream of standing out among others.

This family followed Cooper when he returned afterward. After Cooper started a new Mitchell Family here, the lady’s parents had a shot at applying to the family, and they soon received aid.

Over the last two years, the family had spent a lot of money to hire the best coaches and provide the best training grounds, equipment, and resources. Finally, the siblings were successfully trained, and they had won many world titles.

Right now, the brother was undergoing training to prepare for the World Cup next year, whereas the sister was standing in the venue of the Winter Universal Games’ finals.

Since the whole family was very nervous, Cooper took the trouble to watch the finals with them, and many of the Mitchells came as well.

Quinton had been protecting Derek these days, so he came along with the latter on this day.

He just wanted to be a good-for-nothing loafer who spent his day lying down and playing with his cell phone. However, the instant he arrived at Michael’s home, he was kept busy all the time.

“Quinton, hold the baby for me. I want to play hide-and-seek with Judge.”

“May I braid your hair, Uncle Quinton?”

Right after he sat down, he had a baby girl in his arms; it was Celine’s daughter. The small ball of meat quietly slept in his embrace.

Quinton—who had shoulder-length hair because he hadn’t had a haircut for a long time—now had Carmen braiding his hair.

Quinton pulled a long face since he was in no mood to speak. Nathan, who was sitting next to him, also pulled a long face; he had had a crew cut like Stanley to prevent Carmen from ruining his hair.

Michael also sat next to Quinton, asking, “How did you escape death that day?”

Quinton was silent.

Michael then asked, “I heard that you brought a parachute with you. So did you stay alive by parachuting from the plane back then?”

Quinton was still silent.

Michael was itching to slap him as he looked at his idleness.

Derek said that he, in fact, didn’t slide down the window immediately when he was pushed out of the window. His office was located on the ‘tip’ of the mushroom-shaped building, so when he fell out of the window, he slid down the ‘mushroom cap’ for a few seconds. Just then, Quinton caught him and fell off the building together with him. Then, Quinton opened the parachute within five seconds, and they glided along with the wind before landing quite a distance away with minor injuries.

Quinton was averse to skyscrapers because he felt extremely insecure in such buildings. Therefore, he always brought a parachute with him whenever he was in a high-rise building.

Since Quinton answered neither of his questions, Michael stopped speaking to him and took the baby girl in his arms away.

The whole family watched the live broadcast of the figure skating finals. A lady named Haley Mitchell made it to the finals and became the world champion for women’s singles in figure skating with her nearly perfect performance.

The entire nation was shocked at that moment!

Cethos’ figure skating events had always been in a slump because their athletes were weak at figure skating. Therefore, Haley’s winning of the world title this time was of great significance to Cethos.

When the reporters interviewed Haley after the game, she said excitedly to the camera, “I have to thank my parents and my brother for my achievements today. In particular, I’d like to thank Cooper for his support.”

Cooper smiled in gratification as he watched the live broadcast.

Sandra naturally paid close attention to the women’s figure skating event as well, and she didn’t expect the Mitchells to produce another world champion.

Having learned figure skating since childhood, Haley was elegant and graceful, and her youth and beauty made her stand out among the rest. Moreover, she was a member of the Mitchell Family, so she immediately drew the attention of the Cethosian media, with news stories about her soon spreading everywhere.

Even though she was young, she had constantly been breaking her personal record. Moreover, she had won many awards, so she was already a big name in the sports world, but she didn’t really make a name for herself until the Winter Universal Games this time.

Some even compared her with Sandra by saying that she was more outstanding than the latter.

The pretty face displayed in the TV news program stung Sandra’s eyes.

“She won? She’s just the daughter of someone who cleans toilets!”

Her eyes were bloodshot as she went mad with jealousy.

I never expected that someone who cleans toilets dared to compare with me. Who does she think she is? This Haley Mitchell lady simply copied my success!

“Guys, have someone break her leg!”

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