My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1189

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1189

Sandra was still playing dead on the floor when she suddenly heard a voice ringing in her ear. “Stop pretending. Get up.”

It was Derek’s voice!

Sandra opened her eyes to see Derek standing in front of her with his face covered in blood. After being stunned for a few seconds, she cried out in shock, “Aah!”

Sandra, who had been more dead than alive just a moment ago, was so frightened that she instantly sat up. Summoning all her strength at once, she no longer seemed to be dying as she was just now while she dragged her bloodied feet backward as fast as possible.

“Help! It wasn’t me who killed you! It wasn’t me who killed you!” Sandra’s arms flailed around. Her body was covered in blood, making her look no different from a crazy woman. “Help me, please! There’s a ghost here!”

Derek stepped forward with a wicked smile on his bloodied face before saying sinisterly, “Weren’t you trying to evoke my spirit from the dead? Today is the seventh day since I died, and I’m back to visit you.”

He approached her step by step, looking really like an evil spirit with a ferocious expression on his face, which was covered in the blood she had rubbed on him.

Sandra was really frightened. She kept moving backward while saying incoherently, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me; I didn’t kill you!”

Derek laughed in desolation before purposely speaking in a cold voice. “The three people who killed me told me everything. My death was so unjust…”

Sandra was scared to death. She kept moving backward with her arms flailing around, as though there was a spider web before her. She cried and screamed at the top of her lungs, “Help! Help…”

As she screamed, she knocked over Derek’s memorial tablet, scattering the offerings all over the floor. She picked up the offerings and hurled them at Derek hysterically, screaming, “Help! There’s a ghost here!”

No longer paying attention to her, Derek turned to Alex, who was wailing on the floor.

Alex had felt that Derek looked familiar when he saw the latter. However, he didn’t know where he had seen Derek even though he had spent the entire morning crying while holding his black-and-white photo in his arms.

This was also the first time Derek came face-to-face with his biological father in so many years.

As he remembered, Alex rarely came to visit him, so he couldn’t remember what Alex looked like at all, and they never had a chance to meet after he grew up. Unexpectedly, this was where he was meeting his father for the first time in his adulthood.

Upon seeing Alex, Derek didn’t speak immediately. Instead, he fell to his knees and kowtowed twice in the snow. After that, he said, “Dad, this is the last time I’m calling you ‘dad’.”

He looked up at Alex with a bitter smile.

Alex carefully made out what Derek looked like for a moment before looking at the latter’s photo. Only then did he come to his senses, exclaiming, “Y-You are Derek!”

However, he couldn’t admit this, so he immediately took a few steps back and yelled, “You’re not my son, Derek! Who the hell are you?!” He turned to the crowd, looking desperate. “He’s not my son! He’s an imposter! My son is dead, so who the hell is he? Why is he pretending to be my son? Guys, this man is disguising himself as my son; hurry up and catch him!”

Derek had stood up; looking at Alex with an incredibly calm look in his eyes, he said, “Thank you for giving me the gift of life. But from today onward, Mr. Alex Mitchell, you and I are no longer related.”

With that, he turned around and walked up to Cooper without the slightest reluctance. Patting him on the shoulder, Cooper assured him sincerely, “You’ll always be a good son of the Mitchell Family.”

Derek smiled as he got into the car after Cooper. After that, the car drove off into the distance.

Only then did Sandra realize that Derek didn’t die at all.

She looked around and saw that so many people around her were watching her make a fool of herself.

“Ha! Derek isn’t dead at all, yet this good sister couldn’t recognize her younger brother when they were face-to-face. What a ‘close’ relationship between the siblings!”

“Even Alex couldn’t recognize his son, who was right before him, let alone his sister! I really wonder how Alex is as a father!”

Sandra had become the laughing stock of the whole Bayside City and even Cethos from the moment she extorted Derek.

Right now, the ground outside Dragon Technology’s premises was littered with miscellaneous items, joss papers, and unclaimed mourning clothes that had been thrown away.

Alex, Sandra, and Alex’s branch of the family were pointed at and gossiped about. They were still shouting abuses, but what they said sounded even more vulgar than that of a shrew; they didn’t look like members of the nobility at all.

Meanwhile, Cooper’s branch of the family had finished their meeting and was about to have a gathering and relax at Audistin nearby before their evening feast. Since it was rare for the whole family to gather together and speak their minds freely, everyone was very happy; they talked and laughed along the way.

Since they were here on this day for the meeting, all of them were very well-dressed. The men were impressive in appearance with their suits and leather shoes, whereas the ladies were dressed in formal attire. Each of them, dressed exquisitely, had a charm of their own. They talked and laughed as they walked past the mess created by Alex’s branch of the family in twos and threes.

Not only were they elegant in appearance, their spirits also set them apart from the others. It was perhaps because they were members of the nobility that every single one of them looked extraordinarily outstanding.

Compared to these good-looking ladies and gentlemen, Alex’s branch of the family had made real fools of themselves by acting like buffoons.

People kept tearing off Alex’s emblem on themselves quietly before sneaking away with Cooper’s branch of the family.

Sandra was covered in blood; judging from the amount of blood she had lost, it seemed that she was close to death. Unexpectedly, she sprang to her feet, jumped about, and even threw offerings at people just now. Having made a fool out of herself, she looked totally unlike an injured person with her rosy cheeks and energetic appearance right now.

Numerous cameras were aimed at Sandra as the onlooking crowd took pictures of her, eager to take photos of her buffoonery.

Only then did Sandra realize that she had been tricked from the very beginning. Looking at the crowd who were photographing her with their cell phones, she knew that a disaster was imminent, so she kept knocking off the cell phones, yelling, “Don’t take pictures! Don’t take pictures!”

As she kept making threatening gestures and knocking off the onlookers’ cell phones with a ferocious expression, she suddenly sensed something. She couldn’t help looking back to see Sophia standing among the crowd consisting of members of Cooper’s branch of the family. While she was striding off, she suddenly glanced back at Sandra.

Having exquisite makeup, she wore a professional-looking business dress under a camel-colored jacket. She looked at Sandra—who was acting like a buffoon—with a look of ridicule in her eyes.

After curling her lip, she turned around and left while holding Michael’s hand.

Her sardonic smile seemed to replay in slow motion endless times in Sandra’s mind.

Sandra really hated Sophia’s guts. She must have had everything planned out, aiming for me to make a spectacle of myself!

She had put in so much more effort than anyone else since she was a child to become the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family. This grand title should belong to her, and no one could snatch it away from her!

Alex’s branch of the family was completely reduced to a laughing stock after this incident. Countless videos of Sandra knocking into her younger brother, Derek, to extort him circulated online, and so did the videos of Alex, who failed to recognize his son, who was standing right in front of him, despite him wailing with his son’s photo in his arms. There were also videos of the sanctimonious elders of the Mitchells, who spat in public and forced Derek to kneel down before the memorial tablet that had his own photo on it.

The Mitchells had played up the incident themselves. Now that they had made such a huge scene, they could no longer wind things up.

The last time the Mitchells brought such a shame upon themselves was when Natasha and Taylor Murray used their stage names to get their marriage license overseas.

Everyone said that the Mitchells must have been cursed.

Right on this day, the Mitchell Family were thoroughly mortified, and many Mitchells crossed over to Cooper’s side overnight.

They had wanted to make a big issue of Alex’s son’s death, but they didn’t expect to make themselves the laughing stock of Bayside City!

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