My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1188

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1188

Looking aloof and indifferent, the young man pressed his lips together without saying a word. He took a few steps forward and made his way to the midst of the crowd of the Mitchells’ elders, who then surrounded and scolded him. Alex even demanded his life, thinking that he was the murderer who had killed his son, Derek.

The passersby also looked at the young man.

Wait a minute. Isn’t the man none other than…

Suspecting that they had made a mistake, the onlooking crowd took out their cell phones and searched for the news photos to compare the person in the photos with the man before them.

As expected, they’re exactly alike! That’s him!

The young man wearing a white winter coat didn’t speak, as if he could say nothing in his defense. He simply looked at Alex, who cried so hard that he almost collapsed.

Alex was almost 70 years old, and he was greying at the temples. Yet, he lost his son in his old age, which was indeed a tragedy in his life. He cried so sorrowfully that his hair seemed to have grayed a little. He beat the young man, looking as if he was hanging from the latter’s body.

“Give my son and daughter back to me, you bunch of murderers!” He even raised his hand and slapped the young man in a fit of grief.

The young man looked coldly at Alex and the Mitchells just like that, without saying a word from beginning to end. His face still had the fake blood Sandra had rubbed on him, making him look very wretched.

The Mitchells’ elders seemed to have their eyes on the young man. They dragged him to the front of Derek’s memorial tablet, demanding him to kneel down before Derek’s grave. The young man didn’t resist despite being pushed around and yelled at. He walked up to Derek’s memorial tablet before being forced to kneel down.

They seemed to believe that the young man was the murderer who had killed Derek, so they were incredibly excited. They felt as if they had gotten something on Cooper and could bring him down very soon.

“Come out, Cooper! Now that your men killed someone in public, what else can you say?!”

“Cooper, you disrespected your elders and betrayed the Mitchells back then; now, you even ordered one of your men to kill someone in public. Come out and give us an explanation!”

“Come out! Don’t think that you can hide for the rest of your life!”

The Mitchells held down the young man as he kneeled on the floor. Even so, the young man still straightened his back and looked straight at Derek’s memorial tablet as well as the black-and-white photo on it.

The Mitchells were so excited that they didn’t notice something was wrong, nor did they notice that the onlooking crowd’s mood had changed.

Sandra was still lying on the floor and playing dead as fake blood was splattered all over the floor. Alex cried so hard that he wore himself out and was supported by those next to him. The younger generation of the Mitchells wore deep mourning and kneeled on the floor while the Mitchells’ aged elders shouted abuses downstairs.

Everyone seemed very excited as they stared at Sophia and the top of the building, where Cooper was at. “Cooper, if you still don’t come down, we’ll go up and catch you to make you pay for Derek’s death with your life.”

No one cared about the young man in the white winter coat, who was kneeling on the floor. Their target was Cooper, not him.

He couldn’t help laughing as he rubbed the fake blood covering his hands on his white winter coat.

The onlooking crowd held their cell phones while taking videos of the scene. Still kneeling on the floor, the younger Mitchells who dressed in deep mourning looked up occasionally to see the young man’s face and the black-and-white photo on Derek’s memorial tablet. After comparing the two faces, they were immediately flabbergasted.

The young man in the white winter coat is Derek!

Derek didn’t die at all!

At this moment, Derek couldn’t help laughing as he kneeled on his knees with his back straightened. The onlooking outsiders and some of the Mitchells had apparently discovered his identity. However, the Mitchells were very immersed in the atmosphere, and Alex and Sandra had just been brought into their characters, so it wasn’t convenient for them to disturb these people.

Some Mitchells, who still wanted to save face, had quietly torn off their family emblem and sneaked away.

The onlooking crowd stood idly by and continued watching the spectacle. None of them reminded the Mitchells since what was happening in front of them wasn’t of their personal interest.

Some people, including Sophia, stood aside and watched the spectacle quietly to see when the Mitchells would finally realize something was wrong.

Alex and Sandra were obviously unaware that they had made laughing stocks out of themselves. They were still hamming it up, thinking that they had dragged Cooper into the mire.

The Mitchells even started to spit at the entrance!

They are truly incredible.

Finally, Cooper showed up amid the Mitchells’ elders’ curses.

Cooper dressed very formally on this day since he was here for the meeting. Wearing a scrupulous black business suit under a black windbreaker to keep warm, he still looked incredibly young and was still at the peak of his handsomeness with his incredibly youthful looks. He looked cool, charming, and mysterious as he strode toward the crowd.

Compared to the old and doddering Alex, who had made a spectacle of himself, Cooper was divinely handsome.

Cooper showed up with Michael on his left and Linus on his right. Their handsome looks caused screams of excitement to be heard among the crowd the instant they appeared.

Michael felt that he looked less imposing when he was walking beside his young-looking father-in-law.

Cooper rarely showed himself in public since he consistently kept a low profile and was secretive. During the second episode of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, the filming crew came to their home to film the changes at their home after they joined the show. Cooper and the piglet appeared on-screen for only two seconds, and the episode’s viewership skyrocketed.

Because of that, Cooper was called ‘Cethos’ most handsome grandfather’ and ‘the grandfather whom every Cethosian dreamed of having’!

Seeing that Cooper showed up, Alex pounced on him at once. “Give my son back to me, Cooper!”

Cooper looked at Alex expressionlessly with a flicker in his eyes. Just when Alex was coming at him, Dimon kicked him on the spot and sent him flying. This could be considered an act of revenge for what had happened on Edwards Island.

“Wow!” Everyone was shocked.

Alex was kicked so hard that he fell onto the floor and couldn’t get up for a long time. Also, he naturally began to bawl, “Help me, please! Someone’s trying to kill me!”

The few elders wanted to stop Cooper, but they didn’t expect him to be surrounded by many expert fighters. After being glared at, they dared not move forward, for they were truly scared that Cooper would have them kicked and sent flying.

Cooper walked into the center of the commotion before glancing at the younger Mitchells, who wore deep mourning and pretended to mourn for the dead. After that, he turned his gaze first to Sandra—who was playing dead—then to Alex, who was bawling tearlessly while lying on the floor. Then, he looked at the so-called elders, who prided themselves on their seniority and were sharp-tongued but didn’t look like elders at all.

The sight of the scene grieved him so much that he heaved a long sigh. After looking around the scene, he said, “The glory that the Mitchells enjoy today is the result of our forefathers’ sacrifices. Back when our country was faced with a crisis, everyone was fighting against foreign intruders. The Mitchells never fell behind anyone else in donating money and volunteering themselves. They’d rather die on the battlefield to defend our country’s borders or perish under the intruding foreigners’ tyrannical rule than die in exile like a coward! How many members of the Mitchells’ older generations have died for us to enjoy our glory today? If they learned that you all trampled on the honor they fought for using their own lives just like this…”

He could no longer continue his speech at this point, and some younger Mitchells who had a sense of shame hung their heads.

Cooper swiftly and sternly strode past the fake-bawling Alex, who suddenly reached out and grabbed Cooper’s leg. “You killed my son, so give me back my son!”

Seeing the way Alex looked, Cooper fiercely stepped on his hand.

It disgusted him to even take a glance at this man!

Alex grabbed his hand and rolled on the ground after being stepped on. “Help! Someone’s trying to kill me!”

Meanwhile, Sean and Sophia had helped up the kneeling Derek.

Derek felt relaxed all over after kneeling this time. From this day onward, Derek, the son of Alex, had died for good.

Now, he was no longer related to Alex!

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