My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1187

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1187

After finishing her lunch and resting downstairs for a while, Sandra came out and bawled tearlessly again while holding Derek’s black-and-white photo with both hands. “Oh, my poor brother! If you’re in heaven, please open your eyes and look at me! Who killed you? Say something!”

She had decided to stay here for the whole day. Sophia and Cooper could run away, but their company couldn’t disappear overnight, so they would eventually have to come out and give her an explanation! She didn’t believe that they could keep hiding like this.

As expected, after she uttered a few cries, she saw a group of people marching down the building. They were led by none other than Sophia, who yelled, “Don’t you know who killed your younger brother better than anyone else, Sandra Mitchell?”

Sophia’s cold voice sounded so dignified that it drowned out the noise at the scene. Striding up toward Sandra with a steely expression, she asked several questions in a row, as if not giving Sandra any chance to interrupt. “I’d like to ask where Derek’s father and sister were when he lived all by himself as a child. Where were his father and sister when he dropped out of school and nearly went astray by being initiated into a gang? I’d also like to ask where his father and sister were when he lived on the streets alone after his relatives took the opportunity of his family tragedy to seize his family’s property!”

She truly felt that Derek didn’t deserve this as she shifted her gaze back and forth between Sandra and Alex.

“Let me answer these questions for you!” Sophia continued sarcastically. “You both were living in glory back when he was forced to live on the streets. One of you covered yourself in glory as a world champion, whereas the other enjoyed a high position and great wealth as the Mitchell Group’s president. You two never cared about his fate. You both don’t deserve to be his family!”

However, Sandra didn’t take Sophia’s words to heart at all. Seeing that Sophia had arrived, she threw Derek’s photo aside and stepped forward to grab Sophia, yelling, “Give me my brother back! It was you who killed my brother!”

Then, overestimating herself, she even rushed at Sophia and exchanged blows with her!

Something is wrong! thought Sophia to herself. She had beaten Sandra up so many times before, during which the latter never gained the upper hand. Sandra must know that she was no match for her when it came to exchanging blows.

Something is amiss!

This time was different from usual. Since people were coming and going downstairs at the company, Sophia couldn’t exchange blows with Sandra like delinquent teenagers, so she immediately backed away when she saw Sandra lunging at her.

As she had expected, she smelled a familiar smell as soon as she got close to Sandra. She had often smelled this on Michael; it was the smell of fake blood.

If she got too close to Sandra, the blood packet would burst, and the next day’s headlines would read, ‘Ex-World Champion Had Her Face Covered In Blood After Being Beaten up in Public for Demanding Justice for Her Deceased Brother’.

“Stay clear of her, everyone! She’s going to feign injury!” Sophia shouted. Those who belonged to the Mitchells’ branch family immediately dispersed, and Sophia herself ran away with lightning speed.

Sandra chased after her with her hair in disarray. She looked very crazy, which was very consistent with the image of a sister who was driven to despair by the loss of her younger brother.

However, her eyes were flickering despite her unkempt hair. She was determined to make Sophia unable to clear her name on this day!

However, she couldn’t catch up with Sophia, who ran faster than anyone else. Hence, she changed her target and lunged at one of the Mitchells instead.

Vincent, the traitor! I’ll choose him!

Unfortunately, Vincent immediately ran away when he saw her coming at him.

Sandra then spotted Drake. She remembered this damned security guard, who wasn’t even qualified to clean the toilet for her back in the Mitchell Family. Unexpectedly, he rode Michael’s coattails and became a person who seemed to be of some worth. He made his debut in a blockbuster and was even described as Taylor Murray’s successor!

Unfortunately, Drake also ran away very quickly, preventing her from jumping on him.

As recorded by the cell phone cameras of countless passersby, Sandra, the world champion, really made a fool of herself by lunging at people everywhere with her hair in disarray on this day, looking like an evil spirit.

This didn’t matter to her, though. As long as she managed to jump on any of these people, she would immediately bring Sophia and Cooper down, so it no longer mattered even if she would lose face.

Justin, Sean, Dimon, and the others fled at the sight of her. Finally, she managed to jump on someone as she wished. Pressing herself against the person, she then broke the fake blood packet in her arms that she had prepared long ago.

“Aaaaah!” she screamed on the spot while falling into the person’s arms to rub the fake blood all over him.

Finally getting what she wished for, she covered her belly with her hand and staggered a few steps back before collapsing weakly.

“There’s a puddle of blood on the floor!”

“Oh, my God!”

“She’s bleeding!”

At the sight of the scene, Alex instantly rushed up to Sandra and held her in his arms. “Oh, my God! What’s happened to you, Sandra? Oh, darling! Somebody help! Someone’s killed my daughter! Are you alright, darling? Don’t die! You all killed my daughter in public after murdering my son! Do you all still have respect for the law?”

More and more onlookers gathered around the scene when they saw that someone was getting killed. Upon the commotion, the group of Mitchells who were dressed in mourning immediately rushed to the scene and hurled abuses at those on Sophia’s side, creating an extremely noisy scene.

Cooper could even hear the noise upstairs, so he lifted a corner of the curtain and looked at the scene. What a disgrace! he thought to himself.

The Mitchells had indeed lost face right now, but they had no other alternatives.

Cooper seemed to be keeping himself out of the affair the whole time, but he had been clamping down on the Mitchells. He didn’t have to deliberately crack down on them at all. He could restrict the Mitchells’ space for development bit by bit simply by expanding his business. Therefore, bringing Alex down was only a matter of time.

The Mitchells had little time left even if they secured the investment from the Yard Family.

The more frenzied they were right now, the more it proved that they had been driven into a corner. They were now counting on seizing this opportunity to drag Cooper into the mire.

“What a shame they’ve brought to themselves,” mumbled Cooper. Still, he decided to go downstairs and take a look after thinking for a moment.

Meanwhile, the Mitchells had gone totally crazy downstairs. Alex wailed while holding Sandra in his arms, whereas the Mitchells cried and hurled abuses behind them, making a huge scene.

Sophia stood aside and watched the spectacle, for she wanted to see how shameful Sandra and Alex could be.

“Barf!” Sandra spat a mouthful of blood at Alex while looking more dead than alive. Alex also looked half-dead as he held his daughter in his arms. “Oh, my darling daughter! Open your eyes and look at me! Don’t die!”

A group of aged elders stepped forward and hurled abuses at Sophia. “How could you kill a member of your family in public as a descendant of the Mitchell Family? I must report this to our ancestors! They are watching from heaven, so they would certainly—”

Pointing at the other side, Sophia interrupted, “You’re mistaken. The one who killed her wasn’t me, but him!”

The Elders immediately changed their target and pointed the finger at the young man whom Sandra was trying to extort. The man seemed very young, and he was dressed in a cream-colored winter coat that carried the emblem of Cooper’s branch of the family. There was a horrifying patch of blood on his chest, and his hands were covered in blood. He was the one who had ‘killed’ Sandra just now.

He could never run away, and neither could Cooper!

The Mitchells’ Elders condemned the young man, saying, “You’re a murderer! You all killed Derek before killing Sandra in public, thereby bringing disgrace upon the family and our ancestors. You all won’t be able to die a natural death! Don’t you ever think of escaping the Mitchells’ punishment even if you all can avoid being punished according to the law!”

Bursting into floods of tears, Alex came forward and barked at the young man, “Give my son and my daughter back to me! Oh, my poor Derek, I have let you down!”

However, he failed to notice the sardonic grin on the face of the young man dressed in the white winter coat.

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