My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1185

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1185

At the same time, the Internet was in an uproar.

There had been some media hype about Derek and Sophia having an affair before, but Michael had forcefully banned these news reports. Now that both Derek and his murderers had died and the victim’s remains were never found, the netizens let their imaginations run wild.

‘Taylor Murray must have hired Derek’s murderers. Who could stand being cuckolded? He dared not lay a hand on his wife since his father-in-law is very powerful. Hence, he could only get back at Derek!’

‘I have a friend who is working at Dragon Technology. He said that Derek and Eddie were on intimate terms, and they seemed to have quarreled on the day of the incident. It must have been Eddie who killed him; she must have been afraid that Taylor found out about her affair with Derek!’

‘Where are the remains? The more I think about where the remains have gone, the more scared I get!’

‘The remains must have been hidden away to lower the risks of the culprit being found. What a bunch of disgusting capitalists!’

‘There were too many inside stories behind the scenes. We can’t talk about them; otherwise, what we say will probably be censored. Taylor Murray had forced a bunch of truth-telling newspapers and magazines to close down with a snap of his fingers… We can only say that human lives are too worthless.’

Sophia was really impressed by these netizens’ imagination.

It wasn’t difficult to figure out Sandra’s intentions when one thought back carefully about the whole incident.

She played up scandalous gossip about Derek, making him famous by using Michael’s reputation. Then, she killed him when speculations about the gossip reached their peak. Since the murderers were dead, there was no witness testimony to prove Michael and Sophia’s innocence. Therefore, everyone would certainly point the finger at Michael, Sophia, and even Cooper.

The kept man was dead, so who killed him? It must have been either Michael or Sophia.

Thanks to Sandra’s manipulation, Derek’s death was sensationalized on a scale so spectacular that the story couldn’t be played down at all. Sandra, the victim’s sister, wept out her grief on her social media accounts almost every day, detailing tearfully how miserable the loss of her younger brother had made her, and how close she and Derek used to be.

It was indeed weird that Alex was suddenly revealed to have a son, and the fact that Sandra was his illegitimate daughter could be exposed by accident any time. However, Derek’s death was the focus here, and they were very good at obscuring the focus…

Now that Derek had died like that, Cooper couldn’t escape the responsibility. Even if the previous scandalous gossip about Derek and Sophia were set aside, Dragon Technology was, after all, Cooper’s turf. Now that someone had died on his turf, he couldn’t escape the responsibility, of course.

This incident caused a huge stir thanks to Taylor’s popularity.

Unfortunately, Derek didn’t fall from the sky and ended up being reduced to a pulp like the Yard Family’s grandmaster. Otherwise, this incident would have become far more complicated than this.

Perhaps they had purposely attacked Derek in his office to make him die the same way the Yard Family’s grandmaster did.

The death of the Yard Family’s grandmaster back then caused such a great stir that the entire Ronney Group was closed down for a few days for a reorganization.

The sensation caused by Derek’s death this time wasn’t as huge as the one caused by the grandmaster’s death last time. At the very least, it didn’t cause Dragon Technology to be closed down for several days for a reorganization.

Still, they could blackmail Cooper by seizing upon the fact that the remains weren’t found. They fished for sympathy as much as they could on the media, stirring up public opinion by demanding to have Alex’s son’s death avenged.

When the public opinion was stirred up, the departments concerned would certainly take action. They would pretend to do some investigations even for the sake of calming down the public outcry.

This kind of thing was the trickiest since nothing could be found out by investigating Sophia. After all, she wasn’t the one who killed Derek.

However, everyone was influenced by public opinion, so they all thought that there must have been something fishy behind this incident. They were certain that someone must have been behind the scenes, and the authorities couldn’t find out the culprit simply because the culprit was shielded.

There must be something behind the scenes! Oh, my god! God only knows how many inside stories are behind this, for even the injustice of the death of the Mitchell Group’s Chairman’s son couldn’t be redressed!

What everyone saw was perhaps just the tip of the iceberg.

Some people even went to Dragon Technology’s premises to stage a protest downstairs.

Derek had made a public appearance during the founding of Dragon Technology, and he attracted many fans with his innocent puppy-like looks and his status as a high-handed company president. Now that their Prince Charming died a mysterious death, the fans certainly could no longer sit still.

In the end, the recently established Dragon Technology was successfully closed down for a few days for a reorganization. Sophia and Michael were frequently taken to the police station to cooperate with the investigation, and Cooper was certainly no exception.

His business was really so strikingly successful that too many people wanted to take a share of the spoils, making this a good opportunity.

It seemed that the Mitchells wanted to seize this opportunity to destroy Cooper for good, for they kept pulling strings behind the scenes. Even the fashion week event for which Sophia was working hard to prepare was forced to be held up for a few days since she waa involved in a homicide.

Both Sophia and Michael never commented on Derek’s death as well as the slanderous accusations made by Sandra and the others. At this moment, they might bring trouble on themselves if they talked too much.

Just then, a piece of breaking news suddenly came—Lucy publicly joined Ronney Fashion Week!

Ronney Fashion Week immediately took on an entirely new look with Lucy’s participation.

Sophia received inside information that Lucy had joined hands with the Yard Family to hold Ronney Fashion Week this time. She also started to cozy up to the local fashion brands in Bayside City that the Yard Family treated with contempt by promising to promote their brands at Ronney Fashion Week.

Many fashion brands and designers dreamed of appearing at Ronney Fashion Week, so it was obviously very cool to receive a letter of invitation to the event!

In comparison, Sophia’s Bayside Fashion Week was embarrassingly countrified, resembling a farm produce fair. If it weren’t for the pressure from the Yard Family, they wouldn’t have chosen to take part in Bayside Fashion Week.

The fact that the Yard Family relented and reached an ice-breaking collaboration with Bayside City’s local fashion world came as a piece of great news to some people.

But this wasn’t a good thing for Sophia, for Lucy was the last person she wanted to set herself against.

However, since Lucy had shown her hand, she would never show the white feather. It wasn’t certain who would win or lose yet!

Meanwhile, at the hot springs resort on Reverie Mountain…

“My younger brother, Derek, and I had always been close. He was rebellious, but he never made me cry…”

“This son of mine resembled me too much, for he was unwilling to give in to anyone since childhood… It really never occurred to me that I’d see my son dying earlier than myself.”

Derek watched expressionlessly as the news was broadcasted at loud volume.

Ha! Son? Ha! Younger brother?

Had anyone ever acknowledged me as their son and younger brother back when I lived on the streets without a penny after my relatives took my property from me upon my mother and uncle’s death?

After the laptop was shut down, the news clip stopped playing, and the entire world fell silent.

Derek’s mind was in turmoil as he hung his head and pulled his hair.

He often wondered why life was so unfair to him by having him being born into such a family.

He would rather be born in a family that was a little poorer and more ordinary. At the very least, his parents would love him dearly, and he would live a simple life. Wouldn’t that be better?

He was also Alex’s biological child; even though he was born illegitimate, he was Alex’s own flesh and blood. Could they really kill him without feeling guilty just to make an issue of his death?

Cooper spoiled her daughter so much that everyone in the world knew about it. He was also one of the Mitchells, so why couldn’t Alex pay him even the slightest bit of attention?

Did they finally know that I’m their younger brother and son after I ‘died’? Ha! Since this is the case…

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