My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1183

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1183

“Someone’s here,” stated Quinton.

Derek was still switching on his computer since he was about to carry on with his work. Not taking Quinton’s words seriously, he replied, “It could be the security guards who are keeping watch at night.”

However, Quinton’s professional instinct told him that the people outside weren’t security guards.

Security guards wouldn’t walk so carefully.

He quietly got up and burrowed himself into a corner without making a sound, cautiously blending in with the night, like a cat lurking in the dark.

Then, the lights were silently switched off.

Even Derek noticed that something was strange.

He figured that Sandra would certainly lay a hand on him these days. Is she going to do so in the office building? Isn’t this a little too bold of her?

Upon that thought, Derek stood up as well. To his surprise, the door to his office was suddenly banged open before three burly men barged in from the outside; all of them had scars on their faces and were holding machetes.

Derek’s heart skipped a beat, but he put up a brave front by yelling, “Who are you guys?!”

He knew that these men came for him. As expected, Sandra made a move.

The strong desire to survive caused Derek’s physical strength and reflexes to reach their peak. He subconsciously picked up the chair on the floor to fight off the machete-wielding men, yelling, “What are you waiting for? Save me!”

Unfortunately, Quinton had disappeared without a trace amid the chaos.

As expected, this guy isn’t reliable at all!

These burly men had come well-prepared; their attacks were ruthless and by no means sloppy, for they never spoke from the moment they showed up until the moment they struck. One could tell at a glance from their expressionless faces and the chillingly frosty looks in their eyes that they were a bunch of desperadoes.

After fighting against them a few times, Derek was forced to step back to the front of the French window that was dozens of stories high above the ground.

Dragon Technology’s office building was very tall and good-looking. It had a unique architecture, for several floors at the top level were designed to shape like a mushroom.

Stanley had complained more than once that their office building looked like a cock, with Derek’s office located at its ‘tip’.

The window had been smashed using the chair during the fight just now, creating a hole where cold air gusted through from a high altitude. As a result, the temperature in the office dropped drastically to below zero degrees Celsius. Derek trembled all over, knowing that there was no escape for him.

No, I won’t be resigned to this! I’m about to realize my ambition, and my ideal life is about to come true. My wonderful life has just started, so I can’t die!

But with the three machete-wielding men closing in on him, he would either be slashed to death or fall to his death on this day.

He refused to resign himself to such a fate!

Unfortunately, he already had no time left, for the three men suddenly closed in on him simultaneously. He backed away step by step until he was in front of the holed French window. Cold air gusted in through the hole, making Derek feel as if his blood was frozen.

Suddenly, someone pushed his shoulders forcefully, causing him to lose his footing, and he fell into the darkness at high altitude.

“Aaaaah—” Derek let out a blood-curdling scream. Suddenly, he felt his hands being grasped firmly by something.

He thought that he must be dreaming. He must have been as dead as a doornail after falling from a building that was dozens of stories high…

The three outlaws looked everywhere after pushing Derek off the building. Someone else seemed to have been in this room just now, but they went missing in the blink of an eye. They hurried to the first floor to avoid unnecessary complications, only to see that the floor was very clean—Derek’s remains were nowhere to be seen.

What’s going on? He couldn’t have survived after falling from such a tall building, so where are his remains?

Perhaps the body landed somewhere else since it’s so dark and windy.

The outlaws decided to just forget it; they had seen Derek falling off the building with their own eyes, so they thought he couldn’t possibly have survived.

One of them took out his cell phone and made a phone call. “Hello? The deed was done, but we didn’t find the remains. Just rest assured, for our work is surely reliable. I have sent the surveillance footage of the scene to your email, so you may watch it. Make sure to pay the remaining balance after watching the surveillance footage.”

As expected, they received a 7-digit payment in their bank account after a while, then they immediately set out to leave the city without delay. But right after they got on the beltway, an oil tanker rammed into their vehicle, breaking their car into pieces on the spot.


The oil tanker then exploded, reducing several human lives to ashes at once.

When Sophia woke up the next day, she learned of a piece of earth-shattering news.

“What? Our company was burglarized? Derek fell off the building and went missing?” Sophia was shocked upon hearing the details told by the person on the other end of the line. She subconsciously uttered, “What about Quinton? What? He went missing as well?”

Michael, who was sleeping next to her, suddenly awoke with a start upon hearing the three names. He sat up and listened to what was being told over the phone.

Dragon Technology was burglarized? Quinton and Derek both went missing, and the surveillance footage showed Derek falling off the building? So they died together? How could that be possible? Quinton couldn’t even be killed with a missile!

Michael and Sophia hurried to Dragon Technology together, and Cooper also hurried there upon learning about the news.

Michael called Quinton on the way; only he and Derek knew Quinton’s phone number.

The call was put through. “Where are you?” he asked.

Quinton answered, “Reverie Mountain.”

“What are you doing there?!”

Quinton replied, “Enjoying the hot spring.”

He actually went to Reverie Mountain! Michael was shocked, but Quinton indeed could come and go like a shadow. Michael hurriedly asked, “Where’s the other one?”

Quinton replied, “He was a little in shock, so he went to sleep the moment we arrived.”

Since Quinton said so, Michael was naturally relieved. As expected, Derek wouldn’t die when Quinton is present.

When they reached the company, they found that the door to the building was indeed forced open. The police had even come to cordon off the scene.

Originally built by Michael, the mushroom-shaped building where Dragon Technology Corporation was located overlooked the buildings around it with its height of tens of stories. Its lower levels had been rented out to a six-star hotel, whereas the higher levels were where Dragon Technology Corporation was located. The company was very large in size since it occupied dozens of floors in the building. However, it was founded very recently, so many of its subsidiaries hadn’t moved in. There were still some imperfections in its internal management, resulting in many loopholes.

Sophia went to the scene of the incident to take a look. The security guards in charge of keeping watch at night had been sent to the hospital after being knocked unconscious. The police were watching the surveillance footage, and Derek’s office had been cordoned off. Many signs of struggle were found at the scene of the incident; the window was smashed into pieces, and a broken chair was even found downstairs. Luckily, no one was near the scene at that time.

The surveillance videos showed three fierce-looking burly men going up using the hotel’s elevator and purposefully heading for Derek’s office. They fought with Derek in the office for less than one minute before pushing him off the building.

Michael exclaimed with an unctuous sigh, “Oh, my god! Who did this?”

A police officer responded. “There was a car accident on the inner ring expressway early this morning. It was preliminarily determined that the three suspects had died in the car crash, and all three of them were wanted criminals.”

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