My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1180

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1180

Oh no!

This is bad!

As expected by Callum, the moment Cooper saw Anne, his expression changed. He probably misunderstood something and immediately turned around to leave.

Our stepfather is running away!

Cade quickly came out and stopped him. “Mr. Cooper, why are you here? Since you’re here, come in and have a cup of tea!”

Quickly, Callum joined in and said, “That’s right. My mom wants to talk business with you.”

When Anna heard the noise, she came out. The moment she saw Carmen coming with Cooper, she immediately recalled the thing Carmen told her, and she couldn’t help but smile.

What a cheeky little girl.

Since Cooper was here, and she had something to talk to him about, she said, “You’re here, Mr. Mitchell. Please come in.”

Anne then shyly leaned next to Cooper. She was so excited as she thought that he was here for her.

Immediately, Cooper backtracked. “I was just passing by.”

But Carmen continued to tug Cooper toward Anna. “Grandpa, since we’re here, come in and take a seat.”

Both Cade and Callum pushed and tugged him in with excitement. “Come on. Take a seat before you leave.”

Just when Cooper was wondering what he should do, Sophia suddenly appeared. The moment she saw the Yards pulling Cooper toward Anne, she was infuriated, and she marched toward them.

“What are you doing? Huh! What are you doing to my dad?!”

Seeing Sophia, Callum immediately said, “Hey! Sophia! You’re here! We didn’t do anything. We’re just trying to talk to your dad! We will become a family soon after the talk!”

Now that Sophia was here too, they wanted to talk it out in order to settle everything down quickly.

However, they did not expect Sophia to stride forward and grab Cooper, not allowing them to bring him away.

“No way! No way! There’s no way you’re getting together with my dad!”

She quickly gestured. “Roger! Come and help me! They are trying to set my dad up with Anne again!”

Upon hearing her call, Roger and the others came. They pulled Callum away from Cooper and separated the group of people.

When they finally pulled Cooper away, Sophia held Carmen up and said viciously to the Yards, “I’ll never let you set my dad up with that ugly Anne! Never!”

She turned around and marched away with Cooper following behind her quietly.

“Sophia, listen to me!”

Callum knew that Sophia had misunderstood the situation. He ran after her but failed to keep up. Stomping his feet in irritation, he turned around and looked at Anne, who was sobbing with her head held low; his eyes flashed with coldness.

Anna did not say anything. She went back to the pavilion, but her eyes carried a hint of sadness.


This was a name that attracted her so much every time she heard it!

On the other hand, Sophia successfully saved Cooper. She was originally making out with Michael in the hot spring pool, but the moment she learned that Anne and Sandra were here, she was so worried that Anne would annoy Cooper again. Alas, she decided to rescue him from them.

The Yard Family was so close to taking Cooper away.

Cooper seemed to be very upset when he went back to his room.

Taking the opportunity, Sophia scolded Carmen. “Never help the Yards to set your grandpa up. Do you understand?”

Carmen pouted in response as if she was wronged by Sophia and replied with an ‘oh’.

Finally feeling relieved, Sophia went back to Michael.

Seeing that Sophia had finally left, and Cooper was back in his room, Carmen snuck out to play again. There had been many new visitors at Anna’s place and Carmen did not like them. So, she went to Daniel’s place instead.

Daniel had been visiting to enjoy the hot spring every now and then recently. Sitting beside the pool, Carmen splashed his head with the spring water; her little feet kicked the surface of the water excitedly.

“Mr. Psychic, when did Cas come?”

When Carmen arrived at Daniel’s place, she did not only see him, but she also saw Casper.

Casper was swimming in the pool; his inky black hair was as lively as an aquatic weed.

Proudly, Daniel announced, “Cas came for his winter vacation.”

Although Alice and Daniel were no longer in touch, she did not stop Casper from visiting Daniel.

Even though she could provide the best environment for Cas to grow up in, she could not give him a father—a child would always need a father.

Popping out from the water, Cas shouted at Daniel, “Daddy!”

There was happiness and sorrow in Daniel’s eyes…

The Yard Family had been visited by a group of uninvited guests, and their arrival interrupted Anna’s relaxing hot spring trip.

“Mother, you know very well that it was Daniel who had framed my brother and me. Why are you still associating with him?”

Henry had long known that Anna and his two older brothers were here in Bayside City, and he had sent people to keep a close eye on them. He did not notice anything wrong with them, and they truly seemed to be here to celebrate New Year’s. But, he had not expected that she would actually come to Daniel’s place for a vacation since Daniel had screwed things up for them not long ago, causing them to close their building for a few days to fix the mess.

She’s probably doing it on purpose!

Standing by the side, both Callum and Cade did not say a word. However, mockery was evident in their eyes.

To them, their little brothers looked like two angry chimpanzees.

Looking at her two sons, Anna seemed sad. She said, “I’m only here for a vacation. It’s not as serious as you think. What are you doing? Are you doubting me? I’ve laid down the groundwork for you guys in the Cethosian market and handed it over to you guys completely. I’ve never intervened with the company since then. How can you guys still be so suspicious of me?”

Henry and Ryan exchanged a glance with each other.

They had been keeping a close eye on Anna and their older brothers. Since their retirement from the Cethosian market, they seemed to have not done anything after.

Softening his tone, Henry said, “I wouldn’t dare. I was just a little anxious earlier.”

Upon hearing that, Anna smiled affectionately. “I know you guys must have been tired lately. Let’s not talk about business now. Since you guys are here, try to relax a little and enjoy yourselves.”

Henry did not say anything. The reason he was here was to see what Callum and Sophia were up to.

He did not expect Callum to offend Sophia again. Callum was even rejected by her when he wanted to join her in mahjong.

Those that came with Sophia had been enjoying the time of their lives. They played mahjong and cards all day long, spending almost ten thousand every day. None of them ever talked about anything business-related. And after that night when Quinton had won himself three pairs of underwear, no one dared to play with him anymore, except for the silly Celine.

Nathan did not want to play card games, but he was forced to join them in order to make up a group of three to play blackjack.

The three could only bet on snacks, dog food, or cat food because Quinton’s money had been confiscated by Michael. Within one morning, Celine lost all of Chrysanthemum’s cat food to Quinton, earning Chrysanthemum’s groan.

Nathan had also lost a lot of snacks. However, Quinton had all kinds of snacks piled up in front of him. Kids were gathering around him and as he held a random kid in his arms, he dozed off.

Taking the opportunity, Derek took a bag of potato chips from Quinton. While he was enjoying it and going off to buy some ice cream, someone called him from behind.

“Stop right there, Derek Oak!”

Derek Oak! That was a name that sounded so strange to him right now!

Turning around, he saw Sandra, who was standing not far away from him. She was wearing a bikini. As an athlete, she had a perfect streamlined body. Although she was here to enjoy the hot spring baths, she had her full makeup on, so it was obvious that she was just trying to hunt for rich guys.

“You traitor!”

Sandra darted toward Derek and slapped him hard across his face.

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