My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1179

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1179

Quinton knew Michael was settling his affairs.

Sitting at the corner of the bed, Michael went on and on. He talked about Lorelei’s recent situation and the time when they were in military training at university. Quinton did not know when he left.

After his departure, Quinton’s uncontrollable tears continued to fall down his cheeks.

He bit onto his blanket, trying hard not to cry out. He wanted to swallow all his pain and grievances.

Everything he longed for, except for death, could no longer be obtained easily!

He once longed for Theo and the Fletchers to bring him home. He didn’t want to kill people; he didn’t want to live that kind of life. But, after his hands were stained with blood, there was no turning back. He knew he could never return to the Fletcher Family again.

He once hoped that Sophia could belong to him, but when he erased all her memories, there was still only Michael in her heart.

However, all he wished for right now, was that nothing of that had ever happened. He was destined to part ways with the Fletchers. He should have just remained a ruthless killer and not have anything to do with the Fletchers…

Yet, time could not be turned back.

Early the following morning, Carmen led Bubbles to Anna after she finished her breakfast.

They started with a selfie session, and she then invited Anna to play with her dolls and eat some jellies. Once she felt like they had gotten to know each other better, she started pumping Anna for details.

“Miss Beautiful, are you married?”


The word felt strange to Anna.

She was not married to Jordan. There was no ceremony and registration. He sat up high in a leading position. Why would he marry her?

But, she also did not want to marry him either. Every time she saw him, she was disgusted.

Jordan was only trying to use her status as the direct descendant of the Yard Family, so that he could take over the Yards without playing tricks.

Although they looked like they were only here in Cethos to celebrate the new year, they were actually trying to allay Jordan’s suspicions toward them. Recently, he had begun to suspect that they were plotting against Ryan and Henry. Thus, it was better for them to walk away without leaving a trace

Anna let out a chuckle in response. “No!”

Feeling overjoyed, Carmen asked again, “Then, do you have a boyfriend?”


This word sounded even more unusual to Anna.

She shook her head. “No.”

“Are you going to find a boyfriend in the future?” Carmen proceeded.

Find a boyfriend?

Anna had never thought about that question before. When she could finally kick Jordan out of the Yard Family and made sure that he was dead, she wanted to start a new life. She was supposed to be the master of the Yard Family.

By the time she sat in that place, she would be more careful when it came to marriage. Once she got married, her enormous assets would become an issue. She had to be cautious.

If she wanted a relationship, her partner had to be someone that could match up to her in regard to his wealth, his outlook, and even his capabilities.

Single men like that were rare…

But, for some reason, Cooper came into her mind.

He was the kind of man who exuded coldness and mystery from his bones. He was handsome and particularly capable. Indeed, he was a fascinating man. Although his net worth is probably not phenomenal right now, I trust that he will surprise the world one day.

Carmen was waiting for Anna to answer. If she wanted a boyfriend, Carmen would take the chance to show her Cooper’s picture and set them up.

Before Anna could even answer, Callum came out from nowhere and mocked, “Kiddo, are you trying to set your grandpa up with my mom?”

Her intention was so obvious that even he could see it.

Carmen, who had been read like a book, pouted and said, “Grandpa doesn’t need me to set him up with someone. There are so many people out there who are trying to ask him out! I’m just simply asking. Hmph!”

She would never admit that she was trying to promote her own grandpa. Angrily, she stomped away.

Callum let out a hearty laugh. When he was done, he looked at Anna. Anna seemed to have fallen deep into her thoughts. Lights were radiating from her eyes—as if she was a girl who had just fallen in love. There was an unusual emanating from her.

He was shocked. Did Mom fall in love with Cooper?

He turned and looked at Cade, who was beside him. There was the same kind of horror in his brother’s eyes.

If it had to be Cooper, both of them would be able to handle him.

But, there had been rumors in the underworld saying that Cooper was actually Fass Michel…

If Fass was going to become their stepfather, wouldn’t it be terrifying?

In the morning, Michael found a private pool and brought Sophia there to make out. The others were playing games and mahjong. All of them were enjoying themselves since they were on vacation.

While Callum and Cade were enjoying the hot spring, they started boasting.

They had a heated debate on whether it was possible for Cooper to become their stepfather.

The more they talked, the more they thought that the plan could work out.

Cooper was indeed good-looking, and he was a perfect match for Anna in every way. There was no one else in the world that was as well-matched for Anna. So, it was possible that Anna was attracted to him.

They could even work together with Cooper to fight Jordan.

Once they became Cooper’s stepchildren, they could even get a share of his assets and annoy the sh*t out of Sophia. The main point was not the assets, but to irritate Sophia.

This is doable. Perfectly doable.

And, it must be done as soon as possible!

When they reached a preliminary agreement, Cooper arrived with Carmen out of the blue.

Carmen was more anxious than them.

“Where are we going?”

Cooper, who was being dragged forward by Carmen, was confused.

But, Carmen continued to tug him forward and said, “I’m taking you on a blind date!”

Blind date!

Cooper was so frightened that he tried to escape.

Based on Carmen’s personality, he wasn’t sure if he would see a human or a dog when they arrived at the location of the blind date.

Carmen continued to pull him as she walked.

“Grandpa, you’re not allowed to leave. If you leave, I’ll cry and you’ll never be able to stop me!”

She threatened him solemnly. “And, I’ll roll around on the ground as I cry. Aren’t you afraid of that?”

What? Rolling on the ground as she cries?

Cooper’s scalp prickled just at the thought of it. Maybe I should just go. It might just be a dog.

They arrived at the entrance of a pavilion. It was surrounded by hot springs, and the inside of the pavilion was enveloped by steam. Although it was blurry, Cooper could see that there was someone inside the pavilion, and it seemed to be a woman, who was talking.

Grimacing, Cooper was determined to scare her away.

When they entered the pavilion, Carmen became excited and shouted, “Miss Beautiful, I’m here!”

Miss Beautiful!

The moment Cooper heard those two words, his expression changed.

Carmen only knew one Miss Beautiful, and she even told him yesterday that they took a picture together.

Is Carmen trying to set me up with Anna?

Finding out the identity of the woman, Cooper halted his movements. He was afraid to take another step even if it meant that Carmen would cry.

He wanted to turn around and leave. But, when he knew that she was just ahead, he could no longer move.

He could not move forward, yet he did not want to leave; he could only stand there.

However, a girl in a swimsuit, who had a towel draped over her, came out from the pavilion. The moment she saw Cooper, her eyes brightened—they were full of fascination and surprise.

“It’s you, Cooper!”

Cooper then noticed that there were two people inside the pavilion. One was Anna, and the other was Anne.

At that moment, he felt like he was surrounded by a gust of cold wind even though he was standing in the middle of pools of hot springs.

It looks like Carmen was trying to set me up with Anne. Anna probably suggested this…

Cooper did not know how to describe his feelings. Perhaps, this is what a broken heart feels like!

On the other side, Callum, who was hiding to watch the event, was startled. What the hell! What is that ugly Anne doing here?

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