My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1177

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1177

After listening to Michael’s words, Cooper was silent.

If he were to confess, and Anna hurt him, he could still forgive her.

But, what if she hurt Carmen and Sophia?

What if the harm was irreversible?

Annabel Johnson was kind. Even to the very last moment, she was still waiting for Cooper. However, all that welcomed her was deception.

But, what about Anna Yard?

Although she was the same person, she was actually someone else. For thirty years, she grew from nothing to the woman behind the Yard Family. No one knew what she had actually gone through.

She was like a pure, innocent child that was ‘brought up’ by Jordan.

Jordan would have passed on all his treachery and connivance to her.

After Michael finished speaking, he shut up and looked at Cooper.

He was afraid that Cooper would do something stupid at this critical moment. It would not matter if only Cooper had been cheated. But, Michael did not want Sophia and Carmen to be hurt as well.

At the moment, Sophia was dealing with the youngest siblings of the Yard Family. If Cooper were to confess to Anna, it would have a huge impact on the current situation.

Seeing that Cooper was silent, Michael did not say anything.

When he was about to say something, Cooper wiped his face and left.

Michael saw that he had just burst into tears.

His cold, young-looking father-in-law was in tears. Other than being upset, Michael could no longer gloat at the situation anymore.

He knew it had not been easy for Cooper. It cost him so much to find his lost children. He now had his children by his side, but he could not get back together with his lover.

All living creatures suffered. But, Cooper’s pain was something Michael would never understand.

It had been almost thirty years, and Cooper was still in love with his previous lover. He never got married because of her. His love for her is so deep!

Both Sophia and Cooper were quite similar. When they were in love, they committed themselves with everything they had—it was as if their partners were their life.

Once you owned her heart, you wouldn’t lose it easily.

But, in the event that you lost it, you would never get it back. They would retaliate against those who betrayed them with the cruelest means.

Unfortunately, that stupid Richard lost her, and he even wanted to destroy her. Alas, he died in front of his house.

Cooper and Annabel… could only blame their fates. Perhaps, they were not destined to be together in this lifetime. After all, from Michael’s perspective, he and Sophia were strongly against Cooper and Anna’s reunion.

This was how fate worked.

Last year, Cooper was still bad-mouthing Michael to Sophia to try to stop them from getting back together.

Now, Michael was the one who was bad-mouthing Anna to Sophia to prevent their family from reuniting.

What goes around comes around.

But, thinking about it, he felt that he had to suppress his delight now that his father-in-law was already shedding tears.

The family was going to stay in the resort until tomorrow. When night came, they sat together for dinner.

They arrived in the afternoon and had been enjoying the hot spring bath since then. Besides, because the pools were separated according to gender, Michael had not seen his pretty young wife for the whole afternoon.

He only got to meet her during dinner, and he found himself missing her too much. A single day apart felt like many years. It was just half a day, but he already felt like half a year had passed.

When everyone was eating dinner in the restaurant, Michael sat beside Sophia while Cooper sat opposite them.

After the hot spring bath, Sophia was in her pajamas, revealing her fair collarbone. It seemed like the long bath had brightened her skin—even her face looked more hydrated.

Despite his thoughts, Michael sat beside Sophia and ate his meal. The moment he saw Cooper lower his head to eat, he quickly stole a kiss from her. By the time Cooper looked up, everything went back to normal.

Noticing the change in the atmosphere, Cooper glared at Michael sternly. As he gave Sophia a large chicken drumstick, he said in a commanding tone, “Eat more. You’re too skinny.”

Immediately, Sophia pouted her lips.

Sometimes, only one’s father would think that one was too skinny.

Sophia noticed that her weight had been increasing. If this situation were to go on, she figured that she would probably not be able to fit into her pants anymore.

Peeling off some meat from the chicken drumstick Cooper had given to her, Sophia took a few bites to entertain him before she gave the rest to Michael. “Hubby, you’re too skinny. Eat the chicken drumstick.”

Cooper’s gaze became even more stern.

Just like Sophia, Michael peeled some of the meat off and took a few bites. He then gave the rest to Quinton. “Eat it. You’re too skinny.”

Quinton just rolled his eyes at him.

Quinton felt like he was the family’s trash can, eating whatever was left over by them. The snacks that Celine couldn’t finish and the jelly leftover by Carmen were all given to him.

Following suit, Quinton took a few bites and left the chicken drumstick for Judge, who was beside him. He said, “Come on. Eat it, so you can mess up the house again.”

Judge let out a howl and ate it.

Cooper threw a glance at every one of them, and he stood up to get himself some chicken soup they brought from home. Taking the opportunity, Michael gave Sophia another peck on her lips.

Cooper came back with the soup after a while. When he finished the soup and ate the meat off the bones, three huskies on the side were looking at him earnestly.

Turning his head, Cooper glanced at the dogs. The moment he looked away, Michael kissed Sophia again.

Everyone at the table rolled their eyes in unison, but they said nothing.

Only Carmen, who was the bravest, pushed her milk bottle away and complained, “Grandpa, Daddy’s stealing kisses from Mommy!”

Something cold flashed before Cooper’s eyes. He looked at Michael and Sophia before giving Michael a fierce glare.

His old son-in-law was getting more and more rebellious.

Michael conceded for a moment, but the second Cooper’s attention was off to somewhere else, he kissed Sophia again.

Even Sophia couldn’t help but roll her eyes now.

Because Michael was only kissing Sophia and not her, Carmen was irritated. After she finished her meal, she sneaked out and played with her friends.

The spa resort was huge and it was divided into different courtyards. There were no public baths. Every pool was divided into sections for the privacy of the rich, so the price was not cheap.

The weather was cold and snowy outside, but inside the spa resort, it was as warm as spring. Leading Bubbles, Carmen was having fun by herself, but she was naturally followed by her bodyguards and her nanny. There was no way Sophia would allow her to wander around alone. She always made sure that there were people around to ensure Carmen’s safety.

Bubbles led Carmen to Callum and Cade. After all, it had been living with them for a few days, and it could not forget the Royal Canin dog feed they fed it.

When Carmen saw Anna, she was pleased and called out, “Miss Beautiful!”

Noticing Carmen, Anna clapped her hands and said, “Come here, Carmen. Come to me.”

Carmen ran to her happily, and Anna held her in her arms. Carmen was light and tiny, and she smelled good. It was extremely comfortable to hold her.

Anna carried Carmen around the resort. She seemed to be very fond of her and was unwilling

Looking at Carmen, who behaved herself very well, Cade was excited and wanted to hold her too. “Mom, quick. I want to hug her! I want to hug the lolita too!”

But, Carmen quickly responded, “No. I only want Miss Beautiful to hug me!”

Wrapping her arms around Anna’s neck, Carmen refused to let go. Smiling gently, Anna said, “Okay, I’ll hug you.”

What a lovely child! It’s like there is some kind of magic that is stopping me from letting go.

This is strange.

Perhaps it’s because I never had a daughter before?

If I had a daughter, what would she look like?

As soon as she thought about that, unbeknownst to her, the first image that appeared in Anna’s mind was Sophia.

She knew she would probably only be content if her daughter grew up to be like Sophia.

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