My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1176

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1176

The reason Sophia brought Cooper here today was to let him take a break and forget about Anna. She did not expect that they would be here too!

“Why are you here?” asked Sophia as she rushed toward Callum.

The spa resort was indeed quite hot. Eating his ice cream, Callum answered, “Sophia, this spa resort does not belong to you. Leave me alone!”

Daniel quickly came forward and explained, “The Yards made their appointment last month. Stay cool. Everyone’s just here for a hot spring bath.”

Because the place was owned by Daniel, and the Yards had made an early appointment, Sophia did not make a scene. After all, they were not going to share the same pool.

But, to her surprise, she noticed that the giant poodle held by Callum was the one that had been stolen away from them last week. How dare he bring it out here!

This is unbelievable!

“Bubbles. Come here. Come to Mommy!”

Upon hearing that, Bubbles went to Sophia in an instant.

Before she left, she did not forget to mock Callum.

“Your underwear is ugly!”

Callum looked at his frog swimming trunks and said with dissatisfaction, “Sophia, what’s wrong with your eyes? These are swimming trunks!”

While he said that, Stanley came over. When he saw Callum and Cade, he threw them a single glare.

When Nathan came by with Lorelei, he also gave them a vicious stare.

Soon, Carmen joined in with her friends. The moment Callum saw her, he reached out and smiled. “Come here, kiddo. Let me hug you.”

“Hmph!” replied Carmen.

Justin, Celine, Harry, and Sarah then came in pairs while Derek and Sean followed behind Stanley. They came in a huge group.

Michael joined them last as he dragged Quinton there with him. The whole family met up for a hot spring bath, and Michael felt sorry locking Quinton alone in the basement, so he decided to bring him along.

The family rented a pool, but they were separated according to their gender and seniority. As soon as the doors closed, they got to enjoy the hot spring comfortably.

This is so warm!

However, Sophia could not relax at the thought of sharing the pool with Anna.

Now that Anna can no longer remember Dad, Linus, and me, what’s the point of confessing to her?

What happens if she uses Dad?

She can even go against her own son. How will it be different with a man she loved thirty years ago?

Celine was sitting next to her as she played with the water.

Looking at her, Sophia was jealous. How carefree!

Recently, Justin only wanted to stay home and do nothing. Refusing to go to work, he stayed home with his kid and wife, passing his days leisurely. Sometimes, he even went out to pick up Carmen from school.

They finally went through all the hardships…

On the other side, Sarah started promoting her son, Hope, again.

“Celie, come on. Let’s arrange a marriage for our kids. My son has a giant penis!”

“Sofie, what do you think about an arranged marriage? My son’s penis is massive!”

She then stopped Ashton’s mom, Gwen, and said, “Gwen, let’s engage our kids!”


On the other side where the male guests were, Quinton had joined them in the pool wearing an extremely ugly pair of swimming trunks. Justin, who was resting by the side, glared at him viciously. He was ready to take Quinton down if he decided to do something.

There were more people in the pool over here. The guys talked about work stuff as they enjoyed the hot spring.

These days, Sophia’s JNS Group; Dragon Technology formed by Sean, Derek, and the others; as well as Mitchell International Energy and Technology that was managed by Cooper, were thriving. All of these companies were actually under the Mitchell Family. But, when they advertised the companies to the public, they included Linus in them as well. Looking at the situation as a whole, their family was growing bigger.

Cooper only worked with capable people. He never judged anyone based on their family background. Even though Derek was an illegitimate child, and Drake had once been a security guard, as long as they were talented, Cooper was willing to support them in expanding their career. What he did had greatly impacted the other branch of the Mitchell Family.

Many unappreciated talents had decided to join them. Cooper rearranged their genealogy record book and added all Mitchells into the record. He even bought the land next to the Mitchell Family’s ancestral grave, turning the whole place into the Mitchell Family’s cemetery.

There was no need for them to earn Alex’s acknowledgment. There was also no point in making a show to tell the world which was the legitimate bloodline of the Mitchells. As long as they were capable, there would be people rushing to introduce them to the world. For instance, the Mitchell Family led by Cooper had had a great say in the world of politics, business, and the military. It was just a matter of time before they were recognized as the true bloodline of the Mitchell Family.

The youngsters were looking forward to the future, but Cooper was enjoying the hot spring in the corner without saying a word.

Since long ago, Linus had already noticed Cooper’s loneliness. Nudging Michael, he said, “Go talk to my dad.”

Feeling reluctant, Michael furrowed his brows.

However, when it came to this kind of thing, Michael had the most experience out of the both of them, and he would be able to understand Cooper’s emotions. Although he was unwilling to do it, he swam toward Cooper.

“Dad,” greeted Michael.

With his eyes closed, Cooper hummed in response.

This was followed by a ten-minute long silence. The silence forced goosebumps all over Michael, and he wanted to leave. Yet, he felt like he should say something…

After a while, Cooper spoke first.

“Do you think I should confess to her? Should I tell her everything that has happened?”

Judging from what Cooper said, Michael knew that he was very distressed—which was why he had no choice but to ask his experienced, old son-in-law for advice.

After all, he was so thick-skinned that he had successfully gotten back together with Sophia, who had lost her memory, under Cooper’s watch.

At this moment, Michael could no longer gloat at Cooper. He had been trying to talk about this matter with Cooper, and now that Cooper was the one who took the initiative, he decided to pour his heart out.

“Looking from your perspective, I think you should try.”

What followed next was the advice that came from the bottom of Michael’s heart. “We love someone with our heart, not our memories. If you’re sure that she’s still in love with you, even though she has lost her memory, she will never forget you. The second she sees you, she might feel strange, but she still loves you. If you confess to her now, perhaps you guys will be able to get back together.”

When Michael was saying that, he looked at Sophia, who was in the pool not far away. She was playing around in the water happily, and her joyful face was wet.

Michael let out a chuckle at the sight of her. But, as soon as he smiled, he immediately put on a solemn expression and stared at Cooper. With a serious tone, he said, “Speaking from the perspective of your son-in-law, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to confess. Once you do, it will no longer be a matter between just the two of you. This is going to become a problem between two families! Sophia and Linus’ fates might be affected as a result! Back then, the reason I was daring enough to bring Carmen back to you and Sophia was that I knew she only left me for a very short while.

She had not been influenced by the outside world yet. She was still kind, and would never hurt Carmen. I knew the same applied to you. But, Dad…” Michael looked into Cooper’s stony eyes and continued, “your Anna has been away from you for almost thirty years. She lives in a complicated environment. How are you going to make sure that she’s still kind? Can you be sure that she will never hurt you and your family?”

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