My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1175

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1175

The brothers looked at each other in horror.

Because Jordan’s identity had never been made public, and both Callum and Cade were test-tube babies, the public had always thought that Anna was single. Many intended to become the Yards’ live-in son-in-law, so there were many people that wanted to go out with her.

Maybe Cooper is trying to court Anna too? Maybe everything he did in the past was just a trick he pulled to attract her attention—by pretending to be cold and then taking the initiative to approach Anna?

If this is the case, then Cooper is indeed a master!

Callum’s expression was incomprehensible. Secretly, Cade fished his phone out and sent Sophia a text message.

‘Is your dad trying to bed my mom?’

Sophia: ‘Bed your ass!”

Cade: ‘Sophia, you might become my sister tomorrow. Watch your words.’

Sophia: ‘F*ck off!’

Cade put his phone away and took a sip of tea as he pricked his ears up to focus on the conversation between Cooper and Anna.

There was nothing unusual about the conversation.

“It’s just a dog, and I still have to bother you to send it back in the middle of the night. I’m really sorry. Why don’t…” Anna let out a chuckle and continued, “I treat you to a meal tomorrow.”

After all, Anna had always wanted to talk about the company’s business with Cooper. But, the most important reason was that she wanted to get to know him better. There was something about him that made her feel like having a meal with him would be interesting.

Unexpectedly, Cooper rejected her. “I’m sorry. I have an appointment tomorrow.”

Checking the time, Cooper found that he had been staying for almost fifteen minutes. Quickly, he got up to his feet and said, “It’s getting late. I should stop bothering you now. Goodbye.”

This was what Cooper was supposed to be like.

Now that Cooper had decided to leave, Anna didn’t try to keep him. Standing up, she sent him to the door.

The moment she opened the door, a gust of snowy wind came rushing into the house. Subconsciously, Cooper went to the front and protected Anna, who was thinly dressed, from the biting cold wind.

“There’s no need to send me out. It’s cold; you should go back.”

He did not turn around and merely stood by the door as he said that. As soon as he finished speaking, he walked into the night quietly.

Piece by piece, the snowflakes that fell gradually made the night colder. They fell onto Cooper’s eyebrows and the tip of his hairs, but he didn’t seem to have noticed it.

He walked alone under the light of the lonely street lamps. His shoulders were covered with snow and dim lights, but his heart was a mixture of cold and warm.

As he walked, he found his face turning numb from the coldness, and he felt cold tears all over his face when he touched it.

Looking at the inky night sky above, he observed the never-ending snow that fell from the sky. They landed on his face like a knife cut. Every snowflake was like cuts on his skin, but he could only feel the pain in his heart.

He recalled the short meeting with Anna earlier. He remembered every word she said to him, and her smile was engraved in his heart. Countless times, he felt like he could not resist confessing at the very next second.

He had forgiven everything about her. She was just a lonely, weak woman. She did not want to live under the control of others, and she had her own hardships.

Suddenly, he remembered that night that was as cold as today. The both of them ran away from Bayside City to the south. While they were inside the green train, he noticed that something was wrong. Someone seemed to be watching them.

Anna took him away and they hid inside the train’s bathroom.

Inside the cold and dirty bathroom, they held onto each other tightly to keep one another warm. They did not dare to sleep throughout the night. Anna was determined to find a seat close to the bathroom because she knew that the killer was coming.

The killer was there to kill Cooper.

In the middle of their trip, they decided to change their plans and went to a place that was not part of their initial plan: the Ancient Town of Scarlett.

That was because Anna had leaked their plan to Jordan in advance. Therefore, no matter where they went, the killer would have found them.

So, Anna had to change their plans.

They thought that once they reached that place, no one would be able to find them. They had not expected that a postcard to check in with their family would expose their whereabouts—it was a terrible mistake in hindsight.

It’s all fate…

Cooper looked up into the sky. His boiling tears turned extremely cold the moment they fell from his eyes.

Anna, are we not destined to be together in this lifetime?

The floor-to-ceiling window in the balcony separated the world into two. Standing inside the warm room, Anna’s eyes were fixated on Cooper as he left in the snowy night.

She stared straight at his back—as if the sight would never bore her. After he left, she felt like he had left with a piece of her heart. The farther he went, the more intense the pain became. After the agony had reached its maximum, with a thud, Anna’s heart went numb, and she could not feel anything else.

She watched as he left, and when she finally came back to her senses, she found her face damp with tears.

What… What is happening?

While Anna wiped her tears away, she looked at the gradually whitening street in a daze…

The snow was getting heavier and a while later, they would cover up the footprints left behind by Cooper.

Sophia had been waiting for her father at home for a while now. Just when she was about to go out searching for him, he came back covered in snow. His limbs were freezing, and his eyes were dull and empty—as if something shocking had happened.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

Looking at the state of her father, Sophia was shocked. She quickly gestured Cooper into the living room. After removing his damp jacket, she found him a dry blanket to keep him warm before holding his cold hands to warm him up.

However, Cooper just held the blanket and went into the elevator to return to the third floor. With an emotionless face, he said, “Just leave me be. I need some time alone.”

Staring at the closing elevator door, Sophia was so anxious that she felt like a cat was scratching her heart, and her tears couldn’t help but fall.

Dad looks like he’s overwhelmed. Did something happen?

Did Anna hurt him?

Did something happen just now?

Immediately, Michael held her in his embrace and comforted her. “It’s okay. Everything will be fine.”

When he stared at Cooper, he felt like he saw the person he once was.

The person who once loved him no longer remembers him.

And he was the only one with that painful memory engraved in his heart.

He could meet her, but could not hold her; he loved her, but she had forgotten him…

After a sentimental moment, Michael was pleased all of a sudden.

You deserve it, Cooper!


After the meeting with Anna, Cooper seemed to have returned to normal. He went to his studio at Villa No. 2 every morning, came home for dinner, and slept at night.

He petted his dog and cat, and played with his grandchildren like he always did—it was as if that night had never happened.

However, Sophia knew that his heart had been cut countless times. However, no one could help him.

It was a dead knot.

During the weekend, Michael brought the whole family to a spa resort on Reverie Mountain to take a hot spring bath as planned. Before leaving, he went to check on Cooper.

“Dad, are you coming with us?”

Judging from his look during these past few days, he might not want to go.

However, unexpectedly, Cooper threw him a cold glance. “Am I not welcomed?”

Instantly, Michael chickened out. “Of course, you’re welcome to join us.”

The family departed to the spa resort on Reverie Mountain and was welcomed by Daniel with open arms.

The business of the spa resort had been particularly good. It was making good profits. It became a place where all the rich people in Bayside City visited during the winter. There were even natural sulfur springs that were very popular amongst the customers. The fact that Daniel had booked them one of the empty pools was considered to be very generous of him.

What Sophia didn’t expect was that the moment she stepped into the resort, she saw Callum, who was wearing an underwear with frog motifs, eating ice cream.

If Callum is here, Anna would be here too…

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