My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1173

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1173

Very important? Does it have something to do with the business?

When Cooper opened the document, he saw that it was an unnamed zip file with a large video file that was more than ten gigabytes. He proceeded to download the file.

Since Sophia often played games, the internet at Michael’s place was very fast, and the large file finished downloading in an instant. With a cup of coffee in his hand, he looked over some work documents while the video was being played.

When the video started, the quality was very poor. It looked like it was taken on a camera from decades ago. Judging by the background, the place seemed like a laboratory of some sort.

The subtitle read, ‘February, 199X’.

That was how Cooper used to record dates. For example, ‘Invented USB flash disk, age 18, 198X’.

He still used the same format now. ‘Carmen Sophia Fletcher, age XX, 200X’.

Glancing at the timestamp, he instinctively translated it as: ‘When Sophia was 5 months old.’

In the video, a man in a white lab coat was talking to the camera. Because the video was recorded a long time ago, the audio was not very clear. Cooper had to turn the volume up all the way to be able to get several audible sentences out of it.

“…mindwiping can cultivate completely loyal soldiers. After they lose their memories, we can mold a new personality into them as we please. It produces faster and more effective results compared to traditional methods. Traditional mindwiping techniques use torture to make people forget, which will inevitably cause physical damage to the test subject. My method, on the other hand, uses electric currents to damage memory nerves in the brain and cause permanent damage in order to achieve memory loss and reconstruct personality.”

“But, the experiment is not complete yet. We still need a large number of test subjects to carry out clinical trials.”

Cooper’s eyes narrowed. This person is Quinton’s mentor, the previous Phantom Wolf.

During that time, he had only met him once.

He was the person who invented those mindwiping techniques that caused Sophia, Celine, and Annabel to lose their memories.

After that, the video cut to two blond men who were bringing a thin girl into the frame. On the screen, the subtitle read, ‘Test Subject #19, female, age 19’.

The thin girl had her back against Cooper. She had black hair and looked Cethosian.

The moment the girl turned around, he was able to see her face. It’s her! It’s Annabel!

He felt as though he had just fallen into an ice cellar. All the hairs on his body were standing on their ends.

It’s my Annabel!

It was exactly the same girl in his memories, except she looked skinnier, the bones on her face were protruding, and the color on her face had turned ashen.

From watching the video, he immediately knew what was happening—Phantom Wolf was about to brainwash her.

She’s going to lose her memories!

At that point, Cooper almost slammed his laptop shut.

He could not get himself to watch that scene. He knew that it was, undoubtedly, a very painful process.

Especially since both his daughter and the woman he loved had endured that pain!

Right before his laptop closed, however, he heard a pristine voice.

“Leon… Did you meet Coop in Cethos?”

Cooper’s hands stopped moving.

What was that? Annabel just called me! Coop…

That name sounded like a name from a previous life.

He thought he would never hear it again.

Slowly opening the laptop back up, he saw the face that now only existed in his memories on the screen, and his eyes welled up with tears.

Annabel, did you come and look for me?

That person called Leon must have been the previous Phantom Wolf. He was the confidant of the Yard Family and was bestowed the Yards’ family name by the ancestors.

Phantom Wolf’s voice was heard in the video, but he did not appear on screen again.

“Yes, I saw him last month in Cethos.”

That was true. That year, Phantom Wolf had come to Cethos and met Cooper once.

He wanted to seek technical assistance from Cooper in his attempt to create terror in Cethos and engage in the illegal arms trade, but Cooper rejected him. They met several more times after that, but Cooper continued to reject him firmly.

When Annabel heard that Leon met with Cooper, she burst into a radiant smile, and her eyes filled with happiness—just like how he remembered her.

Looking at that smile put him in the depths of misery.

Who would have known that she would become the cold and heartless Anna Yard today?

Annabel inquired, “Is Coop doing okay? Did you explain my situation to him? Even though I lurked around him to bring him harm at first, I really do love him, and I’ve never actually hurt him before. He will understand. He will come back and get me!”

She became delighted. “I am a descendant of the Imperial Yard Family. We are a great match. No one will oppose our relationship again! Is the Mitchell Family also aware of my identity? Did they approve of me and Coop being together?”

Suddenly, her eyes darted around cautiously, and she whispered, “Did you find my children? I have twins; a boy and a girl. The older twin was born twenty minutes earlier. I gave my son to a nurse at the hospital so she could take him away discreetly. My daughter must be with her father now. I’m afraid that Jordan will do something to my children. I want to send them away secretly. You have to inform Coop so he can find and bring our children home!”

She kept asking about her children and Cooper repeatedly—as if Leon was her last resort.

Leon gave her ambiguous replies while he was busy preparing the machines to brainwash her with.

At that moment, she was probably still under Jordan’s control. She did not know that she was just one of Leon’s test subjects.

It looked like she had trusted Leon as she even begged him to send word to Cooper in Cethos.

She thought that Leon would help her.

It was all just wishful thinking.

She thought that because she was a descendant of the direct line of the Imperial Yard Family and the successor of the Ronney Group, she was a good match for Cooper, the future head of the Mitchell Family.

Once Cooper hears that I’m alive, he will look for our children, and come to get me. The Mitchells will not stop us from being together anymore. I can spend the rest of my life being happy with Coop.

But in reality, when Phantom Wolf met Cooper, he did not tell him anything about Annabel.

Annabel was deceived!

Unfortunately, she had no idea what she was about to face and was still waiting for Cooper like a fool.

Staring at the screen, Cooper felt like his heart was being stabbed over and over again.

Annabel looked very weak. Leon had to support her to the operating table and attach various devices to her. They shaved off a part of her head and stuck on numerous electrode pads.

Looking at the machines with fascination, she asked, “Leon, will my uterus really be fixed after this procedure?”

He lowered his head to hide his expression, but his voice came out eloquently. “Yes, this uterus can be transplanted flawlessly. I guarantee it will be a success.”

She smiled again. “You’re the best, Leon.”

His head was still lowered, but he did not say another word.

Then, he promptly began the operation for Annabel’s ‘uterus transplant’.

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