My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1171

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1171

After Linus finished eating, he returned to his workshop where he spent some time in his own thoughts. At midnight, he got up abruptly and went to Villa No. 8.

Since he had the entry card to the place, and his fingerprint was also recorded, he was able to enter the house easily. Going down to the basement, he found Quinton who was not yet asleep either.

How could he have fallen asleep like this?

Linus grabbed a chair and sat down in front of Quinton with the glass between them.

Quinton’s hair fell messily above his eyebrows, making him look rather unkempt.

The two locked eyes and neither said a word for several minutes.

Another few minutes passed before Linus softened his gaze and let out a sigh. “You used to study medicine. Why don’t you try to find a way? I don’t want Sophia to be alone in the future, nor do I want to see Carmen lose her father.”

Quinton ruffled his disheveled hair. His face, which was very similar to Theo’s, revealed the weariness of a turbulent life.

He was silent for a long time, then he finally spoke. “I was told that when my biological father passed away, he had suffered injuries that were past the point of saving. Before he passed away, though, the hospital wanted to freeze his body and send him back to Bayside City so he could be saved when better medical equipment existed. But, because local technology was not well-developed at the time, the freezing failed, and my father never made it back.”

A realization dawned on Linus. With a glimmer in his eyes, he prompted, “Are you saying we should freeze Michael now, then take him out later when we find a cure?”

This method was probably the best solution for Michael right now. They could freeze his body to preserve its current physical condition, then take him out later when they had more developed technology.

Quinton went on. “To my understanding, many influential people now choose to freeze themselves when they’re at the brink of death with the hope that they can be brought back to life when technological advancements permit it. I assume you’re also aware of this.”

Undoubtedly, Linus knew about this technology. The demand for freezing bodies among aristocrats was getting larger. Many of them had lived a life of glory and wealth, and were not willing to let it end so quickly. They wanted to prolong their lives over many more generations. In part due to its necessity in space exploration, the technology for low-temperature dormancy used in freezing bodies was being developed rapidly. This technology was known as cryopreservation.

Standing up abruptly, Linus turned around and started to leave with haste. Just then, Quinton called from behind, “Hey, I have something for your dad. He is definitely going to like it.”

“What is it?”

Linus felt perplexed as he turned back around. After Quinton was captured and taken there, he was stripped of his clothes and was only given an undershirt to wear.

Lifting the corner of his shirt, he removed the plaster that was attached to his waist and revealed a QR code that had been tattooed into his skin.

“What is that?”

“You’ll know once you scan it.”

Linus scanned the QR code and found a download page for a zip file.

Quinton insisted, “You must give it to your father. He will love me to death. If my brother dies one day, your father might be my father too.”

With a scoff, Linus downloaded the file to his computer as he was heading back out.

“In a few days, I will find a good time to send you back to Africa. You have also contributed to the research and development of this virus, so perhaps you can provide some help.”

Linus and the experts in Africa spent all night in an intensive discussion. After two days, they were able to give Linus a definite answer—cryopreservation was possible, but it naturally also depended on Michael’s willingness.

Not everyone was willing to freeze themselves.

Alas, Linus mustered up the courage to tell Michael about his idea.


It sounded like a term that he would only ever hear in science fiction movies. He did not think that it would have anything to do with him.

Michael gave a bitter smile. “Let’s talk about this later. It’s not time yet.”

There was still a multitude of things left to be done. How could he feel at ease being frozen during this time?

Carmen was still young, and Sophia had not achieved her dreams yet. He could not be absent from their lives now.

Linus was filled with self-blame. He felt a wave of helplessness and despair wash over him.

If only we could turn back time… Sadly, time will only ever move forward.

Over those few days, Linus grew haggard trying to find a cure for Michael.

Quinton’s arrival instilled a sense of urgency within him. He had to pay for his sins, but unfortunately, Michael did not want to carry on with the procedure now.

Who knew what would happen after his body was frozen? What if a mishap occurred midway?

If he closed his eyes now, who knew when would be the next time he would open them again? Would the people he loved still be around?

“Ha! So you guys were here!”

Sophia jumped out of nowhere and saw both Linus and Michael in a serious mood. I wonder what they were talking about.

Michael and Linus quickly changed the subject. For the time being, they still had to keep this a secret from Sophia to keep her happy.

Sophia seemed to have just gotten off work. She came home today with an unfamiliar corgi. Placing it in Michael’s arms, she announced, “This is our new dog. I’m going to call it Peach. Peach, meet your new dad.”

Michael frowned.

B*tch? Why did she give it such a vulgar name?

He pulled a long face and asked, “Where did it come from?”

“I stole it!” She gloated, “I passed by the Yard Residence on my way home today and noticed that no one was home except for this dog, so I took it.”

She’s proud of herself for stealing a dog!

While Sophia was in the shower, Michael held the dog, and the two looked at each other.

It looks exactly like a loaf of bread. How ugly.

At that moment, Linus stood up. “I plan to send Quinton back to the lab in Africa. You should bid him farewell when you can.”

With his head lowered, Michael kept petting the dog and did not say anything.

When Sophia came out of the shower shortly after, she turned the whole place upside down trying to find Carmen.

“Where is Carmen? Where did my baby go?”

Michael had been deep in thought. When he snapped out of it, he also realized that Carmen, who had been playing beside him the whole time, was no longer in sight. The nanny said that she had slipped away in a blink of an eye.

In a short moment, the entire house was in chaos as they searched everywhere for Carmen. Fortunately, they were able to find her within a few minutes.

She must have wandered off while playing.

Michael let out the breath he had been holding. When the new dog was brought home, Carmen had gotten more than excited and even laid her little snacks out to feed it.

While no one was looking, Michael headed down to the basement to talk about the idea of cryopreservation with Quinton.

As soon as he went to the basement and saw Quinton, however, he exclaimed, “Carmen came by here?!”

Quinton responded, “No, not even a single fly came through.”

Michael lowered his gaze. “Then, who did your nails for you?”

Quinton was in sandals. His toenails that were poking out the front were painted pink. It was obvious that it was Carmen’s work!

She even stuck crystals on them! I’ve never gotten such special treatment before. Hmph!

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