My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1170

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1170

Every word pierced through Linus’ heart.

He’s right. It will be on me too!

Because he wanted to kill someone he did not like without leaving a trace, he gave Quinton money to experiment on those drugs.

I’m an accomplice.

Falling into a deep silence, he turned around and left with haste.

“Don’t even think about leaving any time soon—not until I find a cure for Michael.”

Linus went back up the elevator. Once the doors shut, Quinton returned to a calm state and continued to sit there in a daze.

It was late in the night. Ever since Quinton showed up, aside from Carmen and Celine, no one else could really sleep.

Sophia went to bed with Carmen in her arms. Carmen thought that she had only gone out to play with Quinton today, but Sophia looked like she had been to hell. She was traumatized by the event and had nightmares all night long.

In her nightmare, she was sobbing in agony after someone took Carmen away, and Michael left her. When she woke up, she still felt unbearable pain in her chest.

Meanwhile, Carmen was sleeping soundly next to her and even kicking her legs.

Suddenly, Sophia noticed that Michael was not there. His side of the bed had gone cold.


Rubbing her eyes while sitting up in bed, she looked around and found him sitting on the sealed-off balcony.

It was currently 2 AM.

Very discreetly, she slipped out of bed and walked over to the balcony where Michael was drinking some wolfberry water.

When he saw that she had woken up, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

She buried herself in his embrace and hid her face in his chest. “I had a nightmare.”

Michael held her and murmured, “Dreams are always the opposite of reality. It’s okay.”


There was nothing simple about Quinton’s arrival this time. Something definitely happened. The anxiousness Michael felt was keeping him from falling asleep.

“Hubby.” She grazed her hand over his chest and said coquettishly, “Am I a burden to you?”

He let out a dry chuckle. “Don’t be absurd!”

Even without her, he and Quinton would still have this internal strife.

She was just a victim.

Cooper was so furious today that Michael did not dare to speak up.

He knew that Cooper was not mad that Quinton had kidnapped Carmen, but that Quinton had put Michael on his deathbed while the two were fighting. At the present moment, there was no progress at the labs in Africa. They had spent several years and underwent countless failures before finally conquering Virs-18.

It was the same in this case. They did not know how many failures they would have to go through before they would succeed in clearing the poison in Michael’s body. They were even less sure of whether he could make it until then.

If Michael died, Cooper would not be sad—he would probably even catch a salamander to cook and celebrate—but Sophia and Carmen would be devastated.

Cooper would do anything to cross through space and time, and return to thirty years ago. I would hold Annabel back and protect my children, then kill Michael and Quinton on the spot.

His daughter was innocent. Ever since she was little, she had suffered through a lot. Now that she had finally stumbled upon her incompetent father, she also met a doomed fate with Michael.

Michael knew that he was dying, yet he still did not want to let Sophia go!

If Michael had let her go back then, the two could have lived as though they were strangers, and Sophia would not be sad over his death.

Michael also felt remorseful. If he had known that his body would deteriorate this much, he might have chosen not to cross paths with Sophia in the first place.

But, who had a say when it came to fate?

Cooper searched his own heart for answers. Can I really forget about Annabel?

Of course not!

Sophia noticed that the people at home were acting strange ever since Quinton arrived. She did not know what was wrong, but the atmosphere just did not feel right.

For example, Linus had not come over to eat in days.

At dinner that night, people were rather quiet. Once the meal was over, they went off to watch television. Since Linus did not show up, Sophia packed some food to bring to him in Villa No. 2.

In the basement, Linus was in a video conference with experts at the lab in Africa.

Linus had funded the research on the poison that was in Michael’s body. Not only did he support it financially, but he also provided technical support.

When they were first studying this poison, they never thought that anyone could survive it. The fact that Michael was still alive was a miracle on its own.

Moreover, he did not ever think that this poison would end up being used on Michael.

“Linus, we need time. This task is too hurried,” the experts on the other end of the call repeated for the umpteenth time.

Linus was losing patience, but he still stressed, “I know. I know. I just hope you can pick up the pace. I’ll give you as much money as you need.”

With that, he ended the video conference and flopped on the ground dispiritedly.

How did this happen?

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Through the surveillance camera, he saw Sophia standing outside with food in her hands. The frosty cold had turned her face bright red.

Composing himself again, he got up and went to let Sophia in.

As soon as she entered the living room and saw Linus, she spotted a difference in him.

“Ew! Why didn’t you shave, Linus?”

Reaching up to feel his chin, he realized that his stubble had grown all over. His beard started growing extremely fast over the past few years that even just a few days without shaving made him look like Tarzan.

He let out an awkward laugh, but Sophia did not mind. “Come and eat. I’m sure you haven’t eaten yet.”

Once she laid the dishes down on the table, the sweet aroma filled the entire dining room in an instant. Because Linus had been living off of meal replacements and biscuits over the past few days, he felt hungry immediately and began gobbling down the food.

Sophia sat and watched him at the side. She probably thought that he looked interesting with the beard.

He was eating under her watchful gaze, but when he thought about the consequences she would bear because of his wrongdoings, the food became harder to swallow.

Despite being born at the same time, Linus was lucky enough to have met Cooper earlier on, but it was not the case for Sophia.

Midway through, hot tears started to sting his eyes, and he embraced Sophia at once.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry,” he apologized in a weak, tearful voice.

He wanted to apologize to her a thousand, or even ten thousand times over.

But, he knew that no matter how many times he apologized, she probably would never forgive him; he could not forgive himself either.

Sophia knew why he was apologizing. Michael once gave her a brief account of what had happened. He told her that Linus worked with Quinton and almost abducted her. Fortunately, he came around in time and helped to bring her home.

“Okay, okay, Linus. I forgive you. Hurry and eat your food!”

Suppressing the despair and pain he felt, he forced the food down his throat.

I will cure Michael, even if it costs me my life!

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