My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1168

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1168

Once the interview was over, Sophia and Cooper prepared to leave the place. Cooper calculated and figured they would arrive right on time to pick up Carmen from the kindergarten. As they walked over to the main lobby of the newspaper office, however, they happened to see the editor-in-chief welcoming several people into the building respectfully.

Suddenly, a familiar face was reflected in Cooper’s bleary eyes, stirring up a great reaction.

“Sophia! What a coincidence?”

Callum had spotted Sophia right away and called out to her in a friendly manner. Beside him, Anna was also looking over at Sophia and Cooper.

But, Cooper did not look at her once as though he had not registered her at all.

Sophia felt both mad and perplexed to see the three of them, but she still kept her composure as she gave them a greeting in return.

“Mrs. Yard, Callum, Cade. What brings the three of you to Cethos?”

Could they have come to spend New Years’ here?

In a mild tone, Anna answered, “We came here today to visit an old friend. I wasn’t expecting to see both of you here as well. This is such a coincidence!”

Sophia suddenly recalled that the head of that newspaper office was also a Yard.

“Indeed.” The two shook hands.

Anna also stretched a hand out to Cooper. “Mr. Mitchell, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Cooper had recently invented a miracle that shocked the world. It was labeled as a ray of hope for humans by foreign media. After Anna heard about it, she started to see him in a different light.

There were only a couple of men in this world whom Anna truly respected.

One of them was the mysterious Fass Michel who held the reigns of power in Michel Group, and the other was Cooper.

To save his daughter, Fass publicly revealed the formula to the cure for Virs-18, shocking everyone. Unfortunately, Anna never got a chance to see him.

Unexpectedly, Cooper acted as if he did not see her and walked right off, leaving her hand awkwardly suspended in the air.

To relieve the awkward tension, the editor-in-chief quickly came forward and grabbed her hand. “It’s great to have you here at our newspaper office, Mrs. Yard. Please come this way.”

A hint of disappointment grew in her eyes, but she did not let it show. As she followed the staff at the newspaper office inside, Sophia followed Cooper out promptly.

Concerned that Cooper would be saddened by Anna’s appearance, Sophia glanced at him with a concerned look, but Cooper did not seem bothered and still maintained an indifferent attitude.

When they arrived at Carmen’s kindergarten to pick her up, however, a piece of news hit them like a bolt out of the blue.

“We’re so sorry, Mrs. Fletcher, but Carmen has gone missing!”

Sophia’s mind went blank in an instant.

My daughter is missing?

“How did this happen?”

Cooper kept calm, but there was a slight quiver in his voice; he was staggering slightly as he held Sophia.

The security guard at the kindergarten admitted, “We failed to do our job. An unknown person came in here and took Carmen away!”

Since there was a history of Carmen getting kidnapped at her kindergarten, Michael felt uneasy and had placed someone there to watch over her. The abductor, however, had boldly knocked her bodyguard out cold today and abducted her. When the staff at the kindergarten could not find her, they made a report to the police right away.

Sophia lost strength in her whole body. It felt like someone had dug out a piece of her; she felt scared and helpless.

Who would kidnap Carmen? Could it be the Yard Family?

“Send people to the Yard Residence and Mitchell Residence now!” she commanded, but her body and hands were still shaking uncontrollably.

My baby, please be okay!

Currently, it seemed like the Yard Family had the biggest grudge against them. After Sophia wiped her tears away, she clenched down on her teeth and wanted to go to the Yard Family to ask them personally when she received a picture from an unknown number. The picture showed Carmen’s cute and smiling face.

She was happily eating a skewer while sitting on a seesaw. Under her tiger hat, her small face had turned bright pink from the cold.

Below the picture was a message that read, ‘Lunaville Children’s Amusement Park. Come alone.’

The sight of the picture inevitably sent tears rushing down Sophia’s face.

Cooper became enraged when he saw the picture and message.

“I don’t care who it is. I’m going to cut them up into pieces!”

Sophia yanked him back. “Dad, Carmen is still in their hands. Let me go and see how things are.”

Despite Cooper’s attempt to stop her, she hopped in the car and drove off to that amusement park alone. Enraged, Cooper quickly followed after her from behind. Soon, Michael and Linus also received news about Carmen’s disappearance and rushed people to the amusement park immediately.

When Sophia got to the place, she noticed that it was very remote with outdated equipment. Because they were at an outdoor amusement park on a weekday during wintertime, it was rather isolated and gloomy. She only saw a middle-aged lady who was knitting and collecting the entrance fee at the gate.

Sophia took out some money to buy a ticket and asked, “Did you see a little girl with a tiger hat come in here today?”

The middle-aged lady was very occupied with knitting, receiving the payment, and watching ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ on her phone. In the midst of everything, she answered, “A little girl went in there with her uncle earlier. She was very pretty, just like this girl on television.”

They’re really here!

As Sophia made her way inside, she stuck a hand into her coat where she had hidden a stun gun.

Carefully taking steps forward, she started to hear Carmen singing happily somewhere deep inside the spacious place. “La, la, la, planting a sun. La, la, la, planting a sun. La, la, la…”

Sophia held her breath.

She walked with even more caution and was incredibly nervous. Every sound she heard was amplified when it reached her ears.

As she continued to move forward, she quickly caught sight of Carmen. Carmen was wearing the tiger hat that was a family heirloom and squatting on the snow making snowballs. Sophia felt her heart rise up to her throat. When she was about to call out to Carmen, she saw Carmen stand up and run forward with the snowball in her outstretched hands. “Mister, I made this little kitty for you!”

A bare, pale, and big hand reached out to receive Carmen’s gift while the other fell on her tiger hat to adjust it. In a gentle tone, he asked, “Can you sing another song for me, Carmen?”

She chirped, “Sure!”

With that, she was off bouncing around and singing again. “Grow quickly, little pine tree. Green leaves and new sprouts. Let the sunshine and rain nurture you. Grow quickly; grow quickly!”

Sophia also caught a glimpse of the man. It’s him again—Quinton Clark!

Standing still in place, she was too afraid to move or take another step.

She might not have known the reason for Quinton’s return, but she knew that he was very dangerous.

Carmen finished her song and went back to stand in front of Quinton. In a child-like voice, she asked, “Mister, can I have another skewer?”

Quinton pulled his brows together. “You can’t eat anymore. Look; your mom is here to take you home.”

Carmen saw Sophia right away and started running happily toward her. “Mommy!”

Quinton stood up from the bench he was sitting on for the first time and looked at Sophia with a smile in his eyes. He took a couple of steps forward, but before he could say anything, a large troop rushed in and pressed him down on the spot.

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