My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1166

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1166

If Jordan left for Cethos, Ronney City would be under Anna’s control. If so, Anna and her two sons would have the opportunity to do many things…

In Bayside city, Linus was trying to investigate who was behind the grandmaster’s death. This is just too strange. It wasn’t me and it wasn’t Sophia. Callum did not admit to it; Cooper would never use such means; and Michael would have said something if it was him. So, who on earth did it? At present, Callum and Cade were the most likely culprits. Only they could place spies among Henry’s men, but Callum did not admit to doing it. Could it really be caused by some metaphysical reason? Could it be that they wanted to use the Dragon Blood flowing within the Yard Family’s direct descendants to cast a spell on Sophia, but her genes turned out to be stronger than theirs?

Henry and Ryan had stepped on so many toes that countless people were waiting for a chance to kick them when they were down. Now that the Ronney Fashion Week was a wreck, Bayside City’s fashion industry was jumping for joy. Everybody was working together to promote Bayside City’s fashion brands. They wanted the Fashion Week to succeed so that they could drive the Ronney Group out of Cethos, once and for all.

Still, Linus couldn’t rest easy until he got to the bottom of this matter. “Siri, bring up all the surveillance data from the Ronney Group’s vicinity, three days before and after the incident, and analyze them for any suspicious individuals.”

The housekeeping robot immediately did as was instructed. It downloaded all the surveillance footage from the Ronney Group’s vicinity from three days before to three days after the incident. Then, it ran a facial analysis and matched them to the criminal database. The analysis was completed quickly, and it reported, “The wanted criminal, Quinton Clark, was discovered at 9 AM, one day after the incident.”

Linus was shocked. Bringing up the surveillance feed, he saw a man in a security guard’s uniform cockily leaving through the Ronney Group’s main entrance, one day after the incident. That man even looked straight into the camera while he was on his way out. Quinton?! Why is he back here again?! What’s he up to now?!

During this period, Sophia seemed to be extremely busy. She was busier than Michael. She left the house early in the morning and came back late at night, every day. If that wasn’t bad enough, she also brought her pets with her to work. Sometimes, they were used for filming purposes; sometimes, they modeled for a fashion show. In short, it was hectic.

Carmen was still very young, and Sophia did not want her to be involved in the entertainment circle at such a young age. Therefore, her acting career was rather intermittent. Instead, she spent most of her time in school, only appearing on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ or shooting the occasional advertisement for the Michel Group’s range of children watches. Once in a while, she would also take on a cameo role in certain international movies. However, Sophia did not hold the same concern for her pets. There was nothing wrong with them following her to work. Besides, those who didn’t work, didn’t get to eat.

As the trailblazer for pet luxury goods in Bayside City, Sophia felt that she had to own several pets at the very least. When the fans recently learned that Taylor had nearly thirty pets at home, they clamored about stealing his pets from his house. However, nobody actually took any action except for Callum. Due to the frequent fashion shows, the pets were always going in and out of the house. That gave Callum more opportunities to make his move. He constantly sent people over to steal the pets, kidnaping a cat here or a dog there. Finally, Pleiades was successfully stolen too.

Michael was secretly celebrating Callum’s success in stealing the chicken. Unexpectedly, he heard Sophia calling Callum. “Return my chicken. In five days, it’s going to play a guest role in a movie.”

Callum said, “Sure.”

Two days later, a well-fed rooster appeared at the entrance of the residential area. At the same time, the giant poodle that was out for work was kidnapped.

At first, Michael was speechless. In the end, he got used to it. Callum would kidnap anything he took a fancy to. Meanwhile, Sophia would make a phone call to urge him to return the pets she needed. Two days later, the stolen pet would be dumped in front of their residence. Moreover, they were fed until they were plump and tender. Callum stole everything, except for the three huskies.

Damn retards! What’s the point of stealing the pets here and there? Besides, every stolen pet is shipped internationally! Are the delivery costs free?! Why don’t we just generously hand them all over to Callum?! Naturally, Michael could only complain under his breath. He had been paying close attention to his wife’s career recently. The fashion business was in full swing. After bringing Russell over to her side, things developed even more rapidly. The Remote Mountains Health Club Project she established in partnership with Daniel was expanding in scale. Plum Technology was gradually growing too. Those that supported Cooper had left Mitchell Group to work in Plum Technology—it was becoming the next ‘Mitchell’s Technology’.

At the start of the New Year’s, Plum Technology, a tech company started up by four university students to develop online games, finally surpassed Mitchell’s Technology in its own field. Plum Technology occupied a relatively large portion of the market share. It was comparable to that of the Michel Group’s Cethosian branch.

Mitchell’s Technology was once Cethos’ greatest pride as a national industry. It was Cethos’ calling card. Whenever foreign dignitaries visited the country, they fervently hoped to be invited to Mitchell’s Technology for an inspection. Bayside University and Mitchell’s Technology—one represented the country’s education while the other represented the country’s economy, However, since the start of the New Year’s, no foreign dignitaries were sent to Mitchell’s Technology for inspection anymore. That was a huge sign of what was to come.

Now, Mitchell’s Technology was declining at a rapid rate. It used to be a powerful dragon, brilliantly soaring in the skies. It used to shock the world with its innovations. But now, it was a withered and ailing dragon that could no longer move. It had lost its brilliance. It was just a matter of time before it died. Even if the Mitchell Family had the backing of the Yard Family, it would be to no avail.

The Mitchell Family’s annual family meeting was held as usual. The chairman, Alex, furiously threw the financial statements of the year on the table. Then, he gave a thunderous roar. “The share prices are falling! Our market share is shrinking! Mitchell’s Technology is growing weaker and weaker by the day! Who can explain this to me?!”

Nobody dared to say a word. They barely even dared to breathe. Ever since Cooper came back, Mitchell’s Technology began to weaken. Although Alex and everybody else understood the reason for its decline, they refused to admit it. Therefore, everybody started coming up with various excuses.

“The marketing department should take responsibility. Our marketing methods are still too old-fashioned. It’s a new era after all…”

“The product development department has the greatest responsibility. Our products have too many defects.”

Pushing the blame around, nobody dared to admit that they had benefited from Cooper’s original technology for more than 20 years. And now, those original technologies were no longer relevant. Feeling guilty, they could only push the blame around. In the end, Sandra stood up. She had remained quiet all this while but now said, “Many reasons led to Mitchell’s Technology’s decline. Not only are there external factors, but we also have many internal factors to blame.”

Stepping forward, she glanced at the Mitchell Family’s senior executives before sternly continuing, “Right now, the entire world is developing rapidly, especially in the high-tech industry. It has reached a point where it’s rapidly evolving. Every other country has been developing quickly, but Cethos is the only country where progress has slowed down. This isn’t solely the Mitchell Family’s fault.

Rather, it’s because the entire high-tech industry in Cethos has become stagnant. The Mitchell Family is still number one in the country. Aside from us, no other families can come up with products that are highly distinguished in the international market. As the entire industry is suffering from this stagnant development, we are no exception.”

Upon hearing those words, everybody nodded. That’s right. It’s not solely the Mitchell Family’s fault. The blame lies with Cethos’ slow development and poverty, which is dragging us down.

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