My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1164

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1164

Scowling fiercely, Callum stared at the soul-suppressing charm that spontaneously burst into flames in the video. He did not believe in the existence of supernatural powers. He was certain that somebody had done something to the talisman. For example, it could have been dusted with white phosphorus, which would spontaneously combust when it came into contact with air. That would create a supernatural atmosphere to fool others into believing it.

But, why would that person do that? Do they want the ritual to fail in front of everybody? However, they probably did not expect me to hire somebody to throw a firecracker at the altar. Did that disrupt and foil their plans? Is that why they killed the grandmaster? To make the incident bigger? Besides, who could it be? It’s obvious that they have infiltrated the Ronney Group. What is their purpose? Is it Sophia?

Callum could not figure it out. Still, a death had occurred at the Ronney Group. As a consequence of that incident, the Ronney Fashion Week that finally received approval from the authorities became a pipe dream again. The authorities rescinded the event application, and the Ronney Group was forced to shut down for several days to rectify and improve their company policies.

In the end, Henry finally managed to get himself out of the mess with the help of his best lawyer. However, this incident had come as a huge and unexpected blow to him—so much so that even the event had been bungled. For some reason, he blamed it all on Sophia. If it’s not Sophia, then it’s Callum and Cade! It’s also possible that they’re working together! Damn it; Callum and Cade should just die! They are only a few years older anyway! What’s so great about being the eldest son?! Mom promised Ryan and me that the entire Ronney Group would belong to us! Callum and Cade are just temporary placeholders working on our behalf! Ryan and I are the true future kings of the Ronney Group!

Anna was holding General in her arms as she watched the snow in the Royal Garden of the Ronney Palace. Looking at the scenery in front of her, she felt extremely melancholic. The Yard Family had brought their entire heritage over to Ronney City—even this Royal Garden was an exact copy of the Royal Garden of the Imperial Palace. Still, she couldn’t help feeling that the scenery here was not as beautiful as the one in Bayside City.

After going back to Cethos, she finally understood what homesickness felt like. The Yard Family originated from Cethos. Moreover, she grew up in Cethos until she was found and taken back into the family at the age of 20. Although she had lost all her memories from before she was 20, she subconsciously resisted trying to recall those memories… It was probably very painful and filled with sad memories. Since it’s painful, I should just forget them.

Over the years, she had subconsciously avoided thinking about those suppressed memories. However, she started dreaming about something this year. She dreamt that she was in terrible pain as something tore through her body and slid out of her. There were two of them. They felt soft and hot, and they were moving too… It felt like two babies! Unfortunately, the doctor told her that she suffered from stunted growth. Although she had her ovaries, she did not have a womb. So, it was impossible for her to bear children. Even her biological sons were birthed through a surrogate mother. Having never experienced the feeling of giving birth before, she always felt incomplete as a mother. But, in that dream… it felt like I was giving birth. Moreover, it felt very realistic—it felt like it really happened! Could those dreams be due to my yearning?

All of a sudden, she wanted to go back to Cethos again. She wanted to see the scenery in Cethos, eat her fill of Cethosian dishes, and meet somebody in Cethos. But, I don’t even know who it is that I want to meet. She had never felt this feeling before. It appeared suddenly after her return to Cethos and had been growing stronger and stronger ever since.

“Mother.” All of a sudden, Callum walked over to the pavilion Anna was sitting at as she watched the snow.

Anna wearily opened her eyes and said, “Drop the formalities; nobody else is here.”

He glanced about his surroundings, then the dignified mask disappeared instantly. He walked over briskly and sat down. Just like how a normal son would act when he came home, he called out, “Mom!”

Her gaze was soft as she studied her son with gentle eyes. Then, she replied softly, “Hmm.”

He happily said, “As expected, Henry and Ryan have messed up the Fashion Week. It looks like we won’t be able to hold the Ronney Fashion Week in Cethos. I should take over the Fashion Week again. The spring/summer collection cannot be delayed because of them.”

She smiled coldly. “It’s only for one season. No matter how heavy the losses, we’ll be able to bear it. Leave it to your two younger brothers; let them act as freely as they want. The bigger the losses they incur, the better.” The worse those two idiots are, the brighter my sons shine in comparison. They truly are that b*tch’s children. Their despicable and disgusting nature cannot be concealed. They will never be able to compare with my sons!

A baby alpaca playfully pranced around Anna. Afraid that it might be cold, Callum had put a pink padded jacket on it. Then, Anna patted its head and said, “They belong to other people. You should return them after playing with them for a few days.”

Callum smiled. “I’ll send them back after the New Year’s.”

The New Year’s… Those words flashed across her mind. They sounded very familiar yet very strange at the same time—it felt both cold yet warm. Although Ronney City celebrated New Year’s every year, it was far from the festive atmosphere found in Cethos. She suddenly wanted to return to Cethos to celebrate New Year’s; she wanted to see the neon lights that covered the sky…

It was rather busy before New Year’s. Therefore, Sophia would play games to destress whenever she had some free time. Callum and Cade were always online too. “Hey, my hubby is going to be featured in my self-published pets luxury goods magazine soon. Hurry up and send my pig back to me. You can steal it back after the photo shoot.”

I can steal it back after the photoshoot? Callum found her words rather amusing. So, he deliberately teased her. “Hmm? Isn’t it a pet magazine? Why would your husband be featured in it?”

She sounded upset as she said, “Everybody who watched ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ knows that we raise a pig at home. Besides, I started many social media accounts in its name, which garnered over a million followers. Since you f*cking stole my pig, I have not been able to update those social media accounts in quite a while now—so much so that the fans are starting to wonder if I butchered it for the New Year’s. Since my husband is going to be featured in the magazine, the pig will be too. So, hurry up and return it to me. I’ll give you a god-tier sword in return.”

Callum was rendered speechless by her words. Similarly, Michael rolled his eyes while playing games with her. The pig was stolen; why would they return it?

Unexpectedly, the Yard Family actually returned the pig. On one early morning, a pig cage appeared at the entrance to the residential area. Inside the cage was a noble and graceful pig wearing a pair of golden pants. When Sophia received the ‘express delivery’ from the Yard Family, she called Callum and said, “I’ve received the pig. It’ll be at the magazine studio the day after tomorrow for the photoshoot. Estimate the time yourself. You can secretly steal the pig back once we’re done with the photoshoot.”

Callum said, “Okay!”

Michael was speechless.

discovered that the Yard Family had kept it so well-groomed that it was a peerless beauty—so much so that it could go to the studio directly without her doing anything. Wow; the Yard Family even made my pig beautiful for me!

During this time, Sophia reorganized the various domestic fashion influences and established the Bayside City Fashion Association. She also successively acquired several fashion brands and fashion magazines. At the same time, she designed cosmetics, clothing, perfumes, jewelry, and pet luxury goods. She had Kenny, a big shot in the fashion industry, on her side. Meanwhile, Russell, who brought his business back to Cethos recently, had formed a deep cooperative partnership with her. Moreover, the Yard Family’s Fashion Week was ruined by the death of the grandmaster. Everything was going well for her. Thus, she was ready to put on a great show.

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