My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1163

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1163

In the middle of the night, the psychic grandmaster and his two sons were cleaning up the mess at the altar on the rooftop of the Ronney Group’s office building. Now that the grandmaster had messed up the ritual, Henry was sure to kick them out of the Yard Family.

However, the grandmaster was not convinced that he was at fault. My clan has always acted as the Yard Family’s psychic grandmasters. We were extremely powerful in the past, so why are my powers not working? Then, he searched for the leftover blood from Ryan and Henry that had yet to be used as well as a strand of Sophia’s hair. He wanted to redo the ritual. Preparing the altar again, he stood before it like a madman with disheveled hair. If it fails again this time… That can only mean that the end of the Yard Family is nigh! Nothing can save them anymore. If so, the meaning behind my existence as their psychic grandmaster will be gone too…

On the 32nd floor of the Ronney Group’s office building, Henry was pacing about anxiously. It was late at night, yet even the 32nd floor was not spared the pervasive smell of barbecue coming from downstairs—the magnificent Ronney Group building smelled of barbecue.

Was it Callum and Cade? To be honest, Henry wasn’t sure either. Still, he was very familiar with his two elder brothers’ capabilities and methods. All four of them were twins, and he too wanted to become the head of the Yard Family. Therefore, he had always been competing against them as rivals. Since we were young, Ryan and I have considered Callum and Cade to be enemies we needed to surpass. Would they let us breathe easy? While he was mulling over those thoughts, the smell of barbecue coming from downstairs penetrated his senses. It seriously impacted his ability to think. “Why is the barbecue stand downstairs still open?!”

Ryan replied, “We can’t chase them off. The city management authorities have gone off work. If we mobilize our private forces and things get out of hand, it will reflect very badly on us.”

Not long ago, they sent their security guards out to chase those people away. The incident unexpectedly turned into a large-scale security incident, and nearly forced the company to close its doors for self-inspection.

If only this were not Cethos… and this was my private turf; who would dare to set up a stall on my private territory?! “One day, I’m going to make it so that they can never run wild within my territory again!” Henry said viciously. At that moment, something black fell from above. It flew past the 32nd-floor window where he was standing like a shooting star and continued hurtling down toward the ground without pause—the psychic grandmaster had committed suicide by jumping off the building! Moreover, he fell directly onto the barbecue stand and died on the spot. The dead grandmaster lying in a pool of blood frightened the barbecue stall so badly that they fled several miles away. After that incident, nobody dared to set up a stall near the Ronney Group’s building for quite some time.

Before the sun rose again the next day, the suicide incident at the Ronney Group’s office building had spread across the entire Bayside City. Various short video clips were circulating on the internet. In the age of the internet, the suicide at the Ronney Group could not be kept under wraps no matter how hard they tried to sweep it under the rug. Once again, Henry and Ryan were taken to the police station to aid in the investigation. The entrance of the Ronney Group’s office building was cordoned off by the police, and the company was forced to shut down for several days. Somebody had died in the building; combined with the rumors from a while back, none of the employees dared to turn up for work. Besides, the employees were already feeling uneasy in the first place. That was why Henry had brought in the grandmaster to soothe their fears. Contrary to his expectations, the grandmaster had killed himself instead. The Ronney Group was finished! Even the psychic grandmaster was dead!

In Ronney City, Callum had just finished his lunch. He was preparing to attend a meeting after playing with the pig. To his surprise, his spy hidden in the Ronney Group sent him a message: ‘The psychic grandmaster fell to his death. No idea who the perpetrator is.’

He frowned. The grandmaster is dead? Could it be Sophia? Killing the grandmaster now will certainly muddy the waters. I wonder if Henry can remain in control of the situation and keep it under wraps now that somebody from the Ronney Group, a foreign enterprise, has died. I’m guessing he won’t be able to hold on for long. Sophia will probably take the chance to strike again and get rid of those twins while she’s at it!

Callum held no affection for the psychic grandmaster. However, that grandmaster had devoted his entire life to the Yard Family. Even if he did not produce results, he still worked hard for them… Callum felt that the grandmaster’s death was a shame, but he had nothing much to say about it aside from that. In the struggle for power, human lives are nothing but cannon fodder.

In Bayside City, Sophia heard the news about the death of the Ronney Group’s grandmaster in the morning. The office building of the Ronney Group’s headquarters must be at least forty stories. Falling to one’s death from the rooftop… That’s really cruel… I wonder who did it? Did the Yard twins throw the grandmaster off the building in a fit of rage because the ritual failed and they couldn’t cast a lethal curse on me? Or, did Callum take the opportunity to frame his younger brothers? In any case, Henry and Ryan are goners. Somebody died. Moreover, it happened during the busiest time of the night. I wonder how much panic the sudden death caused?

Later, Sophia asked somebody to go to the police station to ask about the incident and soon received an answer. According to the statements given by the grandmaster’s sons, the grandmaster reportedly committed suicide by jumping off the building. That night, they were undoubtedly performing a ritual to cast a lethal curse on Sophia at the rooftop of the building. During the first attempt, somebody had thrown a firecracker at the altar and disrupted the ritual. During the second attempt, the grandmaster carried out the ritual again before going insane all of a sudden. Crying and laughing at the same time, he yelled, “The heavens have abandoned the Yard Family!” Then, he jumped off the building.

The police were rather doubtful about the grandmaster’s ‘suicide’ incident. There were no witnesses, videos, or audio recordings of the incident. Moreover, the grandmaster’s neck was bruised from being strangled. Based on the marks, they were made by Henry.

On the other hand, Henry said nothing whatsoever while waiting for his lawyer to arrive. At present, there was no evidence of him murdering the grandmaster. In the same vein, there was no evidence to prove his innocence either. Therefore, the police couldn’t do anything to him.

Callum had been paying close attention to the news in Cethos. After he caught up on the latest news, he immediately called Sophia. “This trick of yours is truly wonderful! Using the death of the grandmaster, you completely destroyed the favorability Henry had built up with great difficulty. There’s no evidence to prove him guilty, but there’s no evidence to prove him innocent either. That’s the most amazing part of it all! Despite knowing that he is the murderer, the police can do nothing! Not bad; they will definitely suffer in the future.”

On the contrary, Sophia became puzzled. “Weren’t you behind the grandmaster’s death?”

He frowned. “I thought it was you.”

Thus, both of them were bewildered.

If neither one of us did it, then who did? Could it be Michael or Cooper? But, they would have told me if they were the ones behind it. In the end, this incident turned into an unresolved case. However, Sophia couldn’t be bothered to investigate the incident since it had nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile, Callum was very sensitive about the issue. If it wasn’t Sophia’s doing, then that could mean that a fourth party had entered the fray and was secretly stirring up the waters. Therefore, he quickly obtained a surveillance recording of the incident. Since Henry was afraid that somebody would gain ammunition against him for doing something like that, he did not dare to set up any surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, he could not prevent Callum from gathering evidence of the incident; Callum had sent somebody to secretly set up a pinhole camera in advance to record the entire incident.

In the video, the grandmaster’s hair was in disarray, and he looked like a lunatic. He was using Henry and Ryan’s blood as ink as he drew a magic spell on some blank talismans. He wanted to use the strength of the Dragon Blood to curse Sophia to death. However, the soul-suppressing charm spontaneously burst into flames mid-way through the ritual! Looking at the soul-suppressing charm in disbelief, he suddenly burst out into insane laughter. “The heavens have abandoned the Yard Family! The heavens have abandoned the Yard Family!” After saying that, he dashed out of the pinhole camera’s view, and his sons immediately ran after him. What happened after that remained unknown. Callum did not know if the grandmaster had committed suicide or if his sons had pushed him off the building…

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