My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1162

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1162

Henry had been bragging about the psychic grandmaster and praising the grandmaster to the moon and back. He also claimed that the grandmaster could be traced back to the Yard Dynasty thousands of years ago. The ‘grandmaster’ title had been passed down from generation to generation, and the grandmaster’s powers were boundless. As long as the grandmaster used his powers, Sophia and her party members would be completely wiped out, all the ghosts and monsters would have to retreat, and the Ronney Group would quickly return to normal.

However, the employees were very doubtful. Will this really work?

The ritual went smoothly. Using Sophia’s hair as a guide, the grandmaster used the Yard Family’s Dragon Blood to write a magic spell that would suppress her vitality. In the future, she would never threaten the Ronney Group again!

“Bow to the heavens!” The psychic grandmaster’s voice rang out like a huge bell. He took the lead and knelt on the ground, bowing in the direction of the altar. The Yard twins followed suit, and the rest of the employees followed their example. The core staff of the Ronney Group, as well as several other employees, paid their respects in unison. It was quite a spectacular affair.

“Again!” Everybody bowed again.

“Again!” They bowed again.

The employees that did not understand Cethosian culture seemed to be confused while those that understood were feeling ashamed. All of a sudden, they smelled gunpowder in the air. A firecracker flew from somewhere and landed on the altar.

Boom! The firecracker blew up on the altar. The animal offerings, the spell, and everything else on the altar exploded. Pork and beef were scattered everywhere, and the Ronney Group’s employees were so scared that they fled while screaming.

Shocked, Henry left the rooftop under the protection of his bodyguards. He had wanted to calm the people’s hearts, but they were now more distraught than before. It seemed as if Sophia and the JNS Group had reached a point where they could no longer be suppressed by the Dragon Blood. After this fiasco, the entire company was shrouded in greater panic. The Ronney Group was going down! Even the psychic grandmaster could do nothing!

The ritual had failed and the rooftop was a complete mess. Subsequently, the psychic grandmaster was caught and dragged to Henry for questioning. “Speak! Were you the one who secretly sabotaged the ritual?!”

Somebody had thrown a firecracker at the altar while everybody was kneeling, which led to the ensuing commotion. Standing in front of the altar, the grandmaster was in the perfect position to do that!

Looking at Henry’s savage expression, the grandmaster began to tremble. “I wouldn’t dare, Young Master Henry!”

Henry interrupted him furiously, “Who else, if not you?!”

The grandmaster was so scared that he prostrated himself. “I don’t know either… It was perfect! Something must have gone wrong! Somebody must have sabotaged the ritual!”

“Believe me; I’m going to throw you off the roof! I’ll make sure you die painfully!” Henry exploded violently. His emotions were out of control, and he was like a wild beast.

The ritual had failed. Contrary to his intentions, it terrified the people in the company even more. Henry dragged the fifty-year-old psychic grandmaster to the window and held him out of the window. It was a steep drop to the ground from the glass window. Therefore, the grandmaster was so scared that he cried and begged. “It really wasn’t me!”

Unfortunately, Henry did not believe those words. Gripping the grandmaster’s neck tightly, his nails tore into the grandmaster’s skin. His eyes were bulging out of his sockets, and he had completely lost control of himself.

“That’s enough!” Ryan stopped Henry in the nick of time. “There are surveillance cameras on the rooftop. I’m sure we’ll catch the culprit!”

Unfortunately, the surveillance cameras on the rooftop had been turned off. As this was supposed to be a superstitious activity, Henry did not want to leave any evidence of the ritual that could make people’s tongues wag. Therefore, he had turned the surveillance cameras off. I can’t believe that somebody took advantage of that loophole! He was so furious that his veins were bulging. It felt as if there was a cannibalistic beast inside him that could jump out at any time. Then, he suddenly thought of somebody. “It must be his doing!”

At that moment, Sophia was battling inside the Swordsman Game. She was carrying Callum and Cade while fighting monsters. These two are complete noobs! I’ve never met such noobs before!

All of a sudden, Callum said, “Excuse me, I need to answer this call.”

He paused his game and answered the call. However, he did not turn off his mike. Moreover, he left his phone on loudspeaker… as if he deliberately wanted Sophia to listen in on the conversation. Thus, Sophia perked up her ears and listened to the sounds coming from his side. The first thing she heard was an angry roar; that person had lost all control of his emotions. “You were behind the firecracker thrown at the altar, right?! You did it on purpose! You’re afraid that I might take hold of the Cethosian market and affect your standing in the Yard Family! You… are such a schemer!”

Sophia could not tell whether it was Henry or Ryan. Aside from the color of their hair, she could not find another aspect to differentiate between the two of them. Based on voice alone, they were even more indistinguishable. Callum seemed extremely surprised after listening to the rant. Then, he looked worried and confused. “Altar? Firecracker? Henry, what are you talking about?”

Sophia nearly burst into laughter. So, Henry really did set up an altar to cast a curse on me! Moreover, Callum threw a firecracker at the altar?! Not bad; not bad. If it were me, I would have done the same thing!

Henry sneered and nearly grounded his teeth to dust. “Who else could it be but you?! My beloved elder brother… do you think I wouldn’t know about what you did?”

Callum clicked his tongue and pretentiously said, “Although I don’t know what happened, it seems like you did something you shouldn’t have done, Henry. How many times have I told you before? Cethos is different from other countries. If you want to integrate yourself into Cethos, you must first understand their laws and regulations—”

“That’s enough!” Henry coldly cut off his sentence. “I don’t need advice from you. Who do you think you are?!”

In return, Callum pretended to be angry. “Since you won’t listen to my advice, then I can only give you a stern warning as your elder brother. Back when you vowed to take control of the Cethosian market, Cade and I provided you with the resources and money that you wanted. I gave you everything you wanted! If you still can’t produce results, then go back to school and study for a few more years.” After that, he rudely hung up and continued playing his game.

On the other side of the phone, Sophia finally spoke up. “Wow; are you not going to confess to your crime?”

He continued playing his game as he replied, “What crime? All I did was ask somebody to throw a firecracker.”

Listening to him, she found it rather strange. It seemed like Callum had placed many of his men around his two younger brothers to act as his eyes and ears. “You’re pretty amazing to place spies among Henry’s men. So, why won’t you make a move yourself? Could it be that you can’t bear to do it yourself?”

His smile stiffened slightly. A long while passed before he quietly replied, “Mom has taught me this since I was young: ‘On the path to greatness, even family can be sacrificed’. What are two younger brothers?” The main reason is that we still don’t have complete control over the Yard Family right now…

Sophia hurriedly interjected, “Shh. Don’t say that out loud; Cade is listening!”

However, Callum didn’t seem to mind. “Don’t worry. That’s what Mom taught him too.”

“You’re weird.” Sophia could not understand their family and the way they did things at all.

After she finished playing her game, she left her study and went back to the bedroom to sleep. When Carmen heard Sophia moving about, she ran out of her room. Hugging a small frog plushie, she pouted cutely and said, “Mommy, I want to sleep with you.”

Sophia happily picked Carmen up and went into the bedroom. Then, she placed Carmen on the bed between her and Michael. Michael was sleeping deeply. Even so, he noticed the two of them coming in. Rolling over, he held Carmen in his arms as he slept. Sophia studied her husband and her daughter, a tender and loving emotion washing over her. On the path to greatness, even family can be sacrificed? Bah! Some people might be willing to sacrifice their families for the sake of power and wealth. But, I only want my family and the people I love to be safe and sound. I have to forge ahead bravely and fearlessly for the sake of my happiness!

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