My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1159

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1159

“What?! The alpacas were stolen?! When did this happen?! Why wasn’t I informed about this?!” Sophia became distraught when she heard that her alpacas had been stolen.

Hale replied, “It happened on the day we went to see Russell Simmons. Maria called in a panic to inform us that the alpacas had been stolen. The alpacas were at the shop for their photoshoot, shooting promotional photos of the new products. However, they were stolen in broad daylight as soon as they stepped out of the shop.”

Michael hurriedly asked in a worried tone, “What about Pleiades? Wasn’t Pleiades with the alpacas that day?”

Pleiades was the rooster Carmen was raising. Since they were raising it at home, they couldn’t just keep calling it ‘the rooster’. Therefore, Cooper named it ‘Pleiades’. The name ‘Pleiades’ came from one of the constellations in the 28 Mansions, which were part of the Cethosian constellation system. Depicted as a rooster, the constellation was famous for pecking a centipede to death in Aesop’s Fables.

Pleiades had made its debut among the pet owners’ social circles in Bayside City on Twitter. Sophia even made a series of outfits for it. She also highly recommended raising a rooster in the pet luxury goods magazine she created. As a result, there was a sudden chicken-raising boom in Bayside City, and the price of roosters soared because of her.

If I remember correctly, the rooster joined the alpacas for the commercial photo shoot. The Gods must have heard my prayers, Michael thought to himself.

Hale glanced at Michael. Despite the worried look on Michael’s face, the slight upward curve of his eyes told Hale that he was very excited. Thus, Hale regretfully reported, “Due to Pleiades’ strong survival instincts, it put up a fierce struggle, broke free of its diapers, and flew up to the roof to escape. It has returned home and seems to have calmed down. It’s doing relatively well.”

Michael was extremely disappointed when he heard those words. Useless! The Yard Family is so useless! They can’t even steal a chicken! Good-for-nothings! Trash!

On the other hand, Sophia was livid. “The Yard Family! Why is it the Yard Family again?!”

She had been busy over the past few days—so much so that she didn’t pay attention to the Yard Family. Now that she was less busy, she immediately video-called Callum. Callum was working in his office. However, he answered her call despite his hectic schedule. Sure enough; the video showed a pair of alpacas in the background. No, there was a baby alpaca too—the pair of alpacas had given birth to a cria. I can’t believe the Yard Family went so far as to steal the cria too!

The three alpacas seemed to be doing quite well. They had their own nest in his office, wore gold-colored bow ties, and even had servants giving them massages. Their fur was shiny and smooth—they looked much more refined than before!

“How could you… You couldn’t even spare a child! You beast!” She was so furious that she jumped to her feet.

He patted the baby alpaca on the head and proudly said, “A family should stay together.” Sticking his little finger up as he patted the alpaca, he said, “By the way, I heard you won Russell Simmons over to your side. That’s amazing! Russell isn’t bad; he’s very capable. I tried to acquire his brand many times in the past, but my attempts never succeeded. I can’t believe he agreed to work with you so readily!”

She sneered, “The Yard Family murdered his entire family, yet you expect them to work with you? How ridiculous!”

Acting as if he did not hear her cursing at him, he took out a gold baby bottle, picked the baby alpaca up, and carefully fed it with the bottle. At the same time, he pretended to be sad. “My two younger brothers are trying to surpass us. For that reason, they’ve always wanted to bring Russell over to their side. This time, Russell not only snubbed them, but he also joined hands with you. With my two younger brothers’ temperament, they will go to the extremes to get their revenge. You need to be careful.”

Her expression darkened. As expected, Callum is here to fan the flames. He is afraid that things will get swept under the rug without much fuss. “Don’t worry. If they dare to harm me, then I will retaliate in kind.”

After he finished feeding the baby alpaca, he skillfully patted it so that it burped. Then, he pretended to be worried about her as he said, “They won’t do anything in Cethos. The risks are too great since you are a Cethosian. They will probably strike before you return to Cethos.”

She said, “I’m hanging up.”

In response, he hastily said, “Wait! I have another important thing to tell you!”

She coldly replied, “If you have something to say, say it quickly.”

Callum smiled slightly. “I stole your three huskies too!”

Sophia did not answer. Not long after that, Maria called. As expected, the dogs had been kidnapped. Cereberus had been stolen!

It had been snowing in Bayside City recently. Therefore, Stanley took the three huskies out to enjoy the snow. While walking the three dogs, he walked in front while the three dogs followed behind him. The leashes were stretched tightly when they suddenly loosened without warning. By the time he looked back, only the leashes were left—the dogs were gone. Then, he burst into tears with a loud wail at the sight…

Sophia decided that she was going to kill the two Yard Family members. Since ancient times, many factions fought against each other in the royal family. Since Callum is forcing my hand, he can’t blame me for this! I can’t believe we have the same blood running through our veins. If I don’t kill those two younger brothers, I won’t be able to live down the shame!

When Michael heard that the huskies had been stolen, he was so pleased that he nearly jumped for joy. Hurray for the Yard Family! They finally did something right! Don’t give up! Next time, steal the chicken too!

Soon, the family prepared to return home. On the way to the airport, several black cars silently approached their car. Sure enough, the Yard Family wasn’t going to let them leave so easily. The Yard Family’s movements were restricted in Cethos, but this wasn’t Cethos and the journey to the airport was the best time to strike.

Inside the car, Cooper took out a pair of noise-canceling headphones and put them on for Carmen. Then, he lovingly said, “Carmen, can you sing a song for me, please?”

Carmen was not in a good mood today. Before she left the country, she had decided to marry Cash, the husky. However, Sophia told her yesterday that Judge had fallen in love with a female husky and eloped along with its two sons. They were not coming back anymore. Hence, her mood was heavy, and the songs she sang were not as lively as they were before.

She sang, “He must love you very much; more than he loves me.” Next, she sang, “Memories of us bring tears to my eyes; it’s too lonely to be alone.” Lastly, she sang, “Breakups should be graceful; no need for apologies.”

Cooper was rendered speechless by the songs she sang.

While Carmen was singing those songs, several missiles flew by from out of nowhere. The black cars that were following them were hit by the missiles and went up in flames… The Yard Family forgot that this was Africa and the highway to the airport belonged to the Michel Group.

On the other side, Sandra was anxiously waiting for news while feeling excited and guilty at the same time. This time, it was somebody Billy hired. He guaranteed that nothing could go wrong—Sophia and her family would never return alive. Unfortunately, they had not received word about the outcome even though it was already midnight.

Thus, Sandra was so anxious that she couldn’t sleep. She had a feeling that things weren’t as simple as they thought. The men they sent out had not reported back to them, and she did not know if their attempt had succeeded. Unable to sleep, she walked out of the house. Her trip overseas was for work, and she had been going all over the place during this period. As she was going to be in Ronney City for the next few days, she stayed at an exquisite villa in the suburbs outside Ronney City with Billy. However, she was feeling nervous for some reason. Walking around the streets in the middle of the night, she saw a ball of fire falling from the sky and landing on the house she was temporarily staying in.

Boom. The entire room burst into flames. Billy, who had been sleeping on the second floor, jumped out of the second-floor window. His entire body was covered in flames as he rolled on the ground, screaming in pain. Meanwhile, Sandra was utterly dumbstruck by the sight…

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