My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1157

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1157

The fault was his, but he did not dare to look into his heart.

“Daddy!” whispered Carmen as she ran toward Michael and plunged herself into his arms.

“Auntie fell asleep!”

Upon hearing that, Russell turned around and checked on his wife, only to see her fast asleep with a satisfied smile on her face. She was sleeping soundly and looked quite comfortable.

Since their daughter had left them, he had never seen his wife sleep so peacefully before.

As he looked at her, Russell tried hard to keep his tears from falling.

Perhaps, the time between them and their daughter had already ended… It had been three years. They had to let go of the past now.

In the end, Russell agreed to be part of Sophia’s Bayside Fashion Week. Besides, he wanted to expand his fashion business in the Cethosian market.

He then sent Sophia and the others to the front door.

Waving at him, Sophia said, “I’m leaving for Africa tomorrow and I’ll send someone to pick up Mrs. Simmons.”

Carmen followed suit and waved at Russell. “Goodbye, uncle.”

He waved goodbye to them.

The group went back with satisfaction, especially Sophia, who was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Now that she had sealed the deal with Russell, her fashion week was on a whole different level.

The following day, Russell brought his wife to meet up with Sophia before following her to Africa.

On the second day after they landed in Africa, Sophia was very busy dealing with Mrs. Simmons’ cornea replacement surgery.

On the other hand, Michael went into a secret laboratory with Linus.

After a series of examinations and a discussion between seven to eight experts, the experts informed Linus with regret, “The toxin in Mr. Michael’s body is very strong. With the current technology, there is no way to remove it. All we can do is inject him every now and then with a detoxification drug to temporarily suppress the toxicity.”

The result was within Michael’s expectations.

When the pregnant Sophia was kidnapped by the Phantom Wolf, Michael was cut by a poisoned knife. If it were not for Hale injecting him with a detoxification drug on time and sending him to the hospital, the toxin would have killed him right on the spot. His determination had also saved him from danger, but the toxin had already entered his blood circulation. Within the past few years, there was no way for them to remove the toxin from his body. So, he could only receive injections from time to time to ease the situation.

Even Quinton had told him that there was no cure for this kind of toxin.

At the moment, he could only take a shot every month to suppress the toxicity. However, after a month, the poison would attack again and ruin his immune system. If he refused to take the shot, he would die from various complications and infections.

He didn’t know when the detoxification drug would lose its effect, or when he would give in and collapse.

He was afraid of being sick and getting injured. If something went wrong with his body, it was very likely that his body would lose its balance and he might…

If he was down, what would happen to his wife and daughter?

For several years, he had been looking for ways, but unfortunately, there was no cure at all. Even Cooper didn’t have any idea.

Sitting on the surgery table, Michael was deep in contemplation with his head held low. Linus patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t be discouraged. Dad personally ordered his staff to make sure that you’re cured. Give them a few more years. You’ll definitely be treated. Don’t forget; it was our lab that came up with the cure to Virs-18. We might need some time, but please have some faith.”

Although Michael didn’t tell Sophia, he didn’t conceal it from Linus and Cooper. Cooper also did not want his daughter to live the rest of her life in sorrow, so he specially asked Linus to bring Michael over for a body checkup.

Michael nodded in response. Even if there was no hope, he wanted to try. There was no way now, but it might not be the same in the next few years. Cooper’s team had come up with the cure and vaccines for Virs-18, so of course, they would be able to treat this little illness.

Linus then leaned in to check on Michael’s shoulder. He had been receiving injections recently, but to make sure that it went unnoticed by Sophia, the needles used were so small that the entry point would be completely undetectable.

“Why did you take so many jabs?”

Michael explained, “The detoxification drug needs to be injected seven to eight times each time. I also had a contraceptive injection because I’m not fit to have kids now. I have to be responsible for the lives of chica and our future child. I kept my sperm in the sperm bank a few years ago. If things don’t work out in the future, we can only try IVF. Even chica had her ovum stored there too.”

Observing the needle scars on Michael’s arms, Linus was startled. Michael relies on these injections to sustain his life.

What if one day his body developed resistance to these drugs?

All of sudden, Sophia came out from nowhere.

“What are you guys doing?”

Her sudden appearance startled both Linus and Michael.

With a shocking expression on her face, Sophia marched toward them.

“Linus, why are you touching my hubby’s chest?”

It was only then that Linus realized his hand was resting on Michael’s chest. Like lightning, he withdrew his hand immediately.

He was only checking out the scars on his chest!

Unfortunately, there had already been a misunderstanding.

Sophia had never expected to find her husband being touched on his chest by Linus when she could not find them anywhere!

Caution filled her eyes in an instant because Linus was bisexual!

He liked women, but he also liked men!

“It’s a misunderstanding, Sophia. Please don’t overthink.” Linus continued to explain, “Michael has been filming for many years and has left many scars behind. We’re just trying to find a way to get rid of them.”

Michael removed his shirt earlier when he was undergoing the body checkup. Immediately, he put his clothes back on and said, “Linus was just looking at my scars.”

However, Sophia was skeptical. She felt like they were hiding something.

Linus and Michael finally persuaded her after a session of heated explanations.

When Mr.and Mrs. Simmons arrived at Michel Town, the medical department set up a special team to treat Mrs. Simmons’ eyes.

Her condition was similar to Sophia’s, so they could only implant an artificial cornea as a temporary solution.

When Mrs. Simmons was sent into the ward after a successful operation, Russell leaned against the wall of Michel Town, looking at the world outside of the walls.

This was once a dead land. The neighborhood was filled with batches of dead men. When most people came to know about the cure created by the Michel Group, they walked here on foot to ask for the cure, but unfortunately, most of them died on the way.

Only some of them were lucky enough to get here, though they were greeted by a closed gate and the ruthless employees of Michel Group.

Perhaps, his daughter had come here too…

He heard that Fass disclosed the formula of the cure in order to save his infected daughter and finally, his daughter survived.

Yet, as a father himself, he could not do anything.

After the incident, he wanted to come to Africa. But, he could not even rent a plane. Africa had been locked down and by the time he finally arrived, he could not even find his daughter’s body…

Holding onto the wall, Russell knelt down slowly. He lowered his face and his tears dropped onto the cold ground.

Chloe, Dad is here again. Where are you?

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