My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1156

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1156

That must be Russell’s wife.

Walking over with concern, Russell said gently, “They’re just a few random people. I’m kicking them out now and I’ll take you to the backyard for a walk in a minute.”

When facing his wife, Russell had a warm expression, but the moment he turned to the others, he became harsh and cold again. Immediately, he shooed them away. “Leave now. I don’t have the time to entertain you.”

Sophia was about to say something, but she was interrupted by the pleasant sound coming from Hale’s trouser pocket.

“Little swallows in flowery clothes, visiting here every spring…”

Taking his phone out, Hale saw that it was Maria again. Just when he was going to hang up, Sophia stopped him.

The phone continued to ring, and Carmen’s sweet voice spread throughout the house.

Her voice was like the sound of a lark, as well as a gentle, sweet wind, which made anyone feel refreshed listening to it.

The ringtone was recorded by Sophia when Carmen was singing it live. It was not tuned, presenting a very genuine and original sound—as if she was singing in their ears. It was like some kind of magic that could heal any wound.

Everyone seemed to like it when Sophia used Carmen’s song as her ringtone, so they set theirs too to listen to it at any time.

When Mrs. Simmons heard Carmen’s voice, her tensed brows relaxed—as if all of her worries were gone at that moment. There was even a hint of satisfaction in her smile and she was clapping along with the tempo.

The call went on for a while, but Maria hung up after finding that no one was picking up; the sweet voice was gone as well.

When Carmen finished singing the song, she even called out, “Mommy, did I sing well?”

The moment Mrs. Simmons heard the sweet little voice saying ‘mommy’, she smiled softly. “That was so nice. Just like our Chloe…”

Although she was smiling, there was no hint of happiness in her eyes. Her tears that were mixed with blood hung in the corners of her eyes.

Looking at her bloody tears, Sophia’s heart flinched. She felt like someone was strangling her throat. For a moment, she could not breathe smoothly.

Their daughter was dead in that catastrophe.

Sophia had experienced the virus outbreak herself. It was like the end of the world. When she walked her way down the path, there were only dead men. She saw white people, black people, and even Asians. There were those from prominent families, poor people, the elderly, and even children.

She was lucky to come across Nicole and Cooper and it was Cooper, who had saved her life.

But, there were a lot of people who had turned into decaying corpses on the street…

Feeling upset, Sophia lowered her head and did not speak.

Seeing that his wife was crying again, Russell immediately ordered, “Send the madam back.”

However, Mrs. Simmons reached out and grabbed his hands. She said, “Russell, I still want to listen again!”

Russell’s eyes were full of sorrow.

Losing his child hurt him more than ever. And, now that his beloved wife had become like this, he felt like his heart had been cut by a knife.

He pulled his wife into his arms and said, “Chloe… has been gone for a long time.”

Chloe was their daughter.

She grew up fond of thrilling activities. Three years ago, she went on an adventure with her friends in Africa. But, they had not expected that she would be infected by the Virs-18 and die over there. Her body was picked up by the local anti-epidemic organization and was burned to prevent the spread of the disease. Until now, they had not even seen her body.

Smiling bitterly, Mrs. Simmons said, “I know… I know. It’s just that I think the song earlier was very nice. I want to listen to it again.”

As if she was praying, she requested, “Where is the child? Can you ask her to sing it again for me, please?”

Russell seemed to have sobbed for a second. He remembered his daughter, who had not been found until now, and when he looked at Sophia, his eyes were blurred with tears.

“I agree with your deal… Just let my wife listen to her voice again.”

Twenty minutes later, in the garden of the Simmons Residence, Carmen’s sweet voice was heard again. This time, it wasn’t the ringtone playing from the phone, but her in person.

“I’m a painter; I’m good at painting…”

Carmen was singing and dancing in the garden. Mrs. Simmons was seated in the wheelchair next to her and her face was full of satisfaction. She looked extremely content and her slender fingers were tapping along against the wheelchair. She was completely immersed in the song.

Now that someone was willing to listen to her, Carmen sang with all her might. She loved dancing and singing and often held ‘concerts’ back home. She was even selling her ‘concert’ tickets in the kindergarten, which were pretty expensive—it was five Amons per seat.

Seeing that his beloved wife was finally happy after such a long time, Russell’s eyes were still full of tears.

“If my daughter was still alive, she would be 21 years old now. Since young, she had been very rebellious and loved to seek excitement. Even though her mother and I were against her decision to visit the uninhabited valley in Africa, she went anyway. We did not expect her to never return since then. I knew very well that Africa was suffering from diseases at that time and there was a war going on, but I couldn’t stop her.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t stop himself from sobbing and choking on his tears.

Michael, who was standing next to him, patted his shoulder and said, “Calm down. It’s all in the past.”

As a father, Michael understood that no ordinary man would be able to put this kind of grief behind.

However, Linus, who was standing on the other side, did not dare to speak even though this matter had nothing to do with him and the Michel Group. To donate the cure was not the obligation of the company. The worst they did was deciding not to save the people in need…

Still, he felt sore in his heart.

Russell wiped his tears away and he looked like he was a few years older than Michael, though they were almost of the same age.

Recalling the experience, Sophia had a lot more to talk about.

“Back then, I survived that catastrophe…”

That was a memory that she didn’t want to remember.

Until today, she still did not know how she got through it. Perhaps, it was fate. Cooper gave away the cure he had invested billions in after he found Sophia. Not only had he emptied his stock, but he also sent experts to all major pharmaceutical factories to guide the production of the cure without charging them. He had even disclosed the formula of the cure and vaccines to the public.

He spent billions to find the cure, but he got nothing in return. However, he was still very happy because he got his daughter back. Billions were nothing compared to his daughter.

Wiping his tears, Russell sobbed. “All these years, I’ve put the blame on others. But, the fault… was actually mine. I’m an incompetent father—a coward who tried to avoid responsibility.”

Perhaps, it was the end of the fate between the father-daughter pair.

Chloe Simmons was at the time when she was the most rebellious. She wanted to explore Africa and, unable to stop her, Russell locked her up. But, he didn’t know that the uncontrollable Chloe would climb out from the window and fly to Africa with her friends. They went in a group of seven and none had returned.

A few days after the death of Chloe, Michel Group publicized the formula of the cure to Virs-18.

If they had done it a few days earlier, Chloe might not have died.

And that was why he had put the blame on the Michel Group!

However, deep down in his heart, Russell knew that if he had been a competent father and talked to his daughter in time, things would not have turned out that way.

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