My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1155

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1155

For several years, Cooper and Linus’ team had been researching the Virs-18, spending billions and failing countless times before they finally came out with the cure. As a businessman, the main reason Cooper tried to develop the antidote was, of course, to make profits.

But, poor countries in Africa were reluctant to contribute money or any mineral resources. They refused to pay for anything, thinking that Cooper would be kind enough to be their savior and provide them with a free cure and vaccines. They even condoned the armed forces to rob hospitals that were under the Michel Medical Group.

In a fit of anger, Cooper shut down all the channels for the sale of the cure.

Africa had always been suffering from a variety of epidemics, and the Virs-18 was just one of the more ferocious ones. It had the highest death rate and the lowest chance of recovery. One would die very quickly after being infected and only Cooper had the cure to it. So, why would anyone think that he would be willing to give out the cure?

It was true that he did nothing to save the others from danger, but the cause was Virs-18, not him. He was just a businessman who sold medicine.

If it were not for the fact that his daughter was infected, he would not have been willing to invest such a great amount to research the cure.

However, Russell seemed to have blamed the Michel Group for his daughter’s death and decided to egg them today.

“In my opinion, we should give up on Russell…” said Michael as he frowned, finding the whole situation complicated.

If they were to visit him once again, they would probably be beaten to death.

But, Sophia was stubborn.

“I have to go! If I can’t get Russell, I’m not going back home!”

Upon hearing that, Linus threw her a weary glance.

Now that Russell had decided to blame his daughter’s death on Cooper and Linus, although he did not know Sophia, it was sufficient for him to know that Linus was one of the Michels.

And looking at his attitude, he seemed to hate them more than the Yard Family.

Things are getting complicated now.

Still, Sophia was extremely stubborn. She was under the opinion that since Russell hated the Yard Family too, they would not be able to land a contract with him.

And thus, it would be the perfect chance for her to get him!

If Russell could join her Bayside Fashion Week, he would bring the event to a whole new level.

Recalling what happened with Russell, Sophia’s eyes twinkled suddenly and she asked, “Did you say that there’s something wrong with his wife’s eyes?”

The next day, Sophia went to the Simmons Residence again. She stopped 500 meters away from the manor, as she was afraid that she would be attacked by another wave of rotten eggs.

He’s not answering the phone, and I’m so far away from him now. How do I get him to talk to me?

“Say it as I told you to,” said Sophia to Hale, who was standing next to her.

With a loathsome expression, Hale took the loudspeaker out from the car and turned it on. Clearing his throat, Hale took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Simmons, I can heal your wife’s eyes! Mr. Simmons, I can heal your wife’s eyes! Mr. Simmons, I can heal your wife’s eyes!”

Hale’s amplified voice was spread across a 5-kilometer radius from where they stood, and it was as loud as the wet market in Bayside City at 6 AM. The sound scared the neighbors, leading them to come out to see what was going on.

The driver drove the car around the Simmons Residence again and again in order to make sure that Russell could hear them from all directions.

Michael and Linus were at a loss of words by the method.

From between them, Carmen’s little figure popped out.

“Daddy, what is Uncle Hale doing?”

Putting a pair of noise-canceling headphones over her head, Linus said, “Baby, don’t worry about it.”

Upon hearing that, Carmen pouted her lips and played with her dog. To make sure that she was entertained, Sophia even brought the giant poodle over to keep her company.

After a morning of harassing the Simmons Residence, Russell finally called them.

“Come on in.”

Sophia hurriedly went inside.

She found out from the others that Russell’s wife had the same eye condition as her. They lost their vision from crying non-stop and they needed a cornea replacement to be able to see again. Russell had been searching for a suitable cornea, but this depended on fate.

The Michel Medical Group developed the artificial cornea technology and Sophia had relied on that to see again.

This time, knowing what the main problem was, Sophia was finally freed from the barrage of rotten eggs and could meet with the legendary Russell Simmons.

Although his ancestors escaped from Cethos along with the Yard Family, they went back after that. Decades ago, Cethos suffered from a lot of disasters, and many had run overseas in order to survive. The Simmons Family was one of those.

Their family had probably only wanted to find a place to settle down.

Russell and Michael were of the same age, but as the fashion godfather, he dressed up very fashionably. Wearing the trendiest pajama design and sporting highlights on a few hair strands, he had a mysterious charm and looked like a handsome and sexy middle-aged man.

“Tell me. What are you going to do to cure my wife’s eyes?” said Russell coldly as he glared at Linus, who was standing by the side.

With the sentences she had prepared earlier, Sophia answered, “Hi, Mr. Simmons. I’m Sophia Edwards from Bayside City. I’ve introduced myself previously. About the eyes—”

“Two little babies on the phone! Hello! Hello! Hello! What are you doing…”

Suddenly, a light and pleasant children’s song interrupted Sophia’s words, breaking the serious atmosphere of the conversation. What was worse was that the sound originated from her purse. Sophia realized that she had not put her phone to silent mode and someone was calling her. The ringtone was a children’s song sung by Carmen.

As expected, Russell’s expression got uglier than before.

With an apologetic face, Sophia said, “I’m really sorry.”

Clumsily, she fumbled through her purse to find her phone. Seeing that it was Maria who was calling, she hung up without thinking, cutting off the sweet song sung by Carmen.

“I’m very sorry. Let’s get back to business.”

As she kept her phone back in her purse, she turned it to silent mode and decided to only talk to Maria after finishing with the big deal that was going on now.

She then proceeded, “About what happened with Mrs. Simmons’ eyes. To be honest, I—”

“Under the bridge in front of the door, swims a raft of ducks. Let’s count together, 34678…”

This time, the same loli voice was heard from Michael’s trouser.

His expression changed immediately, noticing that Russell’s expression had sunk to its limit.

Instantly, he took out his phone and had a look. It was Maria again. Quickly, he hung up the phone.

However, no one expected that after he hung up the phone and Sophia was about to say something, Carmen’s voice came out from Linus’ trousers too.

“Daddy, Daddy, where are you going now…”

Linus’ expression darkened. Under the glaring gaze of Russell, he reached out and took his phone out. It was Maria.

He hung up immediately and said, “Please continue with the—”

With a bang, Russell stood up from his seat and blasted, “I see that you guys are simply looking down on me. Someone, please send them out!”

“Mr. Simmons, please listen to me. I really came here to talk to you. I can cure your wife’s eyes,” said Sophia urgently.

But, Russell only wanted to send them away.

He had not expected a gentle woman’s voice to come from the other side.

“Russell, I think I heard a child singing earlier. Did a child come to our house?”

Looking behind her shoulder, Sophia found the voice, and her eyes met with the woman who was being pushed over in a wheelchair by a servant. A woman about the age of thirty was sitting in a wheelchair. Her eyes were empty, but she spoke very gently.

The woman had a very pale face and sadness overflowed her face. She said, “That was nice… Is there more?”

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