My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1152

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1152

After the fight between the security guards and the stall owners, Rooney Group fired the guards who had become involved due to the pressure of public opinion and had to recruit a new group to the company. Henry was sure that the people behind the plot had gotten the current group to work for them.

After the incident, it turned out that two of their security guards had vanished without a trace and their personal information was completely fake. It was only then that Henry realized that someone had been playing him!

But, it was already too late. News of the Ronney Group defaulting on the wages of migrant workers had already become headline news on social media and had been forwarded over a hundred thousand times. On the other hand, the official clarification post was only read by less than a hundred users. The company could not clear the blame that had been wrongly placed on them.

A Forbes 500 company and the king of luxury products had actually defaulted on the wages of its migrant workers! It was indeed true that behind the vermillion gates, meat and wine went to waste, while out on the road lay the bones of the frozen!

‘Yards, Get Out of Cethos!’ had been added to the New Year’s wishlist of many of the citizens of Bayside City. Both Henry and Ryan knew that the Ronney Group had been bamboozled and the culprit had a lot of people working for them. There was no way that only one person or a single family was behind everything. It must be a huge organization! Could it be that we’re not destined to take over the Cethos market? No, that’s impossible!

Recently, the Ronney Group had been the topic of a lot of negative news. They beat up stall owners; defaulted on migrant workers’ wages; were called out for discriminating against women; and their fashion week venue got rejected. There were rumors among celebrities in Bayside City that the Ronney Group had fallen prey to Daniel.

Master Levine’s skill was indeed extraordinary. He was capable of altering the Feng Shui within minutes, turning a highly demanded land into stigmatized property! It was also said that after Daniel’s strike, even the price of property near the company had fallen.

Who was Daniel? He was a well-known metaphysics grandmaster! The highest priest of the country! It was their family who had hosted the proclamation ceremony of the country!

When the incident went viral, someone found Daniel and asked for his opinion. But, all he did was act innocent. “What? Changing the Feng Shui of the Ronney Group? I didn’t do it! It was the subway construction company who had hired me to find them a lucky day before they started their construction work!”

However, no matter what he said, the series of inauspicious events the company had been experiencing had been blamed on Daniel. Nevertheless, Daniel knew in his own heart that he really did not do anything and was indeed there to find the best day for the construction of the subway line.

The traffic congestion was just a coincidence. However, every road was a road to wealth. If one wanted to be rich, one needed to repair the road. Now that the road in front of the Ronney Group had been blocked, their fortune had been blocked too, so naturally, they would not have any good fortune.

As to why the company could not pass the procedures, one would have to find out from the Yard Family themselves. They were a foreign company that caused a ruckus right after they entered the Cethosian market and offended a lot of people. It was their fault that they had failed to keep a low profile. Even Daniel had never seen such an arrogant foreign company before!

Comparatively, the Michel Group was much smarter. They followed every instruction given by the higher authorities and kept a low profile. With what happened to the Ronney Group, Sophia’s Bayside Fashion Week progressed even smoother. The higher authorities funded them and gave them all the necessary permissions. She had also decided on the venue of the fashion week and held it in the name of promoting domestic fashion. She was determined to promote Cethos’ luxury fashion brands to the world and create a bio-chain in the fashion industry of Cethos. One could see that she was very ambitious and a person who wanted to do great things!

When the Ronney Group first entered the local market, they were undefeatable. The country was eagerly in need of someone who could compete against the company.

Sophia also didn’t fail to speak her mind as to the matter of the migrant workers.

“Those migrant workers came to work in the city for a whole year. They carried steel bars every day, earning money with their own blood and sweat. It was so hard for them and how dare the contractor default on their payment! Now that the new year is around the corner, it would be miserable and pitiful for them to go back home empty-handed when their wives and children are waiting for them! So, I told them that I know the security guards at the Ronney Group and that they are allowed to put up a banner on the rooftop. The building is tall and anyone would be able to see it from afar. I was sure that the contractor would see it. That was why they went there! Can’t you guys see that I’m just trying to be nice? Look! The wages that had been defaulted for months were finally paid. The migrant workers also had no choice. They could only make a big deal out of things to get back their money. This society…”

With righteous indignation, Sophia talked about the difficult life of the migrant workers and the stall owners in the night market. She then criticized the idea of capitalism and ended her talk with the conclusion that an evil capitalist like the Ronney Group should leave Cethos!

Meanwhile, the head of the world’s second-largest weapons supplier, Cooper, sat on the side and did not dare to speak. However, it was also the first time he saw what a blow from the field of metaphysics was all about.

In fact, the so-called metaphysics was just a disguise Daniel presented to the public. He majored in psychology and engineering surveying, and even had a doctoral degree in psychology. Psychological warfare was the best of tactics.

From what Michael observed, Sophia was extremely brilliant. As expected from the daughter-in-law of my family!

After the move taken by Daniel, the staff of the Ronney Group were like cats on a hot tin roof. Many had resigned from their posts because the company had offended someone akin to the highest priest of the country. If they didn’t leave now, it would be too late.

Besides, there were also various rumors within the company. Some said that the utility room was haunted; some said that they heard weird noises in the cafeteria. Most of these rumors were just things that the staff made up to scare themselves, but because many people believed in those rumors, it naturally caused panic among them.

Furthermore, Kenny used his connections in L/K and the Ronney Group to bring over a lot of these staff to the JNS Group, pushing the whole Ronney Group to the edge.

The JNS Group was still in the middle of integration and they had only recently moved their building. Now that the Ronney Group was stuck by various procedures and had not yet applied for the venue, both companies could be considered to be neck to neck in Cethos. It was certain that Sophia’s fashion week would be able to go on smoothly. But, as to whether it could be a success or an embarrassment, it depended on her capabilities.

After all, the Ronney Group had many years of experience in the fashion industry. The moment they struck, it would undoubtedly be a success. Therefore… they couldn’t let the company run their show!

The Yard Family was caught off guard by this mysterious force from the East, and with the recent rumors within the company, Henry could no longer keep his cool and finally decided to make use of his own metaphysical powers to resist.

The Yard Family used to be a royal family. Back when they first left the country, they took all the civil and military officials with them. And amongst them was their psychic grandmaster.

All this while, the grandmaster had been living with the Yard Family, passing his name from generation to generation. Henry used to look down on them in the past. But, at this moment, they suddenly came to his mind and he quickly invited the grandmaster over.

The grandmaster had finally arrived. Under broad daylight, he began with his rituals. He was determined to force back the evil metaphysical power Daniel had attracted over.

All of Ronney Group’s staff came out to watch. There were even a bunch of pedestrians blocking the plaza in front of the Ronney Group. They were talking about the grandmaster’s ritual and taking videos of it, sharing it on all sorts of social media platforms like IG Stories, Tiktok, and Twitter.

Henry and his brother had to be present at the scene because the grandmaster would use their blood as the direct lineage of the royal Yards’ descendants to defeat the evil spirits freed by Daniel. Both of them felt ashamed by the ritual, but they could not stop the process once the ceremony started. They even had to give their blood out in public.

Unexpectedly, after the bloodletting, the police officers and city inspectors came. They then confiscated their ceremonial instruments and clothing, and also arrested their grandmaster. The reason they gave was that they had created panic amongst the public by promoting feudal superstition!

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