My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1149

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1149

Sophia replied, “The Michel Group’s business in Cethos is already saturated and my brother isn’t going to expand it any further. This slows down the strike against the Mitchell Family. Since the country only wants to keep a company in the high-tech electronics industry to compete with the Michel Group, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Mitchells. As long as it can compete with the Michels, anyone will do, like… Plum Technology.”

Lucy nodded in response.

Plum Technology started the company developing online games, so it had long since begun to involve itself in the high-tech electronics industry. It had also released a series of gaming computers and office computers, and owned a number of independent high-tech intellectual property rights. The market response toward their electronic products was good. The Mitchell Family had a lot of shares in the company, and that was why those talented in this field, who had left Alex’s company to join Cooper’s, were arranged to work in Plum Technology.

The Mitchells, including Sean, Vincent, and Derek, were all working for Plum Technology. The company even paid a lot of staff from Alex’s company to work for them, threatening Alex’s status one step at a time.

If the Mitchell Family was taken down, Plum Technology would act as a backup to support the high-tech electronic industry of Bayside City. By then, the existence of the Mitchells would be greatly threatened.

But, it really didn’t matter whether the Mitchell Family was taken down or not because the country was very much looking forward to Plum Technology taking over as the top local brand. This was the best opportunity for Plum Technology to take over the national market.

“You’ve made a good move. What about Sandra? How are you going to deal with her? After all, she’s the pride of Cethos; she created many world records in the past. No one has been able to break her records up till today,” said Lucy with concern.

Sophia had already thought about this problem.

“It’s true that Sandra is difficult to handle. I’ve tried a few times before, but the plans did not go well. She’s too famous in Cethos and has long become the face of the country. Even the relevant department doesn’t want her to be overthrown. So, we have to give the matter some more thought and discuss it later. If we fail this time, we might screw up the plan. But, I was the one who put her up to the place she’s sitting now, so I can also take her down.”

Sophia knew a lot about Sandra’s dark history.

However, the point was that Sandra had many achievements and had a good reputation. The records she set when she participated in the Universal Games as a swimmer had never been broken. She was the pride of Cethos. Although she was quite foolish, to take her down would be disgracing the face of Cethos, and the country would not allow them to do so.

No one should wash their dirty linen in public.

And that was why Lucy settled the issue with the dual contract without making a fuss.

She was not the only one who had lent a hand in settling the matter. It was naturally because someone else had given her the green light to do so in order to protect Sandra’s, the pride of Cethos, reputation.

Sophia retired from the discussion after it ended early in the morning. When she was out at the entrance of the pub, she was feeling tipsy. But, somehow, she saw a car parking in front of the entrance, and a familiar form was standing by the car smoking.

With a staggered pace, she walked toward the car.

When she came near the figure, she noticed that the person had a slender figure and they were wearing casual men’s clothes. The person had one of their hands in their pocket while the other was lighting a cigarette. The sky was still dark, but the person still wore sunglasses. Even so, the drunken Sophia could still recognize the person. “What the hell… Aren’t you the one from the Winston Family… Dana Winston? What are you doing here?”

Sophia was a little drunk and she couldn’t speak eloquently.

Stepping onto the cigarette, Dana threw Sophia a glance and said harshly, “What are you looking at? Have you never seen people pick up bodies in front of the pub?”

To pick up bodies in front of the pub was an argot that meant taking advantage of drunk girls who were leaving the pub.

“Ugh! How disgusting!”

Sophia was drunk to the point that she was flushing. Gemma helped her into the car and sent her back home.

Back at home, because Sophia had been out all night, Michael was sleepless the whole night. He was watching ‘My Fair Princess’ in the living room.

Cooper and Linus couldn’t fall asleep either.

Even Carmen, who had just lost her pig and buffalo, was restless. Sitting by the side, she was braiding the dog’s fur to relieve her boredom.

Feeling bored, Michael held Carmen high up in the air. As he looked at her, he said, “Tell me, Carmen. Your dad, your mother, and your grandpa are twins. How come there is only one of you?”

When Michael found out that there was only one child back when Sophia took her first ultrasound scan, he was disappointed for a few days.

Even now, he still couldn’t figure out why there was only one.

Pouting her lips, Carmen was annoyed. Due to the earlier trip she took to the northeast for the shoot of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, she had picked up a mouthful of northeastern accent. “I’m your one and only precious little daughter. How can you despise me?”

Immediately, Michael denied, “I wouldn’t dare.”

Carrying Carmen upstairs, Michael put her to sleep. When he came down, Sophia had already come home. Her face was painted red from the alcohol and she was eating the noodles she had told the kitchen to prepare for her when she came home complaining that she was hungry.

Cooper and Linus were sitting on both sides, watching as she consumed the food.

They looked like they were intoxicated with satisfaction—as if watching Sophia eating noodles was way more interesting than watching a panda eating bamboo.

One was a siscon.

Another one was a daughter addict.

Disgusting! Psycho!

Joining them, Michael took a seat by the dining table and watched Sophia as she ate the noodles.

How pretty! Why does she look so good even when she’s eating noodles?

Oh! How I wish I was the noodles she’s eating right now.

Subconsciously, he also started looking at her with a mesmerizing gaze.

Seeing that Sophia had finished her meal, Linus handed her a cup of water and said gently, “Eat slowly. There’s more if this isn’t enough.”

Michael was annoyed looking at Linus’ behavior.

Linus’ business in Cethos was saturated. If he were to continue with the developments, the relevant department would start checking his fire control, taxes, and business license every now and then. Thus, Linus decided to stop expanding his business in the Cethos market. He should have returned to Africa as planned, but he had been hanging around in Bayside City and was unwilling to leave. Looking at the situation now, it seemed like he was ready to settle down here.

Not only did he not want to leave, but he was even residing in Villa No. 2. As long as it was Sophia’s mealtime, he would make sure to come over and visit her, and even have his meal with her.

Is he afraid of me treating Sophia poorly and not giving her a full meal?

Why is he coming over to watch her at every meal?

Michael had never seen such an arrogant brother-in-law before!

Cleaning her mouth, Sophia started reporting the results of her talk with Lucy excitedly.

After the talk, everyone fell into their own thoughts.

They really needed time to take down Sandra, the sports hero of Cethos…

However, they would not know if they could take her down until they actually tried.

The following day, Sophia went out and brought someone back.

The moment Cooper, who was feeding his rooster in the living room, saw the person she had brought home, something cold flashed before his eyes.

“Isn’t this Master Levine?”

The last time they met, Daniel was trying hard to fool Cooper to take Michael as his son-in-law. Even though Cooper was smart, it took him a while to realize that he had been fooled.

When Daniel saw Cooper, he smiled. Sophia was very excited as she said, “Dad, I’m going to ask Master Levine to change the Feng Shui of the Ronney Group! I’m not only going to strike them economically but also metaphysically! I’m turning the headquarters of the Ronney Group in Cethos into stigmatized property!”

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