My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1147

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1147

Sophia spat those harsh words out.

Sooner or later, she was going to catch each of the four Yard brothers and make them pay!

At the side, Linus and Cooper had grown quiet as they looked at Michael who was trying to comfort Carmen in his arms.

Michael also looked back at them.

The three pairs of eyes met but none of them spoke up.

They felt like Sophia was spoiling Carmen. The mother and daughter practically brought home anything they found outside to raise.

Cats and dogs were one thing. They also put up with alpacas, lions, pigs, and chickens. But now, the two even wanted to raise a buffalo! A water buffalo!

They wanted to say no to them each time but could not bear to do it when they were so lovable.

Perhaps it was a good thing that the animals got stolen.

Suddenly, they felt grateful toward the Yard Family.

Cooper still thought that it was a bit unusual. He had a feeling that the Yard Family might not have been behind all of it. Nevertheless, stealing a buffalo in a helicopter was only something that the wealthy and extravagant Yard Family could do.

It was possible that this was an inside job.

In the current situation, though, the theft seemed like a good thing.

Cooper did not want to wake up the next day to find a giant water buffalo in their garden fountain.

If that were to happen, he would also find a pair of sheep on the balcony a few days after that, and an alpaca on the overhead roof in the days to come.

Callum still dropped in to provoke Sophia every now and then. Meanwhile, the pig looked like it was living a life of nobility, traveling around in sports cars and airplanes. It even had the chance, every day, to play with the noble cat that owned 1% of the Ronney Group’s stocks. The pig was living a very content life.

Callum even threatened to steal the chicken and alpaca.

When Michael found out, he was delighted for several days. But, even after the excitement wore off, the Yards still had not come to steal the chicken.

Pfft. That coward. He’s too scared to steal a chicken! Such a liar!

To get back at the Yard Family for stealing her pig, Sophia invested in opening the biggest seafood market next to the ancestral hall that the Yards had chosen. Just two days after their opening, the fishy smell spread across the vicinity and ended up lowering the prices of nearby houses by a few percent. People were also pinching their noses as they walked by.

The Yard Family’s ancestor plaques were also enveloped by the fishy smell.

Shortly after, Professor Hill, a professor from Bayside University’s history department who specifically did research on modern history, published a thesis that stunned other historians. Professor Hill uncovered the actions of the Yard Family when foreign allied forces invaded Cethos a hundred years ago. It caused a great stir among other historians. Domestically, many history professors came together and appealed to include the truth about this historical event in mandatory education and textbooks.

Apart from the community of historians, this also brought a great shock to the general public.

Who would have thought that the Yard Family had done something like that before?

Sophia was able to honor her word in making the Yard Family a test question in history textbooks.

She managed to tarnish the Yards’ eighteen generations of honor.

At the mention of the Yard Family now, there was only a stench to their name; one with a blend of fishy odors!

Michael kept feeling that Sophia’s tactics were no different from Callum and Cade’s.

When Sophia helped Sandra replace Natasha back then, and even locked Natasha up, the public kept replaying Sandra’s life as a noble lady after replacing Natasha. It was torture to Natasha and it eventually drove her to commit suicide.

Presently, Callum had stolen Sophia’s pig and was sending her pictures to show off whenever he pleased, making her almost explode with anger.

Thus, she tarnished eighteen generations of honor in the Yard Family.

After all, they did come from the same mother.

But, Michael still prayed that Callum would take his next step soon—like stealing one of their chickens!

The alpaca can wait, but Carmen is about to introduce a mate to that big rooster. If he doesn’t come and steal it now, it will be too late!

At the Yard Residence in Ronney City, Callum was keeping a close eye and intended on provoking Sophia. But, it did not seem like he had to intervene anymore because she was already ready to tear his younger brothers to pieces to avenge their pig.

After Callum stole the pig, he still wanted to steal a chicken and mess with the dogs just to aggravate her further. To his surprise, the pig was enough to get her riled up. A series of actions had already taken place on her end.

The Yard Family’s reputation in Cethos had been ruined.

It seemed like that was Sophia’s retaliation from being provoked.

Without approval from the relevant department, however, who would dare to do such a thing?

It showed that Cethos had already started to deal with the Yard Family. But, of course, the people in charge did not have to do it themselves; they just had to pay someone behind closed doors to take action.

Tarnishing the Yard Family’s name was the first step. It laid the foundation for a more precise follow-up attack.

Nevertheless, Callum did not panic. Let them deal with us if they want to. For the time being, he had given up on the market in Cethos.

But, his two younger brothers who had offended the locals would not have it easy!

In fact, it was so much fun to watch.

He did not care about the stench at the ancestral hall anymore. Once his two younger brothers were gone, Anna would show up to help them. As long as the Yard Family was sincere, lucrative, well-behaved, and showed their generosity through the donation of cultural artifacts, Cethos would still be willing to accept them back.

After Sophia ruined their name, she continued to take more action.

First off, she disclosed the agreement with Kenny and purchased several local fashion luxury brands in Bayside City all at once. Then, she reorganized and upgraded the current Pourl, and founded the JNS Group. She appointed Kenny as the art director while publicly signing over a group of employees that used to work at the Yard Group.

Furthermore, she took the lead in building the luxury goods industry in Bayside City with the government by uniting local luxury brands, the High Fashion Association, the Jewelry Association, and other officials. She wanted to revive the Bayside Fashion Week that had been neglected for years and create a Cethosian fashion week where they would announce and promote their local fashion goods to the world.

It looked like she wanted to consolidate the overall strength of Cethos’ local fashion industry and have a face-off with the Ronney Group.

Would she succeed?

As Callum petted the pig, he watched Sophia carry out her big plans. That’s impressive. I hope she doesn’t get too disappointed!

Both Sandra and the younger Yard twins also saw through Sophia’s actions.

“She wants to compete with the Yard Family in fashion. Sophia, you’re overestimating yourself!”

Sandra could not contain her laughter after hearing the news.

Henry and Ryan also thought that Sophia was only indulging in her own imaginations.

The fashion week was not a simple matter. It was an event that everyone knew about. There were four major classic fashion weeks in the world that were impossible to topple. One of which was the Ronney Fashion Week. It was a grand occasion in the global fashion industry. It ranked at the top of the four fashion weeks and bore down on the other three fashion weeks.

Bayside Fashion Week?

It had never been heard of before.

Just the idea of buying Cethos’ luxury goods sounded so unsophisticated.

Moreover, the supposed Bayside Fashion Week was very old. Some unrefined ‘luxury goods’ business owners had created a knock-off of the Ronney Fashion Week. It was terrible. They were unable to hire even a single big name from the fashion industry. Even those that were invited refused to attend as it was humiliating.

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