My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1146

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1146

Most of the wealthy people in Cethos had migrated out of the country. The rich had no say in official matters as rights were placed above capital, but in some foreign countries, capital was placed above rights. Naturally, the rich knew where paradise was.

Anna, Callum, and Cade had a firm understanding, but the two newbies did not seem to have grasped the idea yet. Thinking that they were above everyone else, they caused trouble as soon as they arrived. Even though Sophia had a part to play in blowing up the issue, and they were not fully responsible for it, all the blame would still be put on the Yard Family.

Suffering a loss to capitalism, Sophia had another fruitless day and was starving by the end of it. After grabbing something to eat, she looked at the time and saw that it was almost time for Carmen to come home from kindergarten.

Michael had the kitchen staff prepare salamander today to help Sophia replenish her energy.

Meanwhile, Sophia quickly sent someone to the Harper Residence to bring their pig home and clean it up before Carmen returned.

Raising a child was a struggle. Every time Michael brought Carmen to film ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’, she insisted on bringing a memento home, and it was usually a living creature. They were about to run out of space at home.

The last time they went up northeast, they brought several Siberian roe deers back to raise at their farm outside of the city.

These days, Carmen had even been begging Michael to bring back the water buffalo from the farm to raise at home.

Sitting there, he felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck as he watched a rooster in diapers walk across his magnificent golden living room. Suddenly, Sophia cried out, “Oh no! Our pig is gone!”

Michael almost wanted to clap with joy, but he still put on a concerned face and asked, “How did it go missing? Did you forget to lock the door before leaving the place?”

The pig was kept at the house that the Harper Family used to live in. They sent the pig there every morning and brought it back every night. Someone would go there to clean the place every day. No one was stationed there permanently, but the door was always kept locked.

To their dismay, when they went to pick the pig up today, they found that the door had been pried open, and the pig was gone.

Cooper frowned. “How did it just disappear?”

It was just wrong for someone to steal a pig in broad daylight!

Sophia was in a panic. When Carmen doesn’t see the pig later, she is going to be devastated.

Even after Carmen got home, however, they were unable to find the pig. Looking at the surveillance footage, they found that someone had pried open the door and abducted the pig in a car, but the car had vanished.

Because it was just a pig, Sophia did not take great steps to search for it. She thought it was a bit much to start a search party for a missing pig, and that it was better for them to just lay low.

Nonetheless, Carmen began crying when she realized that the pig was gone, and Sophia had to spend quite some time consoling her.

By nighttime, Carmen had stopped crying. Sophia was now famished and began gobbling down all the food on the table.

At the same time, Michael was holding Carmen in his arms as he fed her. The loss of her beloved pig put her in a depressed mood today. While she ate, she looked sad and anguished with tear stains still on her cheeks.

In the end, the case of the missing pig came to naught.

They discussed all night, but still had no clues to pick up from. The pig was still missing.

However, the next day, Sophia received an unexpected video call from Callum.

“Hi, Sophia!” He greeted her in the video call. The background showed that he was in the Yard Family’s garden. Cade also appeared in the frame and was seen petting a pig.

The pig was clothed extravagantly and had a presumptuous look on its face—even the diaper it was wearing was golden. It was currently playing with Anna’s cat, the cat that had its own shares in the Ronney Group.

It was Carmen’s pig!

“You… really stole my pig!”

Sophia was so angry that the veins in her head were popping out.

Callum was carried away by his own success. With a bright grin, he said, “That’s right. I stole your pig! I even sent a private plane out just to bring the pig here. Are you mad? Come and beat me up then! Hahaha!”

Cade added, “Sophia, don’t you think you’ve been raising your pig too poorly? Look. I even put Pourl’s jewelry on it and it looks so good!”


The Yard Family was filthy rich and also had a cat for the pig to play with. Surely, it was not going to leave their place now.

On the other side of the video call, Sophia was about to burst.

How bold of them to steal my pig right under my nose!

“Return the pig to me!” She stamped her foot.

Petting the pig on the head, Callum provoked, “Return it to you? Stop joking around, Sophia. We took a big risk stealing this pig. We can’t give it back!”

Sophia was boiling with rage.

Callum and Cade were trying to infuriate her.

They wanted to use her as a marksman to attack their two younger brothers!

She took a deep breath. “You will pay for the consequences of your actions one day. I’m going to kick your whole family out of Cethos!”

Callum put a hand on his chest and pulled his brows together. “Oh, I’m so scared. Aren’t you scared, Cade? Sophia wants to kick us out of Cethos! Haha!”

Cade was grinning and was even more brazen. “We’ve taken over all the markets in the world. Losing the Cethosian market won’t affect us! What is Cethos in comparison to the whole world?”

Callum added, “Keep an eye on your pets, Sophia. I might send someone to steal them again!”

Sophia hung up the call out of anger.

The pig was a small matter, but their provocation was apparent.

The Yard Family really went too far in pushing people.

But, it seemed like she was able to gather some clues from their conversation—to destroy their younger brothers, they were willing to lose the big Cethosian market!

It looks like they have a rather big grudge against their brothers.

They were not up to any big schemes. They only wanted to steal some irrelevant animals to provoke Sophia.

Callum continued to send pictures to her every day to flaunt the lavish lifestyle the pig had at the Yard Residence.

Even though Sophia was boiling with rage, there was nothing she could do. Moreover, she had to become a marksman for them to destroy their younger brothers who were threatening their share of the inheritance.

Once Michael knew about Callum and Cade’s infuriating actions, he urged, “We have to keep a close eye on the livestock at the farm and the pets at home to stop the Yards from stealing from us again!”

It was not just an animal-theft issue now; their pride was also at stake.

Even though Michael kept watch and increased manpower, many of the livestock that Carmen had at the farm was stolen—the cows, sheep, deer, and most importantly, the water buffalo. Sophia had promised a heartbroken Carmen that they would bring the water buffalo home and raise it in the fountain to make her happy. She did not think that it would get stolen right after the promise was made.

The workers at the farm called to inform them. They had never seen someone steal such a big draft animal before.

“They came in a helicopter to steal the animal! Goodness! They made such a big scene just to steal a buffalo!”

When Carmen heard about it, she was upset for several days.

Sophia was so exasperated that she did not have an appetite for a while.

The Yards are too atrocious!

“Just wait until I catch those twins. I will strangle them to death!”

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