My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1145

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1145

A sports car was parked next to Sandra, and the two brothers were sitting inside.

“Hey, doll. Do you want to play a game with us? It’s a sandwich game. You’re welcome to join anytime!”

Henry whistled softly at Sophia, but she did not even spare them a glance.

They were still too immature.

One of them thought he could live off the title of world champion for the rest of his life while the other thought he could do as he pleased because he was part of the Yard Family.

With a turn, Sophia went straight into her car. On the other hand, Kenny was burning with indignation.

He almost lost his life.

Because Callum and Cade were the ones who promoted him, and Callum had appointed him as the main representative in Cethos, the first thing that Henry and Ryan did when they took over was to get rid of all of Henry’s people, which included Kenny.

Kenny had built the foundations of L/K in Cethos from the ground up and was unwilling to simply hand everything over. Little did he know, though, that he would get into an accident right after he refused them.

Henry even took a step further by threatening and harassing his family. Fortunately, Stanley heard about it and immediately moved his family somewhere else before anything could have happened!

Henry still seemed relentless. Getting down from the car, he leered at Sophia. “I heard that a designer of yours almost died. Tsk. Tsk. That’s unfortunate.”

Ignoring him, she said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

With that, her car quickly left the area.

Then, Sandra also left along with the Yards.

Sandra was beyond pleased to see how defeated Sophia looked this time.

She had not expected things to go that well.

It’s so nice to have the sturdy Yard Family behind my back.

In all sectors of Bayside City, whether it was the underworld, the police, the military, the government, or the business world, people had to give them the upper hand.

It was said that the Yard Family nearly caused Cethos to perish one year. Over the years, the power of one family made it difficult for Cethos to advance forward on the international platform.

Since having the Yards behind her back, she became invincible, not just in Bayside City, but in all of Cethos!

Inside Sophia’s car, Michael was currently reading the news beside her.

Pictures of the killing that took place on the airport highway were plastered all over the internet.

Ivan and Kenny’s assault and the killings that took place on the airport highway were not just confined to the fashion industry. They also stirred up the general public, easily gaining the attention of the higher authorities in Cethos.

This was Cethos’ capital after all!

Cethos was a country that banned guns and drugs. In terms of security, they ranked in the top ten in the world. If they caught anyone who dealt with drugs and illegal firearms, they would execute those people by shooting without hesitation. The underworld controlled by the Winston Family of Bayside City also acted under the control of higher authorities.

The person at the top tacitly consented to the existence of the underworld, but he did not allow them to meddle in the lives of citizens or create fear in the city. Most of the time, they tied up loose ends that the police were unable to.

All these years, the Winston Family had worked conscientiously in the underworld of Bayside City, which was essentially Cethos’ underworld. People still had to sleep with their doors locked at night, but with the combined efforts of those on both sides of the law, heinous crimes rarely happened in the city. The last time a major incident had happened was when Quinton held Mark hostage.

It was hard to believe that someone actually had the audacity to firearms and injure others repeatedly in the capital of Cethos, leading to a security issue and instilling terror. It was a silent declaration of war, not just against Bayside City, but against the entire nation.

The higher authorities were enraged.

The Yard Family had an intricate relationship with Cethos. Their capital gave them the means to become a tyrant in the world. In the past, they had tried to suppress Cethos several times by stopping them from joining the United Nations and World Trade Organization. They even banned Cethosian athletes from participating in the Universal Games.

In economy and politics, Cethos and the Yards locked horns with each other numerous times before. But, following Cethos’ power and the rise of economic globalization, the Yards and Cethos slowly began working with each other. Cethos also allowed one or two of the Ronney Group’s brands to enter the country’s market. It was only when Anna personally went to Cethos that the prolonged enmity was put to an end.

The relationship between the two parties was always a sensitive one. Undoubtedly, the higher authorities in Cethos were infuriated by the mess that the fool from the Yard Family had created.

They had no control over the Ronney Group’s actions overseas, but they were in Cethos now! This was the only place where the Yards would not dare to act out!

Nonetheless, Anna had just donated a substantial amount of cultural artifacts and even participated in a focus interview. With the attention that she had gained, Cethos could not mess with the Ronney Group that easily either.

They were not allowed to take official measures, but Michael was already instructed by higher authorities to allow civil forces to attack the Ronney Group.

The government could not control commercial competition, but they still gave their tacit consent.

After Michael finished looking through all the information from various outlets, he laughed and looked over at Sophia.

She might have looked adorable on the outside, but there was a darkness inside of her.

Not only did she have her father’s finesse, but she also had her mother’s malignancy.

This time, it seemed like she was set on kicking the Yard Family out of Cethos.

Sophia and Michael returned home together. After making the fruitless trip to the police station and rushing home, they had gotten a sip of water to drink and were feeling famished, so they went out to look for something to eat.

The Ronney Group did, indeed, prove themselves. They had hired globally known lawyers who were well-versed with the law and who applied it wherever they could in this case. Since Billy and the Yard twins were of foreign nationality, there was surely a way for them to escape. Calvin Fields, the lawyer Michael hired, was completely beaten.

Nonetheless, Calvin was not to blame. Sophia now understood why the protagonists in Hollywood blockbusters always told the antagonists to pray that they can find a better lawyer.

With a good lawyer, they could even get away with murder.

As long as they had money, like the capitalistic Yard Family did, they had the license to kill.

As long as they had money, they could control the country’s economic lifeline. Not to mention, the only currency being used nationwide came from the private bank that they founded.

Apart from currency, the electricity, public transport, and others in many countries were all run by private companies. It was no wonder capitalists were so aggressive overseas.

While Cooper was in Africa, a number of presidents were at his mercy because he had control over the mines, electricity, munitions, medicine, and other livelihood resources. Several of the main roads were financially sponsored by the Michel Group. Because they were private property, he could have decided to close off the roads and play golf if he was not happy. In turn, that would cause chaos in the whole country.

Cooper was equivalent to an uncrowned king in Africa since he owned all the mines and resources there, but he did carry out the work that the king of a nation was responsible for—building roads and cities and maintaining public order. He even provided a few docile countries with the latest special vaccines for free.

No matter how great he was overseas, however, he still had to lay low in Cethos. He did his best to form amicable relationships with anyone he met, paid his taxes on time without making any careless mistakes, and never delayed in his disaster relief funds. He was so well-behaved that it was unlike him. Aside from having a hundred-year-old godfather still watching over him, he also understood that every country had its own conditions and laws—even an underdog could win on home ground.

The use of marijuana was legal in some countries, but in Cethos, the penalty for drug trafficking was death. In some countries, munitions were being sold at vendors, but such a blatant move would also result in death in Cethos. Overseas, money was issued by private enterprises, but in Cethos that was not allowed.

In some countries, the rich controlled everything and were the rulers, but that was also met with death in Cethos.

But, it seemed like the Yard Family still did not understand that yet.

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