My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1144

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1144

Early in the morning, King company headquarters had begun business operations. Since King partnered with the Ronney Group, their office was also located inside the Ronney Group’s headquarters in Cethos. The previously well-known L/K and Ido were also running their businesses there.

As soon as they started their work day, however, a swarm of police arrived downstairs and surrounded the entire building. They sealed off the scene and stopped anyone from entering or leaving while a group of police officers rushed in.

Sandra had gone to work early that day and was not expecting to see so many police officers.

No, don’t tell me… This can’t be!

Everything was done seamlessly. They could not have gotten exposed!

The twins were not at the Yard Group today, so Sandra hurried to the lobby to greet the police. Billy also rushed out to observe the situation.

When they got to the lobby, they did not expect to see Sophia with a group of police officers coming onto them aggressively. The police also had a young foreigner in their hands. It was one of the hitmen Billy had sent out to kill Ivan.

The moment Sophia saw Billy and Sandra, she yelled, “It’s him, Mr. Policeman! He’s Billy, the one who hired the hitmen!”

The foreigner also became worked up when he saw Billy.

The last surviving person in black from last night would not open his mouth in spite of everything. He kept insisting that it was done out of a personal grudge. But, the person standing in front of them now was the mastermind behind everything.

Since none of them were free from guilt, the foreigner planned to drag Billy down with him and force Billy to tell them the truth about the attempted murder.

Billy was scared out of his wits when he caught sight of the guy. Once the police spotted him, they took him away in handcuffs in front of everyone.

In an instant, the police cleared off and left without a trace. Flustered, Sandra quickly followed after them.

“Idiot,” Sophia cursed from behind her.

Turning around, Sandra glared at Sophia, who had her hands crossed in front of her chest.

Sandra did not think that she would get caught this time.

Still, she kept her nose in the air. “Sophia, do you think you can take me down by targeting Billy? In your dreams!”

She was the one who hired those people.

She was not as foolish as Billy to use her own people.

Those people were part of a foreign killer gang. They charged a high price and were very tight-lipped. Even if they got caught, they would not expose their clients and would rather have their people go to prison.

Moreover, they were of foreign nationality. If things went wrong, it would lead to an international dispute.

The Bayside City Police would not dare to touch them either.

Nonetheless, it was a losing battle for Billy this time.

What’s the big deal with losing Billy? We still have millions of other Billys!

Sandra stormed off. Sophia couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched her from behind.

Back at the Edwards Residence, Lucy had just received news on the matter.

Billy… That idiot!

At this point, it was certain that he hired those hitmen. It was not going to be easy to get him out now, and Lucy did not want to either.

No, there’s still a way to get him out. But, those two gangs were very daring to draw out their guns on Bayside City’s airport highway. Were they eager to get themselves killed?

A standoff that involved firearms was often seen overseas, but in Bayside City, it would cause a major security issue; one that was enough to garner the attention of the higher ups.

Apparently, Joel was personally handling this matter.

How interesting…

All of a sudden, it dawned on Lucy that they had still fallen into Sophia’s trap.

She had kept watch on them in the dark all this time and waited for their reaction.

If Billy had listened to Lucy and turned himself in voluntarily, it would not have been as easy for Sophia to send him to prison.

But that idiot still had the guts to kill off those hitmen to shut them up! Trying to free himself from this is out of the question now. Sophia must still have more cards under the table. She is definitely not going to stop here.

As expected, the moment Billy was arrested, the internet started to fill with short video clips of the day Ivan’s car exploded, and the killing on the airport highway. Those two events were enough to instill fear in the citizens of Bayside City and lead to countless complaints being poured into the police station.

The official news was also broadcasted very quickly. The revelation that the chief designer of King, Billy Kim, hired hitmen over a dispute in his line of work spread like wildfire.

The person behind the scenes controlling public opinion was very capable. At every mention, they did not fail to include ‘the chief designer of King’ behind Billy’s name, and ‘the chief designer of Pourl’ behind Ivan’s name. The wording roughly implied that King wanted to kill the chief designer of Pourl.

It was no longer a simple personal grudge, but an underhanded and unjustified industry dispute.

Out of nowhere, someone brought up the time when the Ronney Group first came into Cethos, and how the head of Ido was changed immediately. The head of the L/K branch in Cethos, Kenny, happened to get into a car accident and was still missing to this day.

Thinking of these events was very disturbing.

This year, many of the heads of fashion brands or designers in Bayside City had either been killed or had to step down for some reason. Was it a coincidence?

Or, was there someone behind all of it? To contain those in the same industry, they were willing to murder their opponent’s designers.

The public and the fashion industry were all looking at the giant Ronney Group.

Everything started when they barged into Cethos!

However, there was no evidence. People were only speculating and having anonymous discussions about it online.

Because the Ronney Group was too powerful, it would not be good to cross them.

At the height of it all, another big issue surfaced. The previous head of L/K, Kenny, who was nearly declared dead after he went missing in the accident, suddenly came back alive. He even personally went to the police to report that Henry and Ryan Yard of Ronney Group were the ones who tried to murder him!

Undoubtedly, that caused a great stir in the fashion industry.

The Yard Family had attacked him!

A victim had spoken up. Because public opinion already had time to brew, everyone automatically tied the cases involving harm inflicted on designers, including Ivan’s case, to the Ronney Group.

The Ronney Group wanted to establish themselves in Cethos. The local fashion brands in Cethos were unstable to start with and were on guard all the time. Now, word had gone out that the Ronney Group tried to murder the chief designer of their competitor!

At once, everyone in the fashion industry in Bayside City became nervous. Every big designer of local street wear kept looking over their shoulder for fear that they would be next.

Terror seized both the fashion industry and the public.

In front of a police station in Bayside City, Sophia, as the head of Pourl, accompanied Ivan and Kenny to give their statements. They were very cooperative with the investigation.

But, Billy continued to deny that he hired those hitmen, and even brought a lawyer to reverse the verdict. He also pulled out his foreign citizenship and requested diplomatic immunity.

At the same time, there was even less proof of Kenny’s accusation against the Yard Family. The Yards also had a capable team of lawyers which made his accusation against Henry and Ryan useless.

All in all, things were not going very well.

Ivan was exceptionally furious when he met Billy at the police station, but there was no other alternative.

They pressed him all day but got nothing out of him.

As Sophia comforted Ivan, she came out to find Sandra waiting for her.

Sandra was very proud of herself.

“Sophia, did you waste your time again?”

She watched Sophia running in there constantly, and leaving empty handed each time.

Such a stupid woman for daring to go against the Yard Family!

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