My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1142

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1142

Smash! An object shattered the car window as it came in. Just then, Ivan thought he could smell a pungent odor—it was the smell of gas! At the same time, he saw two motorcycles closing in on him on either side and happened to spot two cigarette lighters through the rearview mirror. Sadly, it was too late. The lighters flew in, and his entire car was set on fire in an instant.

Oh no!

Ivan felt the scorching heat on his back as he was being enveloped in the fire. Not too far away, those motorcycles were still following behind him.

He was too afraid to stop the car because the four people on the motorcycles were clearly going to come for him, and he was unable to outrun them. Meanwhile, the flames were getting bigger. He had to get out of the car soon as it could explode at any moment.

There were no other cars or people in the area. Whether he stopped the car or not, it was a dead-end for him. He did not know who was trying to kill him, but he could not die!

Inside his bag was an autograph from Taylor that his little angel at home had begged him for. He still had not given it to her yet. His wife and child were still waiting for him! I can’t die!

With that immense desire to live, he was unwilling to die just like that, but reality left him without a choice. There was a small river at the side of the road. Stepping on the gas pedal, he ran right through the railing and left his car dangling at the edge of the cliff. Once his car came to a stop, he quickly unfastened his seatbelt and opened the car door. With a leap, he threw himself into the river. Behind him, a loud explosion went off—the car had blown up!

The sound of gunshots followed the explosion, stirring up the neighboring residents and garnering much fear. A number of them were calling the police on their phones to report the incident.

For some reason, Michael felt uneasy all day. He did not sleep well at night and even had a nightmare. Sitting up in bed, he looked behind him to find his wife and daughter sleeping soundly. He had a premonition, but he did not know what the problem was.

Suddenly, a call from Gary came. “Sir! Ivan is in trouble!”

That was when he realized what was the source of his uneasiness. Something had happened to Ivan! Michael changed out of his clothes and left right away.

The next day, Sophia went to see Ivan at the hospital and got to know the whole story. After he jumped into the water to save himself, he stayed hidden in the darkness of the night and washed up on the riverbank further down. Even after the jump, his Dragon Eye still functioned normally. He called 911 desperately and was rescued. Fortunately, his hands were spared. If his heavily insured hands had suffered damages, the design community would lose a major talent.

Once Sophia knew that he was safe, and his hands were intact, she felt relieved but also angry. She started to investigate the person behind this immediately.

At the mention of this person, Ivan scoffed. “It’s definitely him! Billy Kim! A few days ago, King called me personally to ask me to work for them, but I refused. Then, Billy called later and threatened to break my hands!”

Sophia was doubtful. “Are you sure?”

Ivan nodded firmly. “I’m positive.”

He and Billy were long-time enemies. The apprentice whom he had personally taught was not just ungrateful. When a problem arose in Ivan’s family, Billy took the chance to use Ivan’s designs and ideas as his own, even winning many awards with his works.

At the Edwards’ annual meeting one year, Billy even schemed against Ivan. Later, the two had many confrontations in their line of work.

Especially during the two years that Sophia was missing, Billy became even more outrageous with the financial backing from Sandra. He desperately tried to get rid of all the people at Pourl and used various unjust ways to ruin Pourl’s business. Ivan was not skilled at running a business. That was also the time when Plum Technology was growing the fastest, and several big names had their eyes on the company. Ivan was holding up Pourl all by himself when he suffered a crushing defeat to Billy.

Fortunately, after Sophia returned, she was able to salvage Pourl and force King out of the pet luxury goods industry. Billy was also exposed for plagiarizing a dog’s face. That had unexpectedly resurfaced again recently.

When this happened to Ivan, Billy was also the first person that came to Sophia’s mind.

Even if it was not Billy himself who did it, it was definitely the people from King. Since King obtained capital from the Ronney Group, they had set aside the highest amount to poach people. They were being especially aggressive, even causing a great stir in the luxury goods industry in Bayside City.

A number of people also resigned from Pourl, and most of them ended up working at King. It was a losing battle as King offered a generous paycheck that made it difficult for most people to refuse. But who would have thought that they were willing to physically harm someone as well?

After finding out that it was Billy, Sophia was enraged but also somewhat delighted. Just when she was looking for something to use against Sandra, an opportunity had come right to her.

During this time, King had been acting very aggressively. They stood on their abundant capital to suppress those in the same industry. Unfortunately, Pourl bore the brunt of it all. All this while, Sophia had been collecting evidence and loopholes in order to ruin their name, but with Ronney Group’s funding, it was not going to be easy unless there was a huge flaw.

Billy’s attempt to kill Ivan was that flaw. Sophia did not expect Billy to make such a careless mistake. How daring! In that case, he should have the guts to own up to it too.

At this moment, the power of being on home ground became evident.

“Sofie, I got someone to look into it. The underworld in Bayside City did not receive such a task.” Sarah quickly rushed in to tell Sophia.

The Winston Family was in charge of the underworld. As of today, many groups were still operating in the underworld—local groups, out-of-state groups, and even some foreign ones. It was a complicated network of power, but they were all inferior to the Winston Family.

The difficulty and risk were too high for Billy to have done this himself. Letting his own people do the work would have exposed them too easily as well. Hence, their best option was to hire some people from the underworld to do it.

But currently, none of the mobs admitted to it. The case even made it on the news and became the biggest security issue in Bayside City this season. The police force was also on high alert, and the pressure was placed on Harry to find the culprit. Harry had been feeling troubled, but after searching around, he confirmed that none of the people in the underworld had done it.

If it was not them, could it be Billy’s own people? Sophia did not think it was possible. Billy could not have been that foolish. But after some investigation, they found that it was indeed his own people!

Even though Billy was considered a young master in the Edwards Group, he did not have a lot of people around him that he could order around. Following the clues, they quickly identified the person responsible and waited for the right time to make their move. Sophia wanted to seek justice for Ivan and use this to bring King down!

Meanwhile, at the Edwards Residence, Billy was now terrified after finding out that Ivan survived. Ivan must know by now that I’m the one behind it and is going to follow the clues that will lead to me. He could already imagine Ivan coming to his door with the police. I don’t want to go to prison!

Quickly making his way home, he went to Lucy for advice.

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