My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1141

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1141

After saying that, Sophia did not wait for Lucy’s response. She quickly picked up her bag and hurriedly rushed outside. It seemed as if Lucy was determined to tie her fate to Sandra’s. Still, it was to be expected. When it came down to it, she was Jordan’s daughter. The Yard Family belonged to Jordan now, so it was natural for her to help the Yard Family. Sophia initially had no intention of confronting the Yard Family, but they were taking things too far! Don’t blame me for this!

After Sophia left, Lucy got up to leave too. When she walked to the door of the bar, someone was already there to pick her up.

“You’re here!” When she saw that person, she smiled as brightly as a shy, young maiden that had just fallen in love. Her gaze was tender—it was a tenderness no man had ever seen before…

On the other hand, Sandra began expanding her business and the targeted market after receiving the money. She intended to compete against Sophia and persistently acted as Sophia’s business rival. Since Pourl was thriving recently, it became one of her main targets. Thus, King started recruiting personnel and worked with the Ronney Group to aggressively take down Sophia’s Pourl. Once that was done, she planned to target Sophia’s other businesses, including Cooper’s company, Mitchell International Energy and Technology. However, Mitchell International Energy and Technology was engaged in the clean energy industry—it was a unique business. Neither the Mitchell Group nor the Yard Group was involved in that business. So, it wasn’t easy to bring it down.

Plum Technology was also one of the businesses under Sophia. It was a listed company operating on a large scale. After Sandra assessed her own abilities, she decided to go for an easier target for now. Thus, she decided to target Pourl, which was smaller in scale. Still, Pourl was no longer what it was in the past. It wasn’t just involved in the niche pet luxury goods business; it had also created a name for itself across the world. Moreover, it had built up a stable customer base and a strong brand reputation in Bayside City’s luxury goods industry.

If the Yard Family’s luxury brands wanted to enter the Cethosian luxury goods industry, they had to first surpass Pourl. Therefore, Sandra was racking her brains and thinking about ways to bring down Pourl. Unfortunately, she discovered that it was not as easy as it had been back then. Even if she had the money, she wasn’t sure where to start. All aspects of Pourl were unimaginably comprehensive—there was no room for Sandra to take advantage. Hence, she could only continuously ‘poach’ their staff.

At the same time, she continued to come up with various mandates for the departments under her. She also stipulated how many tasks needed to be completed within the specified time. Those that couldn’t complete them on time were dismissed immediately. Consequently, everybody working in King was disgruntled over her mandates. Even so, the lucrative salary Sandra was offering was too attractive to turn down. Moreover, the Ronney Group sent over many designers and marketing talents—so much so that it could be considered one of the businesses under the Ronney Group. As a result, it attracted many talents within the luxury goods industry to the company in a short time. With the support of the Ronney Group, the business would not remain stagnant even if it wanted to.

“Billy, I brought you in to give me results! I didn’t bring you here to laze about! Look at this! I handed the reins of so many talented marketing personnel and designers to you, yet what did you give me in return?!” Sandra viciously threw the latest sales record documents in Billy’s face.

On the other hand, Billy did not dare to refute her words. As the director of King, he held the highest authority when Sandra wasn’t around. Therefore, he answered directly to her. After the scandal, he was forced to lay low for a year or two. Now that he finally returned to the design industry, he wanted to produce some results too. Sandra had placed the talents sent over by the Ronney Group under his command, and he had passionately thrown himself into his career. In particular, he wanted to defeat Pourl and Ivan. However… the results of his efforts were a far cry from his expectations. Therefore, he didn’t dare to say a word despite being dressed down by her.

Sandra was so furious that she paced about the office while ripping into Billy. How am I supposed to bring down Cooper if I can’t even take down Pourl?! “I’m giving you a month. I want to see results by then! If I don’t see satisfactory results within a month, I will make sure you won’t be able to take another step into the design industry again. I don’t care whether you are part of the Edwards Family or the Mitchell Family! Even Lucy will not be able to protect you!”

Billy nodded reluctantly before walking out of the office. Outside the office, he felt cold sweat dripping down his back. Sandra’s temperament was becoming more and more tyrannical by the day—so much so that he was starting to regret taking this position. I shouldn’t have been greedy for the salary Sandra offered me back then. The salary was truly attractive. He would not be able to find something similar anywhere else in the world. Due to that, King managed to gather a large number of talents within a short period. Even so, they still couldn’t beat Pourl.

Inside the office, Billy scolded the designers and marketing personnel under him. After he finished shouting at them and sent them away, he became extremely distraught. Why?! King has such a strong team, abundant funds, and a powerful backer! We even poached so many of Pourl’s core members! Why are we still no match for Pourl?! He worried about it throughout the night until his eyes became bloodshot. Then, a name floated into his head—Ivan Snowden. That’s right! Pourl has Ivan! He’s the one who taught me all about designing! Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he knew in his heart that Ivan’s talent in designing was leagues better than his. All my designing abilities were taught to me by Ivan. I’m nothing in front of him. Even the designs that made me famous back then were stolen from Ivan! Pourl is so amazing because it has Ivan! Pourl is nothing without Ivan!

Suddenly, a crazy idea formed in Billy’s head. This plan had been implemented once, a long time ago. However, it failed. I’m going to make Ivan vanish off the surface of the earth! Now that he was backed into a corner, this desperate idea began to take over his rationality!

It was Friday. As usual, Sophia gave the company a holiday and invited some friends over to her house to celebrate. The pre-sales performance of Pourl’s new product featured in its autumn/winter collection had achieved a new record. Pourl was now firmly established as the number one pet luxury goods brand in Cethos. Moreover, it was starting to emerge in the entire luxury goods industry as a dark horse. Even if the Ronney Group was entering the market, they were no longer afraid.

Ivan had been invited to the party too. He was one of the oldest members of Pourl. He wasn’t just the head of design, but he was a shareholder in the company. Besides, he played a huge role in the success Pourl was enjoying today.

Right now, he was a completely different man compared to the man Sophia had first brought back. He managed to conquer his past and move forward. His hair was kept neat and short; he shaved his beard. He finally had a rather handsome appearance again. Moreover, he had a wife and a kid that was already two years old. He also adopted a black dog from Sophia to raise. Nowadays, he not only designed pet luxury goods but he also designed jewelry.

After petting all the cats in Sophia’s house, he leisurely left for home after dinner. The place he lived in was located in a relatively remote area. He liked the quiet and enjoyed the one-hour commute to and from work every day. It gave him enough time to unwind while he was driving. Avoiding the evening rush hour, he drove along the quiet highway. Not many cars were on the road by this time. Listening to the music, he thought about the cats at Sophia’s house and his two-year-old angel at home. He was in a good mood. When he entered the inner ring expressway, the number of cars on the road became even fewer. However, he failed to notice that two motorbikes were gradually approaching him…

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