My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1140

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1140

Ryan and Henry inherited their father’s insidious and cunning nature, as well as their biological mother’s two-faced nature. Coupled with the indulgent and lavish care Anna showered them with since they were young, they grew up rotten despite being talented. They became a toxic existence! Therefore, Anna was really looking forward to how Sophia would get rid of the twins on her behalf. I hope Sophia doesn’t let me down!

At the hospital in Cethos, Sandra was visiting the twins who were staying in the same hospital ward. As soon as she arrived, she began bad-mouthing Sophia. “That sister of mine has been spoiled since she was young and became rather lawless as a result. I’m sorry you had to experience that. I will surely make her apologize to you in person!”

To be honest, she was secretly elated. The Yard Family’s love is mine and mine alone! Sophia and Cooper will never have a share of it!

On the other hand, the twins said nothing. They had never been so humiliated in their lives! If Sophia falls into our hands, we will kill her viciously!

After Sandra finished talking, she stood up to pour Henry a cup of water. She was wearing an extremely short, hip-hugging skirt today. With her back toward Henry as she poured the water, she bent her waist slightly and exposed her slender thighs. She even exposed a small slip of her pink lingerie. Sandra seemed to be oblivious to it as she focused on pouring the water. However, Henry suddenly spoke up in a gloomy voice. “Don’t try to pull any seductive tricks in front of us. People like you are disgusting!”

She stiffened at those words while in the middle of pouring the water. She certainly tried to use her body to cement the cooperative relationship she had with the Yard Family. During this period, she watched as Henry and Ryan slept with many female celebrities under Glory Entertainment. However, the only person they never touched… was her.

So, it’s because they… find me disgusting… If I can get even more investment from the Yard Family, I don’t mind sleeping with them. Once I get the money, both the Mitchell Family and I can rise to the top again! I will never need to worry about the Fletcher Family, the Yard Family, Michael, Sophia, or even Cooper anymore! They will be nothing to me! I’m going to be the King of Bayside City! Just like back then when I won the world championship! Besides, I plan to run as president in a few years. I’m going to become the first female president in Cethos!

Contrary to her expectations, Henry and Ryan had quite a refined taste even though they liked to fool around. Not everybody could catch their eye. At the very least, they had no interest in Sandra. Therefore, Sandra was extremely exasperated by the twins. Moreover, they were too daring. They went around doing whatever they pleased in Bayside City—so much so that they even dared to lay their hands on Sophia in bright daylight! That was because they were the young masters of the Yard Family. Not only that, but they were also twins. Twins were eligible to take over the shares and the inheritance rights of the Yard Family. Coupled with the fact that they were Anna’s sons, their noble lineage was extraordinary. Even if anything happened to them, the Yard Family and the Ronney Group would support them from behind!

Straightening her back calmly, Sandra came back after she finished pouring the water. She feigned ignorance to what Henry said as she asked, “What do you mean, President Henry? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

In response, Henry said nothing more. However, the expression on his handsome face became more and more sinister.

Then, she placed all the information on Sophia in front of him so that he could look through it. Naturally, it only contained information she obtained from her investigation. She had hidden some of the more obscure information; she was afraid that the Yard Family would not deal with Sophia according to her wishes. After all, she was more afraid of Sophia than she was of Cooper. Only I can be the sole young lady of the Mitchell Family!

Sophia’s name was closely linked to Sandra’s tragic past—Sandra would never forget how she went from Sandra Oak to the young lady of the Mitchell Family that she was today! I’m going to completely erase Sophia from the face of the earth, just like how I erased my humiliating past! Then, I’ll be the sole young lady of the Mitchell Family! In the future, I’m going to be the head of the Mitchell Family, and the king of Bayside City!

Meanwhile, Henry sipped on his water as he read through the documents. His eyes were filled with a vicious light.

The funds from the Yard Family soon arrived. With the Yard family’s support, Alex and his family seemed to come back to life all of a sudden, and the scale of their businesses steadily expanded. In addition to the company affairs of Glory Entertainment, Sandra also relaunched King, the pet luxury goods business. Lucy also invested a large amount of capital into Sandra’s endeavors. Moreover, she even sent the former gold-rated designer, Billy Kim, over to support Sandra. In the past, Billy had been expelled from the world of designing after he was found to have plagiarized Ivan’s creations. Now that things had cooled down, he changed his name and restarted his career. With the Yard Family, the Mitchell Family, and the Edwards Family helping Sandra, she became full of herself and looked down on Sophia and her family even more.

On the other hand, Linus’ vendetta was soon put into place. The Michel Group’s businesses and the Mitchell Group’s businesses completely overlapped with each other. As a foreign company, the Michel Group had been expanding into Bayside City for a long time. Now that it had successfully built a solid foundation for itself, it could finally begin attacking the Mitchell Family, which was native to Cethos.

Due to the support of the Yard Family, the Mitchell Group was at a temporary stalemate with the Michel Group. At the end of the day, the Mitchell Group was a domestic Bayside City enterprise and the top electronics company in the country while the Michel Group was a foreign enterprise—Cethos would never allow the Mitchell Group to fall prey to the claws of the Michel Group to protect the interests of its domestic businesses. Hence, the Mitchell Group and the Michel Group were stuck in a deadlock. Although both were holding their own against the other, this situation could not go on forever. Soon, one of them would undoubtedly collapse under the pressure!

Sophia felt extremely puzzled when she saw that Lucy was providing funds to Sandra, helping Sandra relaunch King, and starting a rival business against her. Could it be that Jordan is forcing her to do it? But, even if Jordan was forcing her to contribute money to help her two younger brothers, she didn’t need to help Sandra directly!

Lucy was not a simple person—she was the last person Sophia wanted to go up against. Fortunately, they rarely clashed with each other. Even if they were representatives for Serpent and Dragon Eye mobile phones respectively, they acquired sales through their own abilities. There was no malicious competition between them. Therefore, Sophia was very surprised to see Lucy wading into the fray on her own initiative.

Dealing with Sandra was a piece of cake for Sophia. Unfortunately, it would become a struggle if Lucy was added to the equation. At present, Lucy held the Edwards Family in the palm of her hands—even Ian had to bow down to her! She was a difficult opponent! Therefore, Sophia secretly made plans to meet with Lucy; she wanted to have a good talk with Lucy. Jordan was now a part of the Yard Family and had delegated all matters involving the Edwards Family to Lucy. Besides, Lucy was extremely capable—there was no need for her to continue functioning as his lowly underling.

The two of them met at a small bar. Not many people were inside the bar, and business was very slow. Both of them sat by the bar and ordered a glass of wine each. They were seated not too far from each other, yet not too near either. Moreover, both of them were dressed in a way to avoid attention. Sophia came barefaced with two masks covering her face while Lucy wore sunglasses that covered half her face.

“Why?” Sophia was the first to speak up. She was certain that Lucy was not helping Sandra out of sisterly affection. So, why does she keep helping Sandra? Now that Sophia planned to confront the Mitchell Family in an all-out war, Lucy’s interference was a dangerous variable that could turn the tables on her. Therefore, she needed to get things straight between them.

Lucy took a sip of wine. After a long bout of silence, she finally replied, “That’s my business. Don’t stick your nose in it.”

“Hmph.” Sophia decided to explain since the other party wasn’t being appreciative of her efforts. “My father and I are planning to get rid of the Mitchell Family and the Yard twins, Ryan and Henry. I suggest you stay out of it. If you continue to interfere in the Mitchell Family’s affairs, we will show you no mercy.

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