My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1138

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1138

Most that were of mixed-race would lose their figure and their beauty by the time they reached Sophia’s age. However, Sophia only got younger and prettier with age. She sported the best combination of mixed-race characteristics that Henry had ever seen before!

Linus had a bad feeling. When he saw Henry approaching Sophia, he quickly leaned forward as well. He wanted to listen to what Henry was saying.

A wicked smile appeared on Henry’s sunny and handsome face. Leaning closer to Sophia, he whispered, “Let’s play the ‘sandwich’ game.”

Sandwich? The innocent Sophia failed to catch the meaning behind his words. After a moment, she asked puzzledly, “Sandwich? What sandwich? I-Is it… a code for something?”

For a moment, Linus didn’t understand either. Then, Henry dipped his finger in his tea and wrote something on the table: ‘MFM’.

Leaning across the table, Sophia tilted her head to read the words. As it was written from Henry’s point of view, the text was upside down. Despite doing her best to read the word, she did not understand it. She could read the three different alphabets written there, but she did not understand the meaning behind them when they were written together as a word. After all, she lost her memories before and had to relearn how to read and write again after that incident.

Tilting her head to read, her lower jaw was slightly lifted. Her fair and creamy neck was curved, and her sharp chin was lifted. Somehow, she looked extremely seductive. Ryan licked his somewhat dry lips. Meanwhile, Henry smiled and said, “If you don’t understand, we can teach you.”

Meanwhile, Linus’ complexion paled considerably. He did not expect the twins to be so daring and bold! Unfortunately, Sophia still seemed to be oblivious to the twins’ intentions as she asked, “So, what does this stand for?”

Henry did not answer her question. Instead, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Sophia’s hand, which was lying on the table. Her soft and fragile fingers clutched in the palm of his hand felt extremely nice. Then, a wicked light shone from his eyes. “You’ll know once you try it!” While he was speaking, he leered at her skin. Her skin seemed to give off a light tantalizing scent, and he was tempted to taste that mouth-watering softness with his tongue.

All of a sudden, she was hit with a realization. She finally understood what ‘sandwich’ meant. They want me to sleep with them!

Before she could say anything, Ryan’s leery eyes went back and forth between her and Linus before saying, “Your brother is pretty handsome too. Why don’t you join us? I love watching incest.”

Ryan was still speaking when Linus stood up abruptly. Linus reached out at lightning speed and grabbed Henry’s hand that was holding Sophia’s. Then, he squeezed his wrist hard. Snap. A loud cracking sound rang out, followed by Henry’s scream. “Ah!” Henry’s hand had been broken!

Ryan was livid and got up quickly. However, Sophia was not slow to react this time. Looking at the boiling water on the tea tray, she grabbed the tea tray and overturned it. Consequently, the boiling water splashed in the direction of the twins. Ryan and Henry were so frightened that they stepped back. Taking this opportunity, Linus grabbed Sophia’s hand and headed out. Unexpectedly, the door to the meeting room flew open and several Yard Family bodyguards entered. “President Henry—”

Henry’s wrist had been broken by Linus. Thus, he was in so much pain that he was deathly pale. His handsome face was twisted in pain as he said through gritted teeth, “Capture them.”

In a flash, seven or eight men rushed inside the meeting room. Despite that, Linus did not panic. His people were arriving soon; all he needed to do was buy some time. He subconsciously stood in front of Sophia to protect her, facing the large wave of bodyguards rushing toward them.

However, Sophia didn’t need his protection at all. Walking out from behind him, she faced the Yard Family bodyguards rushing toward them and sternly said, “What do you think you’re doing?! Do you know who I am?! I am the young lady of the Mitchell Family. My father is Cooper Mitchell, my husband is Taylor Murray, my in-laws are the Fletchers, and Mark Fletcher is my grandfather! So, what are you trying to do?!”

The name ‘Mark Fletcher’ scared all the Yard Family bodyguards that were about to rush at them. They were shocked to learn that this young lady came from such an influential background. If they harmed her, the Yard Family would be stirring up a hornet’s nest. After all, this was Bayside City!

“C-Capture them!” Henry roared hoarsely. His hand was supported by the table. As his wrist had been broken, he could not put any strength into his arm. Next to him, Ryan was in a terrible condition too. He had been burned by the boiling water, and his pants were completely wet. Who knows where he had been burned?

As soon as the words came out of Henry’s mouth, he heard a soft ‘click’. Then, he felt something cold and shiny pressing against his head. At the same time, the muzzle of a gun was pointed at him. At some point, Linus had taken out a small pistol. The muzzle of the gun was pressed against Henry’s head, and the clicking sound came from the safety being released.

Linus’ expression was cold and impassive, and he did not say anything. However, the Yard Family froze at the sight of the gun; they did not dare to move forward. How could Linus dare to bring out a gun in Bayside City?! Cethos was a country that banned all guns within its borders, yet he was armed with one!

Turning to the bodyguards, Sophia solemnly said, “If you dare to take a step toward us, we will kill one of the twins!”

The bodyguards did not dare to move. Henry and Ryan were also too scared to move. The cold, black muzzle of the gun was not a joke. Thus, the stalemate between both parties dragged on. The Yard Family could neither stand down nor proceed, so they didn’t know how to deal with the situation. Several minutes ticked by before Linus’ men rushed into the room. Many, including people from the Michel Family, the Mitchell Family, and Michael’s men, came. Then, Linus and Sophia walked out of the meeting room with the protection of their bodyguards. Following that, the Yard Family bodyguards returned to their senses and rushed to help Ryan and Henry.

After they left, Sophia felt extremely upset. If the situation had not been so dangerous back then, she would have liked to kick Ryan and Henry a few times. I would have kicked them to death!

Similarly, Linus looked murderous. How dare they lay their hands on my sister?! I’m going to kill those brothers, sooner or later!

Still, he felt rather doubtful. He dealt with the Yard Family before. Callum and Cade held high statuses. Moreover, they currently managed the Ronney Group. Even so, they were very disciplined when it came to their private lives. Their backgrounds were flawless; there was not a single stain to their names. Even Sophia had a pleasant experience when working with them previously. It was clear that those brothers were very intelligent. Although they were not good people in the traditional sense, they were not entirely evil either.

On the other hand, Ryan and Henry were completely driven by lust. Despite knowing what kind of background Sophia came from, they still dared to make a move on her. Not only were they bad, but they were also stupid. Are the two pairs of twins really half-siblings? How could Callum and Cade have such stupid brothers?

When Sophia and Linus were escorted out of the meeting room by the bodyguards, Sandra seemed to have already expected it. She was standing by the door and watching the spectacle. It’s not that easy to deal with the Yard twins! Although such a huge commotion occurred, it was still within her expectations.

It wasn’t easy to obtain the Yard Family’s money. Fortunately, Sandra had her entertainment agency, Glory Entertainment. By now, Glory Entertainment had turned into the twins’ harem. Be it a trainee or a popular celebrity, as long as the twins took an interest in that person, Sandra would hand them over to the twins immediately. In short, the twins could be summed up in a single word: perverts.

They didn’t care whether they were male or female, or whether they were old or young. They wanted them all. A few days after their arrival, they even tortured a male trainee to death. Consequently, Sandra had to spend a lot of money to cover up that incident. I’m sure the twins wish that Linus and Sophia were dead! I can’t wait to kick back and watch the show!

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