My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1137

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1137

The current office building of Ronney Group used to be L/K’s office building. After the restructuring done by Ryan and Henry, it became the Ronney Group’s temporary office building.

Upon arriving at the meeting room, Sophia sat down to wait for Ryan and Henry while Linus sat beside her and played with his phone. She was mulling over how she should negotiate with the Yard twins later. After all, she refused to be dragged into the Yard Family’s struggles for no reason.

Before Ryan and Henry arrived, Sandra arrogantly swaggered into the room. Then, she threw the cooperative project proposal Sophia had handed over to Henry’s assistant on the table with great force. “Sophia Edwards! Aren’t you amazing? Are you jealous that the Yard Family is investing in the Mitchell Family?”

Sophia was not surprised to see Sandra here. Thus, she smilingly replied, “Even an idiot like you can work with the Yard Family, so why can’t I?”

These days, Sandra considered herself a success in life. Even if she lost some money, that amount of money was nothing but pocket change to the Yard Family that was supporting her. Hugging her arms, she looked at Sophia in amusement. “Your proposal for cooperation with the Yard Family has ended. The Yard Family doubts your working capabilities and will not work with you again. Just give up!”

Meanwhile, Sophia continued smiling as she said, “The Yard Family hasn’t said anything yet. Who do you think you are to speak on their behalf?” Then, her gaze shifted downward. Seeing that Sandra was wearing a hip-hugging skirt, she smiled even wider. “Wow. You’ve gotten gutsy! I see you dare to wear skirts in front of me now!”

Upon hearing those words, Sandra’s expression shifted instantly. She could still recall the horror of Sophia ripping her skirt open. Thus, she subconsciously grabbed at her skirt. Frustrated, she glared at Sophia and snarled, “As long as I’m around, you will never get the chance to work with the Yard Family!”

Sophia was a little worried that Sandra might cause trouble. Just as she was about to speak up, the door to the meeting room opened, and two identical men walked in. No; they barely passed as men in Sophia’s eyes. They were simply two big boys in their early twenties. Moreover, one of them had dyed his hair bright green—it was the only thing that differentiated the two of them.

“Why are you here, Miss Mitchell?” The one with the dyed hair was the older brother, Henry. As soon as he walked in the door, he noticed Sandra’s presence and directed his question at her.

Sandra immediately resumed her dignified smile and said, “I heard Sophia was here, so I came to take a look at her. After all, we are family… President Henry, I’ll be waiting for you in the office. Let’s talk about the details of our contract.”

After that, she sashayed out of the room and closed the door of the meeting room behind her. While closing the door, she revealed a mysterious smile. Sophia, do you know what it means to walk into the lion’s den?

Only four people were left inside the conference room. Ryan and Henry both took a seat opposite Sophia. Placing the documents in his hand on the table, Henry took a sip of tea before saying, “Let’s skip the pleasantries. Since you came here to propose cooperation with us, Miss Edwards, why don’t you try and convince us with your sincerity and ability?”

He smiled after saying that. Meanwhile, Ryan said nothing and sipped at his tea quietly. However, his eyes kept flicking between Sophia and Linus. The look in his eyes made Sophia feel very uncomfortable.

Calming herself, she started talking about her strengths. “Mr. Callum and I have signed several cooperative projects. The first phase of the products is doing very well. It produced a huge response among the customer groups… So, I hope that I can continue working with you, Mr. Henry, in accordance with the previous contract. Pourl will never let you down.”

In response, Linus quickly brought out the cooperation contract Sophia had signed with Callum and Cade before. Needless to say, it was a brand-new copy of the contract—the original had been torn to pieces. Turning the page of the contract, she continued, “This is the contract from before. You can take a good look at it, Mr. Henry.”

Henry took the contract from her and looked through it seriously. On the other hand, Ryan continued to remain silent. Only his eyes lingered unpleasantly on her body.

That gaze upset Linus greatly. It was thinly veiled and extremely vulgar. In layman terms, it was a lecherous gaze. Before he came, he had investigated these twins. Callum and Cade had started working at the Ronney Group at the age of fifteen. After working hard for ten years, they had a strong foundation. They were regarded as geniuses since they were young; they never made any mistakes. Moreover, they were disciplined and strict when it came to their private lives. But, this pair of twins… were surrounded by bad rumors. However, Linus had not had the time to investigate the truth behind those rumors. In short, Anna seemed to have raised Callum and Cade according to a standard of perfection. She forced them to be outstanding and was extremely harsh on them. Contrarily, she left these twins to do as they wished…

Today, Sophia was wearing a low-cut blouse that was not particularly low, yet revealed a portion of her fair bosom. A string of diamonds draped across her chest, enhancing the crystal-clear beauty of her skin. Linus calmly stretched out his hand and pulled up the neckline of her clothes from behind, effectively covering her luscious bosom.

On the other side, Henry seemed to have finished looking through the contract. Putting the contract down, he interlaced his fingers as he leaned back in his chair comfortably. His posture seemed to indicate that he believed he was holding the upper hand in the discussion. With a slightly troubled expression, he said, “From what I see in this contract, it’s not particularly advantageous toward the Ronney Group.”

Sophia quickly said, “The details of the contract can be discussed.” The details of the contract can change. I don’t want to become Callum’s tool!

Ryan, who had kept silent the entire time, suddenly leaned forward. Putting his elbows on the table, his slender fingers tapped against the table as he looked Sophia up and down. “Miss Edward, I heard you’re married with children. From your appearance, you look like you’re eighteen or nineteen at most. You don’t look your age at all!”

Sophia felt euphoric upon hearing those praises. She was a woman, and women were happiest when somebody complimented them on their youthful looks. Besides, she also believed that she looked rather young with her small nose and slender face. Whenever she attended the parent meetings at Carmen’s kindergarten, everybody said that she looked like Carmen’s sister—so much so that when Sophia stood beside Michael, they looked more like a father and daughter pair rather than husband and wife.

However, Linus could tell that something was amiss about the way the words were said. Thus, he glared at the twins warily.

Then, Ryan continued, “You are of mixed race, right? No wonder you have some exotic features.”

After floating on cloud nine for a bit, Sophia returned to the main topic at hand. “Let’s continue discussing the contract…”

Looking at her, Henry suddenly smiled for some reason. Meanwhile, Ryan straightforwardly said, “Miss Edwards, we’ve seen this contract before. To be honest, the contract is unattractive to us. Unless… you play a game with us. Then, we’ll agree to sign the contract.”

A game? Perking up her ears, she asked, “What game?”

Henry slowly leaned toward Sophia, observing her from up close. He couldn’t find any blemishes on her delicate facial features—her skin was so smooth that he couldn’t find a single pore. Her skin looked as soft and tender as tofu, and every inch of her skin seemed to be glowing. She did not look like she was approaching her thirties. Rather, she looked no different from the freshmen who just entered Bayside University. Moreover, her entire body was as fair as snow, and her figure was perfect.

As a person of mixed-race, she had inherited the best of both worlds while shedding the imperfections. She had a Westerner’s snow-white skin and sharp facial features, and yet she was as refined and delicate as a Cethosian. Her skin was particularly smooth and spotless; it also did not have a lot of hair nor odor. Furthermore, her skin was so thin that he could practically see the veins just beneath the surface. I want to take a bite out of her! She’s such a stunner!

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