My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1135

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1135

After Callum finished reading the news, he quickly clicked on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’. This is quite an interesting program!

Sophia had been paying close attention to news on the Mitchell Family recently. After receiving an investment from the Yard Family, the Mitchell Family brazenly started up a rival business against her. Things were not going too well, as the movie and the TV series that the Yard Family invested in had incurred heavy losses. Even so, the Yard Family continued to increase their investment in the Mitchell Family.

Within a few days, Sophia heard something shocking: Callum and Cade had given up on expanding their business into the Cethosian market. Their two younger brothers were going to take over all matters regarding Cethos. Meanwhile, Anna did not reveal herself again. It seemed like she had returned to Lombardi River to preside over the construction of the ancestral hall.

Soon, Callum and Cade returned to Ronney City too. The three of them seemed to have handed all the authority over the Cethosian affairs to the inexperienced pair of twins, Ryan and Henry Yard. Ryan and Henry were tasked with completing the cooperation with the Mitchell Family, as well as carry out a series of market expansions into the Cethosian market.

Strange! This is way too strange! Could it be that they escaped after shifting the blame to somebody else because of the immense losses they suffered? Forget Sophia, even Michael and Cooper could tell that something fishy was going on.

In the past, the mother and son trio had seemed pretty confident about making it big in Cethos. Anna even went so far as to donate many cultural relics. The peace talks with the Fletcher Family were also to pave the way for them to expand their businesses into the Cethosian market. So, why are they just up and leaving all of a sudden? Can they really entrust such an important affair to two newbies that just stepped into society? Those siblings are only 20 years old. Moreover, they are taking their PhDs at Bayside University. Can they really take over the Cethosian market? I’m sure Anna isn’t that stupid… It’s strange! It’s just way too strange! There must be a huge conspiracy going on behind the scenes!

Unknowingly, Sophia seemed to have gotten herself embroiled in their schemes. She didn’t know what Anna was planning. However, Sandra relaunched King after receiving the Yard Family’s investment and Lucy’s support. With the stamp of approval from the Ronney Group, King expanded aggressively intending to completely surpass Sophia’s Pourl.

Still, Sophia was not afraid. After all, Pourl was not what it used to be. Although the team had been established, she felt that it was still missing somebody crucial. She needed an all-rounded talent like Kenny Blair. If Kenny joined my team, it would be perfect. Kenny was the head of the Cethosian branch of L/K, a major fashion brand under the Ronney Group. He was a designer and a marketing talent all rolled into one. As one of the few brands under the Ronney Group that managed to break through to the Cethosian market, L/K’s journey in Cethos was full of difficulties. Despite that, it made a name for itself in the end. And, Kenny played a huge role in achieving that success.

Sophia had always wanted to headhunt Kenny and make him work for her. However, she used to be afraid of offending the Ronney Group. Besides, she wasn’t powerful enough back then. Now that she had completely made an enemy of the Ronney Group and made a name for herself, Kenny would probably be willing to work for her. Therefore, she hurriedly started contacting Kenny, asking him to meet with her. Unfortunately, he always replied saying that he was too busy to meet her.

When the day they agreed to meet finally came, Kenny vanished mysteriously. Two days later, news of ‘Kenny, Representative of L/K Cethos, Killed in Car Accident! Body Not Found!’ spread all over the internet. Kenny was dead! Not only did Kenny die in an accident, but the head of the Cethosian branch of Ido—a jewelry luxury brand under the Ronney Group—was also replaced.

After that, the Ronney Group joined hands with the Mitchell Family to integrate and restructure brands such as L/K and Ido. In addition, they developed King and built a series of matrices. Simultaneously, several other luxury brands under the Ronney Group entered the Cethosian market. The Ronney Group was an aggressive and menacing force as it swept into the Cethosian market.

Sophia felt as if an invisible and intangible net was slowly opening up. Although it seemed like it had nothing to do with her, she had a strong feeling that she was slowly being trapped by this net…

Therefore, she was feeling rather worried. All of a sudden, Stanley came looking for her in a panic. “Aunt, I know you have a laboratory in your house. Judge received treatment there last time. This time, please save my son! My son is about to die!”

His panicked tone shocked her to the core. “Judge? What happened to Judge?”

He was so anxious that he was spinning in circles. “Not that son. It’s my other son. It’s Kenny! We used to play games together, and he was my son in the game!”

She was stunned… Kenny?! Then, she hurriedly prepared a plane to Africa, contacted the laboratory there, and asked Stanley to send Kenny there in secret. When she saw Kenny, she was taken aback. His body was covered in wounds, and tubes were going in and out of his entire body. He was on the verge of death.

Stanley said, “This is too cruel! We were gaming together when he disappeared suddenly. Luckily, he was using a Dragon Eye mobile phone. So, I asked Linus to search for his location and found him. By the time I arrived, he was no longer breathing. It took a lot of rescue efforts to just barely bring him back to life. He was shot seven times! Moreover, his parents and the rest of his family were being followed. For now, I’ve helped him secretly move all of his family away from danger. Oh, my poor son… I wonder who he offended… I can only rely on you right now.”

Michael had gone out to film again. Meanwhile, Linus had witnessed the whole thing. When he saw that Sophia was about to intervene, he warned her. “This might be an internal conflict within the Yard Family. You need to consider this carefully. If you rescue him, you will be dragged into their mess.”

Kenny’s accident and the sudden change of heads for brands such as Ido were no coincidence. At present, the siblings, Ryan and Henry, were in charge of the Ronney Group’s Cethosian branches. On the other hand, Kenny probably worked for Callum and Cade. Each emperor had his own officials working under him during his reign. Hence, it was only natural to remove all the previous king’s aides when a new king took over… Kenny was just a pitiful casualty in the grand scheme of things.

Sophia hesitated for a moment. In the end, she gritted her teeth and said, “Let’s save him!” We’ll think about this once we save Kenny!

Upon hearing those words, Linus could do nothing but follow suit. Thus, he followed her out of worry.

Inside the plane, both Linus and Sophia ruminated over it for a long time.

The twins, Callum and Cade, were on the same team. However, they might not have been aligned with their younger brothers, Ryan and Henry. Judging from the current situation, they seemed to be fighting for the right of inheritance. Naturally, Anna was staying out of it and simply watching the struggle from the sidelines.

After Callum and Cade started a deep cooperative relationship with the Mitchell Family, they immediately handed the entire fiasco over to their two younger brothers. They certainly did not want their younger brothers to do well in Bayside City. Ryan and Henry were currently nothing but fledglings; if they suddenly did well for themselves, it would be detrimental to Callum and Cade.

But, why did Callum and Cade choose Bayside City as their battlefield? Why did they choose the Mitchell Family as their partner? Why did Cade warn me to be wary of his two younger brothers? The same idea flashed across the siblings’ minds suddenly, and they exchanged a glance. At that moment, they were connected by the same realization—Callum and Cade were setting somebody up to do their dirty work for them. First, they chose Bayside City as their battlefield and joined hands with a lousy teammate. Then, they quickly escaped. All of that was because they not only found a lousy teammate for their younger brothers, but they also chose a troublesome opponent for them—Sophia!

Upon figuring out the reason, Sophia cursed, “F*ck your—” She abruptly swallowed the last word. She couldn’t curse their mother—their mother was her mother too.

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